God of War 4: The Return of Calliope

Chapter 1: Dreams and classes

Disclaimer: I don't own God of War 4

On the darkest night that recorded history could ever remember, the blood moon's light shines through the window, its unearthly glow falling upon a female figure as she tries desperately to run away from the smoke and fire that follows her down the corridors of an ancient temple that was now collapsing with each passing second.

Why am I here again? I need to escape! The flames were now lapping at her heels like a hungry predator, ready to engulf her alive. Screams and deformed shadows came from every direction, as she dodges chunks of stone and burning wood. The smoke was beginning to replace the air in her lungs and her mind was scattered in multiple places. Out of the corner of her eye she spies the door and bursts through them finally escaping her impending doom of being buried alive. There was the sudden sound of wood and stone crumbling behind her as the flames desiccated the temple into a pile of ash. She sighs relieved that she survived, but that feeling of safety was soon replaced with the feeling of both dread and familiarity. In a swift motion she turns to the man. His body was ash white with a red tattoo going over his right eye and bulging shoulder. He glares down at her with that of true anger in his brown eyes that startles her completely, paralyzing her in place. The sudden pain and agony of cold steel slicing through her small frame like butter. Her paralysis from fear was beginning waver as she saw the man's eyes suddenly change to morbid remorse as she fell to the ground. Each breathe became too hard to attempt, her vision blurring as her blood flow out to the ground and life escaping her grasp.

"Calliope…! What have I done?" The man voice stone hard voice was starting to waver from his action as he held her. Her vision and strength was nearly gone now, but she slowly raises her hand to his face and smiles.


Calliope springs up from her bed gasping for air. She clasps a hand to her chest, trying her best to bring her racing heart back to a normal rate. The sun was now coming through the window and nearly blinded her when she glances at it. She was back in her old room, blue walls adorn with pictures of boy bands and posters of fashion models. No stone walls or flames to devour or crush her. Neither was there a stab wound on her body, but something did come to mind that made her very frighten.

"I'm late for class!" She springs from her bed and hurries to get ready. She was nothing but a red blur as she ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Where's the fire Calliope?" Her mother asks. Calliope stops just short of the door in front of her and looks at the blonde haired, fluffy woman with blue eyes. Her apron was stained with jelly and baby food as she tries to feed her little brother, Jason to no avail. Unlike everyone in her family, she was the only one with red hair and tan skin. Her eyes were brown and her figure as everyone puts it, reminded them of a goddess of Greek mythology.

"I'm late for Mythology 101 mom, I need to hurry." She tells her. The woman gets up and hands her a bag of food and kisses her cheek.

"I know, so go all ready and we'll talk, dads coming home tonight." She tells her. Calliope smiles and kisses her and Jason quickly before dashing off to class.

"Miss Hindred, it's nice of you to finally come to my lecture." Professor Reese states coldly. She blushes as she takes her seat next to a boy with brunet hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing ripped blue jeans and a black Metallica T-shirt, who smiles at her kindly. The rest of the class snickers at Professor Reese's comment, but quickly quiets down when he stares at them with an icy stare that only his cool gray eyes could give. He clears his throat and turns back to the chalk board and starts to write something on the board about Sparta.

"Hey are you okay Cal?" The boy asks. She nods watching the stubby, fat man in brown slacks, a striped shirt and suspenders write down the things about the Spartan army, while she did a drawing of Spartan armor.

"I'm fine Terry, nothing to worry about." She whispers noticing the light shine off of Professor Reese's semi bald head and starts to snicker.

"The Spartans in the ancient times were once a formidable force. Many have heard stories of how the Spartans would fight for and worship the god of war, Ares. One particular warrior stood out amongst the Spartans and this man was known by the name of…."

"Kratos…" Calliope states froze stiff. Her eyes betrayed what she tried to hide. A flash back came to her of the ash white warrior slaughtering many in his path and then cutting her. "He was the youngest and greatest general of his time, but his lust for power brought the downfall of his family and himself. He was cursed to wear the ashes of his family on his skin, after he accidently killed them in the temple of a sacred city, giving him the title: Ghost of Sparta." Finally able to clasp a hand over her mouth, she saw the annoyed and surprise expressions of her teacher and classmates. The embarrassment she felt then was nearly unbearable, but what she spoke sounded correct to her ears. How could I have known that? It's not in the text books. She thought gulping nervously as her teacher gave her his famous cold stare.

"Thank you Miss Hindred, but if we need the use of nonsense we shall call upon you." He snaps harshly. "On a different note, we will be heading off to the exhibition site in Greece next week. Make sure you are packed and ready to board the plane at two a.m. at the LAX Terminal on Wednesday." The bell sounded and the class left immediately. "Miss Hindred," She looks back at him with a glance of concern.

"Yes Professor?"

"Next time you wish to upstage my class. I would recommend you get a degree in Greek and Roman mythology and study it for the next thirty years. You are dismissed." She sighs and walks out with her things to find Terry waiting for her.

"He gave you another scolding didn't he?" He asks knowing the answer by the look on her face.

"You guessed right. I don't know why, but for some reason I know it's the truth. It was like I've been there in those times, living in Sparta when it was around." She sighs taking out her sketch book and starts to flip through it as they walk the campus. Pictures of Minotaurs, Gorgons, harpies and other creatures filled the pages of her book.

"They look so real. Are they also from your dreams you keep having?" Terry asks. She nods and continues walking with him until she follows him to his dorm room. It was a total mess on his side, but they somehow made their way to the walls of laundry and paper and sat on his bed.

"These dreams are driving me insane. Sometimes I'm in a field and there are flowers and peace, and then I find myself in some temple about to be killed or I am killed by this guy." She shows him the picture of the ash white warrior from her dreams and he cringes.

"My god Calliope, I think it might have something to do with your adoption. When did you start having these dreams anyways?"

"To be honest I don't really recall, but they've been getting more and more vivid ever since Professor Reese said we were headed off to Greece next week." She looks out the window and down at people walking about chatting and having fun. Her mood was getting bad even with her friend here to help her.

"Perhaps we could ask Derick what your dreams mean Cal. He is taking Psychology this semester, so he just might be able to help." Her eyes shift into that cruel slant they usually did when it came to Derick and his insane ideas on what dreams meant. He takes a glance at the picture and then at her face. "You know you do look just like him now, ready to kill everything and all." She quickly grabs some rolled up socks and throws them at him, hitting him dead in his face with them. His comment made her a little happier, but she didn't like the whole idea of even being considered the same as the warrior.

"Well I can't believe it. The goddess of Academe has blessed me with her very presence in my room." Her eyes quickly changes back to that same glare she had before. Derick was now in the room, his black hair was slicked back, but she could easily see the snobbish glint in the green of his irises. There was always something about him that made her irritable. Maybe the way he talked or dressed like a snobbish rich kid with too much money and loves to make others miserable. Whatever it was, she wasn't interested in his stupidity today.

"I'll see you guys later, I have to get home and prepare for Dad."

"He's coming home all ready? That's great when do I come over?" Terry jumps up knocking over some substance in a bottle. Calliope just laughs at this.

"You come to devour my mom's cooking."

"I am a god of food, I must sample it all." He states trying to puff out his chest. Derick scoffs at this and starts to pick out some tuxedo.

"Such an occasion deserves proper attire." Derick states. He looks to her with glint in his eyes. "A goddess' dress should be appropriate."

"The only thing dad would want is a pair of sweatpants, a big T-shirt, and being around those he love and missed for the past year." She steps out not glancing back. "And Terry, do not eat all the turkey like last time." then rushes out.