Chapter 8:

Meeting with the Oracle

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The walk through the sewers was one that everyone in the group was not fond of. The smell of decay, flesh blood and gods know what else fills their noses with its pungent scent at every step of the way as Calliope and Gale walked through the murky waters. Silence was all that could be heard, minus the splashing of hooves and feet until…

"I can't take it anymore!" Helios yells out at last, his voice echoing off the craggy stones and blood soaked vines. Calliope glances down at the glowing head and sighs; minus the smells and sights she didn't miss his complaining one bit.

"A god should never have to deal with such disgusting situations. How long must my dignified, royal nose take such punishment of human trash?"

"Until we can spot an exit big enough to get us all out without conflict…." She groans lifting him higher to brighten up the path ahead. "So if you don't mind being quiet in case more Gorgons and other damn creatures appear." Her grip became tighter around his scalp, nails digging into his skin as a yelp escapes his lips.

"Okay I won't do this anymore, just get those talons out of my skin!" With a grunt she loosens her grip giving him some relief. He had been noticing her mood changing worst everyday and often wondered why, but he would never get a chance to ask due to the attacks and arguments. Then it came to him, why not now? They aren't in any danger so it would be a good time to ask and confirm his suspicions for good. "Young Goddess, I've been meaning to ask you something since our unexpected partnership."

"What is it?" She asks.

"Do you know who your father is?" He felt her hand jerk as she stops for a moment. He couldn't see her face, but from the vibe he was getting, he wasn't sure if he should worry or not.

"My blood father…no I was adopted by my family and haven't thought back on it." She suddenly points him up showing an opening with cool crisp air blowing in. The scent of flowers, wine and bread entered his nostrils with graceful steps bringing tears to his eyes.

"Please let us go to this wondrous place of sweet smells that have entranced my nostrils with such great grace." He said in a nearly drunken demeanor. Calliope quickly puts him in his bag and guides Gale to the entrance.

'I wonder what this place is all about…' She thought glaring warily at the light. From everything that had been happening to her in just a few weeks, she had rights to be cautious.

"What are you waiting for go into the bloody light!" She hears Helios yell from his bag; why she forgot to gag him she did not know. She finally walks through with Gale and to her surprise the place was not ominous and filled with despondency, instead it was filled with a blissful atmosphere and even more bizarre a blue sky with a bright and yellow sun.


"What the hell is all of this?" Those were the very first words to slip through her clinch lips. She realizes she was near the farther edge of the city, but could still see people walking or running by with cheerful dispositions just beyond the clay and brick building. Their clothes weren't old and ragged like she had seen from some survivors, who usually died by something unfortunate. No these people were dressed in robes and togas of bright colors that matched their charming attitudes. It was certainly a sight for sore eyes to see something so different and filled with life.

"Let me out I wish to see as well!" Helios yells. She complies and takes him out to see him breathe in the air.

"It's so beautiful here…"

"Don't you find it strange that the sky here is blue and has a sun?" She asks him, but she was nowhere near his mind. He was too far wrapped up in the aromas of food and wine to notice what she said, at least until she shook him out of his blissful wonderland and gave him a cold glare.

"Why did you do that?"

"Where is the oracle so we can know what is going on?"

"The Oracle's temple should be the second largest building next to the kingdoms." He said swiftly before she tosses him into the bag gagged this time.

"Okay Gale, let's see how this goes." She sighs before leading him towards the merry people, who for some reason didn't seem to notice her intrusion one bit. She soon found out why, as a parade of men and women came down the road throwing flowers, bread and other edible treats to the crowds with smiling faces. Calliope was completely dumbfounded by this display; did these people not realize what was going on out there? How could they be so easy going with everything…unless they didn't want to remember? The sudden screaming and cheering came back into her ears with ultimate force, nearly dazing her for a brief session before her attention turned to the reason everyone was cheering. Within the parade of soldiers and dancers was a large float carried on the shoulders of four men that stood eight feet each. The large silk and velvet cloth box showed a silhouette of a woman who merely waved at the crowds of adorers below her.

"Please be care…" A voice spoke lowly.

"Who said that?" She didn't have time to see who it was as she was suddenly surrounded by seven of the guards that was guarding the float.

"Her royal majesty wishes to speak with you in private." One of the men said grabbing her roughly. It didn't take more than three seconds, before she twisted the guys arm into an awkward angle, sending him withering to the ground in agony. The other guards were ready to take her when a sharp screech pierced the air.

"Do not cause this girl harm, she was merely defending herself." Everyone turned their gaze towards the float to see the woman from out from behind the veil. Calliope couldn't even help but gaze at her in mere awe of her beauty. "Please do come with me, I've been expecting you my dear Calliope."

"How did you…?"

"I know everyone in my city, for I am the oracle of Delphi."