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Book Two: ~The Fire Burns and The Wind Laughs Again~

Chapter 1

Mai's Room – Early Morning

Mai lay on her bed with a distant look on her face as she plays with a small silver box. 'Today is the day…the beginning of the…' Mai's thoughts were interrupted as a small knock was heard at door. Mai slowly sat up and turned her head to the door as she heard a voice call from beyond the door.

"Mai are you up?"

Mai dropped back down on the bed but answered the voice, "Come in Lygatts."

The door opened as Lygatts walked in and curiously looked at Mai. "Ready to go Mai? Rygart already went ahead to the gates."

Mai stirred a bit as she turned her head towards Lygatts. Completely shocking him, Mai gave Lygatts a small gentle smile as she whispered, "Come here Lygatts, I have something to give to you and…"

Hodr's Study

Hodr looked out the window of his study and towards the castle gate where he vaguely saw two figures at the gate waiting for it to open. 'I see…so they're leaving. Rygart must have told them to go…' Hodr was snapped out his ravine as he turned to his door. Two small taps could be heard on the door. "Come in," he responded.

The door slowly opened as a figure emerged and walked into the study.

Hodr stared at the figure standing before him, "Why are you here?"

4 Hour later – In the Courtyard of the Royal Palace

Narvi stood beside Captain Sakura and General Baldr within the courtyard as they gazed up to the balcony where the King was to make his appearance. "Hey Narvi," called a voice from behind her. Narvi turned to the source and saw her older brother and teammate walking towards her. Narvi gave a small wave at them as they took up the spot beside her.

"Hey Nile, Loggin," Narvi greeted. In response, she received a nod from Loggin and questioning look from her brother.

Nile turned to the balcony and back to Narvi, "So what's going on? You have any idea why the King suddenly called for all the soldiers to gather here?"

Narvi merely shook her head at her brother. She too was completely in the dark as to the reason for this sudden gathering. It must be a very important announcement for Hodr to have requested that every soldier must be present as well as having all the sound quartz within the courtyard activated.

"The King must want to make an important announcement," Loggin answered as he voiced Narvi's thoughts.

Narvi nodded and turned her attention back to the balcony. "I think so too…maybe something to do with the war…" Narvi said with a worried expression on her face. 'I hope the King isn't planning on doing anything crazy like accepting those stupid conditi-' Narvi's train of thought was stopped as a voice resonated from the sound quartz.

"Soldiers, I would like to have all of your attentions," Tseng announced from the balcony and when all was silent within the courtyard he continued, "His majesty, King Hodr." Tseng slowly bowed and stepped back as Hodr and Sigyn came into view. Tseng stopped as he stood slightly behind the queen, who also stopped several steps behind her husband.

Hodr walked to the edge of the balcony and looked down to all his soldiers in the courtyard with an undecipherable expression. "Good afternoon everyone," Hodr started. "You all must be wondering why I have called all of you here. I do not know how to even begin telling all of you how grateful I am as King to have such loyal soldiers such as yourself, fighting for this kingdom. I know that I have not been the best King and I am ashamed to even call myself that as I have failed to properly protect my people. I am well aware that the Athens main invasion force is heading here at this very moment and I am unable to do anything to stop it…"

Everyone held their breath as they carefully listened to their King's words. Many did not seem to understand what their King was saying, while some were thinking of the worse.

Narvi shook her head as a grim look marred her face. 'He…he can't be thinking of doing what I think he is…I can't believe it!'

General Baldr looked curiously at his young King. 'What are you planning Hodr...'

Captain Sakura gazed worriedly at the King as she waited for him to continue. 'I hope you do not plan on taking the entire burden upon yourself Hodr…'

Tseng looked intensely at the King. 'Could the King be planning to accept the conditions…'

Sigyn stared at her husband with an incredulously look plastered on her face. 'Hodr…you cannot be thinking of giving up…'

"…but I will not give up."

The declaration came as a shock to all who were present. The absolute determination and resolution in Hodr's tone was new. Everyone waited with baited breath as they continued to listen intently on what their King was planning to do.

Hodr took a deep breath, "Krisna will not let Athens win without a fight. We will not allow them to bring us down without a struggle. I will fight to the very end and I hope that all of you will continue to walk that path with me!" Hodr finished with a proud smile.

The breath held was released as a roaring cheer was resonated throughout the air. The pride and determination on the face of every person standing withing the courtyard was clear as they all saluted their King and his words.

General Baldr and Captain Sakura gave a small smile as they observed their King, clearly surprised but happy at his change in demeanor.

Narvi was laughing as she proudly looked at Hodr. 'Now that's what I want to hear!'

Tseng looked rather shocked at the declaration. 'When did his majesty become so…confident…'

Sigyn continued to stare at her husband. She had never seen such determination on his face from all the time they've known each other. Hodr had never really wanted to become King, but the resolve in his voice made her happy. 'Hodr… you've changed…'

Hodr stared at soldiers and smiled. 'Yes, this feeling…this is how it should be.' Hodr cleared his voice to get the attention of his soldiers. His intention was heard as the cheering slowly quieted down. When the crowd was silent again Hodr continued his speech, "I cannot express in words how happy I am to know that all of you are willing to walk with me down this path. However, will alone is not enough. We cannot walk this dark path alone. That is why today, I would like to introduce someone who will walk this path with us—your new Grand Commander-General…" Hodr paused and turned to motion for someone to come out onto the balcony. Both Sigyn and Tseng stared wide-eyed at the person, who had walked out onto the balcony and towards Hodr, they could not believe who they were seeing. Slowly, the figure reached Hodr's side and stopped. "…Lady Maistyria Dragonil."

All the soldiers in the courtyard starred at the young women who had just been introduced as their new Grand Commander-General. Shock, confusion, and doubt were the mixed reactions of the soldiers as they began to whisper among each other. "Who is that?" "A woman?" "I heard she was just Sir Rygart's fiancée…" "Is the King serious about this…" "Can she even fight?" "Does she even have any experience…" "Is she even qualified to lead an army?"

General Baldr and Captain Sakura looked at each other with an amused expression and returned their attention back to the pair on the balcony. The young woman was as calm as ever and the King was, strangely, equally as calm. General Baldr rubbed his chin, 'Hmm…interesting. I wonder what made her change her mind?'

Nile elbowed his sister as he quietly asked her if she knew who the woman was, but Narvi did not respond as stood dumbfounded and stared at the woman, who yesterday had flat out refused their request for help. 'What in the world is going on here! I thought she had already left earlier this morning.'

Tseng curiously observed the situation. 'So the King has managed to get the girl to stay but…Grand Commander-General…that is a bit much…'

Sigyn was beyond shock as she stared at the backs of her husband and a woman who was not supposed to be here. 'I thought she left already with Rygart…why is she still here…what is going on Hodr…'

Hodr could see the multitudes of expected reactions but he knew that he needed to continue. 'I have to do this…I made a promise.' He cleared his throat once again to silence his soldiers. "From today onwards, Lady Dragonil will have full command of the entire Krisna army and all her orders will be law." Hodr carefully removed the sword on his hip and turned to the woman next to him. Mai also mimicked his action by turning to Hodr and bowed as he lifted the sword in both his hands and extended it to her. Mai took the sword and held it in front of her and nodded to Hodr before turning back to the crowd of soldiers, who clearly recognized and understood the little ritual that had just took place. By having the King give her his sword, it was a symbol of acknowledgement that the King of Krisna has now given her power over his army.

Mai gripped the sword and looked at the men and women before her. She could still see the hesitation and uncertainty in their eyes, but she merely straightened her posture and began to address them, "I am aware of your doubts, but now that I have been given this responsibility I expect that my orders are to be followed and those who do not will be severely punished. In return of this trust, I can promise all of you this…" Mai paused and took a deep breath. "I will give you a tomorrow," Mai assured with a clear and resolute voice.

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