I own non of the characters only the story is mine.

I needed the money! , yeah I know its a half ass excuse but diaper's don't buy themselves.

So now with impending community service time looming over me for the next time I screw up I have been shipped off to a friend of my parents.

Squeaky clean and law abiding citizens of some hick town in Washington called Forks, who the fuck calls a town Forks!

Anyway my uncle is the Chief of police there but he said it would be better if I stayed with someone else , because of the shifts he works.

So here I am Isabella Marie Swan, Bella to my friends is moving half way across the US away from the sun and sprawling city to the gloom and damp town of Forks were I will spend the next nine months hidden away from the socialites of Chicago, until I get my crap together and start to act like the lady I am supposed to be, Oh and give birth...yeah I'm pregnant. apparently ladies don't get knocked up at seventeen..well duh!..if they only knew.

I am moving in with Dr Cullen and his perfect wife Esme and their three prodigies Emmett , Edward and Alice.

All on their way to Ivy league colleges no doubt, Emmett was an American dream Golden boy Jock waiting to hit the major leagues , Edward and Alice were fraternal twins Edward some musical prodigy and his sister an artist..please pass me a bucket..

My parents Phil and Renee came to this decision after I was , asked to leave two prep schools in a six month period..what!,,I got bored.

The crux was when I was picked up for soliciting without intent..sounds cool huh?

I was seducing pervs , $50 for a blow job then running off with the money before I serviced them..apparently that's worse than the act itself..go figure...

Buts that's what men want..isn't it?..a young piece of ass.


I sat back in my fathers Continental as it sped down the highway to Chicago Midway International Airport.

"Feet Isabella" my father cursed

I looked across at him , he was sat near the far window , my mother sat in front of me trying to keep the peace.

When I say my fathers Continental I mean he owns the damn car , not that he drives it, Garrett is our driver.

"Isabella, I don't have time to get it valeted , now feet" he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Yeah cos you know when its valeted huh dad, Gar takes it in for you , you just sign on the dotted line" I threw back folding my arms across my chest.

I slid my tatty converse down the edge of the seat to the floor leaving two dusty stains along the edge of the seat.

Mom sighed beside me "Please you two I don't want to fight we aren't going to see each other for a long time"

"And whose fault is that" Dad chipped in, I ground my teeth together..bastard.

"Oh yeah I suppose its my fault , as usual" I spat

Mom groaned and Dad cleared his throat, the rest of the journey was done in silence.

The car stopped out side the departures and Garrett opened the door , Mom climbed out as I tried to exit dad grabbed my wrist ,

"Feeling very brave today aren't we Isabella" he whispered venom dripping from each word, my skin began to crawl as he stroked circles on my arm with his thumb.

" Get the fuck off me" I hissed trying to pull out of his grasp, he yanked my arm painfully so I was face to face with him.

"Don't forget , Isabella it was me that gave your Mom everything , and its me that can take it away" he spat , his breathe reeking of cigarettes and scotch I shuddered and nodded.

Mom tried to straighten my hair whilst we waited for my flight to be called.

"Mom" I hissed pushing her away , a really cute pilot walked past me and I winked at him , Mom saw and exhaled.

"Isabella I dont know what has gotten into you these past months, you were always a good girl" her voice broke and I rolled my eyes , this speech was so old I knew it word for word, " You always did well at school got straight A's what happened" she sighed.

" I grew the fuck up" I spat.


I felt a sharp pain hit the back of my head , my eyes went fuzzy and my neck cracked, what the fuck..

"What the fu..." I started then the look in his eyes stopped me in my tracks, he was really pissed now and I was pushing his buttons.

A slow grin grew on his face as he relinquished the power over me, I sighed and slumped down onto the plastic moulded chairs.

"I don't want you embarrassing us with the Cullen's , they are a very highly thought of family and we won't have you tainting their reputation , do you hear me?" Dad whispered as the lounge began to fill giving passers by his hundred kilowatt smile ..show..its all a show...

"And what exactly am I supposed to do in this hick town" I grumbled , picking at my nails.

Dad bent down close so his mouth was beside my ear "Grow the fuck up" he whispered his tongue darted out of his mouth catching the shell of my ear making me heave.

He laughed and pulled back, I turned to my Mom , she was looking out to the tarmac watching the planes take off and land.

"Dr Cullen and his wife are very good friends of mine they knew me and.." she stopped looking up at him, I understood the Cullen's had known my Mom and my father..my real father before HE turned up.

Oh sorry I forgot to say HE..Phil is NOT my real father , he was my fathers business partner before an accident took my daddy away from me, it had been three years since the day of my dance recital , Dad was supposed to be joining Mom to watch my final dance recital, he was caught up in a business meeting he rushed in the rain so he wouldn't miss my part and had hit a bad bend in the road, hitting a tree and dying on impact..I haven't danced since.

I have drunk got high and well you get the picture, my daddy was everything to me and now he was gone.

"Dr Cullen will be your OBG-YN whilst your there" my Mom whispered looking around to make sure no one heard her.

"I'm not keeping it" I hissed pulling my hoodie over my stomach.

" We don't give a fuck what you do with it" my dad mumbled under his breath , my Mom winced looking down at the floor.

My flight was called and after a number of 'goodbyes' and 'behave yourself ' I was bundled onto the plane with a carry on my only luggage and left to start a new life with strangers I suddenly felt sick , I didn't know these people, I didn't know what they were like.

I slept for some of the journey only to wake in a sweat from my nightmares, the same one night after night , a dark road..headlights then the screeching of breaks , if I hadn't hounded my Dad to come watch me he wouldn't have sped and he wouldn't have hit that tree..it was all my fault.

"Miss , can I help you, do you need anything ?" said a sweet voice , I looked up to see a very handsome air steward, ten minutes later we were caught making out in one of the passenger toilets, I was confined to my seat for the rest of the journey.

The journey was tedious I felt crabby and stressed and I really needed a cigarette, three and a half hours later I arrived in Seattle an hour after that and another plane journey I was in the small town of Port Angeles and that's when I first saw my new family.

They were stood beside three cars a Mercedes a Porshe and a Jeep, Dr Cullen was a very handsome..wait no screw that he was a D.I.L.F a real life honest to God D.I.L.F , the mousy lady on his arm had caramel curls and wore a modest trouser suite. My mom had been friends with these people?

To their right was an Adonis..a Greek god if you would..fuck me...I hissed I'm getting me some of that..

To his side and almost hidden in his huge shadow was a pixie like girl , bouncing up and down she looked about my age with black spiky hair that stuck out everywhere.

I thought they had three kids, I thought to myself as the approached me.

I stopped as they neared, my heart beating fast and my mouth drying up.

" Isabella?" said Mrs Cullen

"Bella" I snapped. I hated being called my full name only my Mom got to call me that that name.

She smiled sweetly and laughed "Oh yes sorry, Bella" I held out my hand and she took it pulling me in to a hug, I stiffened and so did she , she let me go and looked with a pained expression into her husbands eyes.

"Bella, I hope you had a good journey?" Dr Cullen smiled,

"Actually I need to pee and I so need a cigarette" I laughed, he frowned a little and the pixie girl giggled.

"Sorry" I shrugged

"I'm Emmett" the Adonis smiled, pulling me into a hug, what was with these people didn't they have personal boundaries.

He winked at me and I shivered, typical male response I thought.

Then she bounded forward Tinker bell on speed, she flung out her hand to me.

"I'" she giggled

"Did she just speak English"I asked looking at Mrs Cullen , who laughed

"Yes dear she does she's just a little over excited , Alice has Autism she can function like most girls her age but she gets a little over the top" she explained , I zoned out after the word excited , why would I want to know her life history , I just nodded.

"I thought you had three kids?" I asked

Dr Cullen stepped forward " We do our son..Alice's twin is at home, Edward doesn't go out much he likes his books and his music" he smiled looking extremely proud that his son was a freak.

Wow I thought to myself I have just entered the twilight zone...