Compromising Situations- Part One

Summary: Hotch's sister joins the BAU after Emily passed away, despite his requests. It's hard enough to hide a secret from your team, but when you throw a family member into the mix it gets even harder and when she becomes suspicions, situations are compromised.

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"No, Aaron, you are being completely insensitive to the situation. This is a big thing for me, why can't you just be okay with it? I understand I might be invading on your territory because it's your team, but I was offered this position." Scarlett Hotchner told her brother, Aaron Hotchner, who found out his younger sister would be taking the spot of Emily Prentiss in the BAU from chief Erin Strauss.

"It doesn't have anything to do with the territory. You should have talked to me about it first." He was upset because she didn't talk to him first, even though she's old enough to make her own decisions. That wasn't the main reason why he was so upset with the situation.

"Incase you didn't remember, I'm 26 and I don't have to consult with you every time something comes up in my life." She told him.

"Exactly. You're 26, you have other options." Hotch said, Scarlett raised her eyebrows. "Why don't you want to stay at your job anymore?" Scarlett laughed.

"Well, for one thing, it's a desk job. I've been a Special Agent for a year and a half, not to mention working for the FBI for 2 full years, and that academy. I didn't go through the academy just to deal with a desk job that hardly gets me any time in the field." she told him, her job didn't require much getting out, and that's what she joined the FBI for; she wanted to do the things her brother did. Not be cooped up all day at a desk. Hotch let out a sigh; he knew he was defeated.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked, Scarlett nodded.

"Yes." she said, she sounded completely sure, Hotch let out a sigh and nodded. There was so much he needed to talk to her about, well, there was so much he wanted to talk to her about. But she was right, she's 27. Not 7. He needed to except that.

x x x

"As you all know, it's been crucial that we need a new team member on this team." Hotch began with the team after calling them into the conference room first thing that morning. He made sure to tell them it wasn't a case as he went around the BAU calling them in. "Strauss requested an Agent that didn't have a lot of time in the field, but when they were in the field they exceeded the expectations that they were given." he started to explain, he didn't just want to introduce them to her right away. He knew they would probably think that he invited her in and she didn't work for the position; which she did. He let out a small sigh."If there's one thing we know a lot about, it's change." he was thinking about what happened to JJ almost a year ago, and what just happened to Emily just 2 months ago. "Things are going to be changing a lot from here on out, and even if you might not be ready for it, I would like you to give these changes a chance." he said, he didn't want the team to have mixed feelings about his sister coming in. It wouldn't be a secret that they were brother and sister either. Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia already knew that it was his sister; she checked to see who was in the line-up to become part of their team next. She was very protective of her team, she didn't want the wrong person coming in. "The Agent that Strauss requested here is my sister, Scarlett. She's in a meeting with Strauss right now and will be coming down shortly, I would like all of you to contribute in supervising her and showing her the ropes whenever needbe." he said as he looked down. "And all of you know the other Agent."

Jennifer Jareau stood in the doorway of the conference room, Agent David Rossi had asked her to consider taking the position back, regardless of what Strauss may have said. He knew the team needed her back. She couldn't decline the offer, her job was nice at the Pentagon, but it wasn't the same as the BAU. She would always look at her co-workers at the Pentagon as just that. Co-workers. Not anyone she'd want to grab a drink with after a long day of work. After all that's happened, JJ was now more mature, her being forced to go to the Pentagon was a wake up call, regardless of how her life would change because of her son, Henry Jareau who was now almost 4.

The only person besides Hotch who knew JJ was coming was Rossi, because he was the one that asked her to consider taking her position back. Penelope had no idea, her first thought was I didn't see her name in the file! After her jaw dropped half open.

Next to Penelope was Agent Derek Morgan, who raised his eyebrows the second he looked at her and he smiled. He There was no doubt in his mind that Jennifer Jareau would be back. She was unbeatable.

Agent/Dr. Spencer Reid was sitting next to Morgan, he was shocked that JJ was back. He didn't expect it, but at the same time he did.

Rossi was smiling at the rest of the team members facial expressions.

Then there was Hotch. He was glad JJ was coming back, he was shocked that Strauss didn't try to protest. He figured after all this team as been through, she turned human for once and let Rossi decide what would be right.

"Welcome back JJ." Hotch said with a small smile as he walked past her and to his office, JJ smiled as she looked at everyone else.

"I just put some case files on your desks," she mentioned, Morgan groaned as he stood up with his coffee mug in his hand.

"Man, JJ, you've been here for 5 minutes and you're already making us work?" he said with a smirk as he walked past her.

"I can give you a few more files if you want." JJ said with a smile, Morgan chuckled.

"Thanks, I'm good." he said with a smile as he walked away, JJ smiled as she looked over at Scarlett Hotchner who was walking up to the glass doors.

"See you guys later." she said to Reid, Garcia and Rossi before out the back door of the conference room and to the right, she walked down stairs become walking out to where the small kitchen in the BAU was and met Scarlett as she walked towards her desk. "Hey, Scarlett.." JJ called as she caught up with her, Scarlett stopped and looked at her.

"Oh, hey JJ." she said with a small smile, they met for the first time 5 months ago in Starbucks, when Scarlett told her who she was JJ automatically knew she was Hotch's sister, so that sparked a conversation and Scarlett has even babysat Henry a couple of times since then, one time being Emily's funeral when JJ and Will both went.

"How did your meeting with Strauss go?" JJ asked, she just wanted to check in, especially after her meeting with Strauss, even though it was about her being there.

"It was fine... just long.. and kinda boring.. how most meetings are." she said with a small laugh, JJ nodded.

"Well, if you need anything, let me know... my doors always open, most of the time I'm not even in there, so call me on my cell. There's also a few case files on your desk, if you need help with that just ask any of the boys." JJ said, Scarlett nodded.

"Thanks JJ." Scarlett said as she walked over to her desk, which was next to the desk that Emily used to have, which was across from Reid's desk. So, Scarlett sat across from Morgan, who glanced up at her as she sat down. Scarlett looked at the first case file for a couple seconds before looking up at Morgan. "Is there a problem?" she asked, Morgan let out a small chuckle. Knowing that she didn't mean it in a condescending or rude way.

"No, not at all." he told her. "I was just admiring your hair. It's pretty light... I mean, you are Hotch's sister and all. He has dark hair." Morgan said, Reid shot him a glare, wondering why he would say that. He actually knew that Morgan was trying to bust her chops, but he didn't understand why.

"Have you seen my brother Sean's hair? His hair is blonde." Scarlett answered.

"Why is it orange?" Morgan asked.

"It's not orange." Scarlett said as she rolled her eyes and looked down at her case file.

"It's pretty orange." Morgan said.

"Stop, Morgan. It's not funny anymore." Reid said, Morgan raised his eyes as he looked at him.

"What's wrong with you? You gotta crush or something?" he asked him with a serious face.

"No, Morgan. Just shut up." Reid said as he shook his head and looked at his file.

"Don't tell me to shut up, Reid."

"If you two are done bickering..." Scarlett cut in as Reid was about to say something back, it was probably good that she did, too. "Can someone tell me what I'm supposed to be doing with these? I know I'm supposed to look through it, but what do I do from there?"she asked, Morgan looked over at Reid, who then looked at her.

"You take the information from the case file to write a profile as best as you can from the information. One of us or Hotch will look them over when you're finished to make sure you're doing it correctly and not missing anything." Reid said.

"Thank you Reid." Scarlett said as she looked at Morgan before looking down at her file, Morgan chuckled and then thought, how the hell did she know his name... then, oh. He realized he had said it before, then shook his head before getting back to work.

x x x

"Conference room, please." Hotch said as he walked past them to the conference room, 15 minutes before they normally would go to the conference room for a briefing, so they knew it had to be a case, all except Scarlett really, who was new to this whole thing; obviously because it was her first day. Morgan sighed as he got up, Reid just shrugged as he got up, Scarlett just followed. They sat down at their normal spots, Scarlett sat at Emily's old spot, which made everyone glance at her simultaneously, but only for a second. "Over the course of 2 months there has been at least a dozen murders in Auburn, NE."

"Why isn't JJ doing this?" Reid asked as Hotch gave them each a notepad.

"She wont be joining us for this case, unfortunately. She will be working here with Garcia." Hotch said. "The local police think it's by the same person, and it looks like it is. This is how their bodies were found, there is evidence of rape and ligature marks on each of their wrists." Hotch said as he pulled he pictures up on the screen. 6 were up at that moment, each of the victims were women in their early to late 20s. "They were stabbed multiple times."

"It took them 2 months to contact us?" was Morgan's first reaction.

"They discovered the first body 10 weeks ago, and didn't find the others until about 2 weeks ago, they thought they had it under control until he killed again day later, which was apart from his regular pattern."

"In a small town like Auburn, Nebraska with a population of roughly 3,230 people, you'd think they'd notice if there were more than 12 girls being murdered." Reid said, Scarlett was the only one who looked at him; she had no idea Dr. Reid's abilities, such as having an eidetic memory and an incredibly high IQ.

"They don't know who they are, they were found without any form of identification. They're not sure whether or not they're residents. The coroner is running their fingerprints, but it will take a couple of days for that to come back."Hotch answered.

"He tied their wrists together, so he's worried they'll get away. Did he inject them with anything?" Morgan asked, Hotch looked at the sheet.

"There were traces of Ketamine in their system." Hotch said.

"And he injected them? Either he's scared of them running away or he gets off on it." Rossi mentioned.

"They want us there as soon as possible, we'll finish this on the jet." Hotch told the team as he walked out of the room.