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I can hear yelling from outside. Normally when I cry Kurt plays with my hair but he's just holding me. I lift my head to see his face knowing it will bring some sort of comfort. He's sobbing, he has tears poring down his cheeks.

"Kurt? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I ask trying to stop crying myself..

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry. Mercedes you have to know how sorry I am. I'm such a bad best friend, I should have been with you, I should noticed something was wrong from the begging, I should have been here to stop everything, but I wasn't. it's all my-"

"Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened." I interrupt him knowing what's running through his head.

"Kurt, listen to me, none of this is your fault. You understand me? It wasn't anybody but Eric's fault, and you're not a bad best friend either. You're the greatest best friend anyone could ask for. I love you and I wouldn't want anyone else but you here with me right now. Kurt I rely on you to be my best friend. So please don't blame yourself for his actions." I tell him in a sad but demanding voice.

"Ok, I just feel so guilty." he says holding me closer again.

"Well don't," I say quickly. I lay my head down on his chest and just take in his sent. He smells like cinnamon apples. I'm pretty sure I could stay in his arms all day if I could but in that moment the door burst open with a loud banging noise as it hit's the wall. Kurt holds me tighter when I jump at the sound.

"Hey you two, we can go now." it's just Puck, Finn, and Sam. Puck see's the room and then me and he runs over to me.

"Oh, my God, Mercedes I…" he stops and just wraps his arms around Kurt and I because Kurt wont let me go. I don't think he'll ever let go of me again. I don't mind really, I never actually got over him. Well, I have gotten over him but there is still a part of me that would like to know what it would be like to be with Kurt in that way.

"Puck, it's ok, can we just go please?" I ask pulling away form Kurt a little but still keeping contact.

"Yeah, of course," he answers.

"We should leave while he's down anyways." Sam say joining into the conversation.

"Yeah, that would be good, because the second he wakes up he' going to be ticked." Fin states also jumping in the conversation.

"Then let's go," Kurt says holding my hand and pulling me towards the door. Kurt let's me sit in the passenger seat while Sam, Finn, and Puck all have to sit in the back. As Kurt is driving he wont let go of my hand. He interlocked our fingers and he keeps squeezing my hand as a sense of comfort. I don't think it's just me he's trying to comfort, I'm pretty sure it's also himself.

"Kurt, I'm right here, it's ok. I'm not going anywhere. Just relax." I tell him squeezing his hand to make sure he heard me.

"I know it just helps me know that when I have your hand in mine or when I'm holding you so close I can almost feel every breath you take." he says glancing over at me.

"Ok," I answer mustering up the best smile I can. He drops Sam off at his house and Finn is having Puck over to hang out and Kurt is bringing me back to his house so I can clean myself up before I go home.

"Thank you," I whisper once we are the only two left in the car. Finn and Puck got out the second he parked, I guess they could feel the tension between Kurt and I and left.

"You don't need to thank me." he answers turning to look at me.

"But I do, if it wasn't for you I don't know how long I would have been sitting there. I don't know how long I would have kept this whole thing a secret form everyone. If you never confronted me I don't think I would have told anyone to be honest." I explain looking down at my lap. We sit there in silence for a while until Finn comes back out and knocks on the window.

"You guys coming in or not?" he asks yelling through the window.

"We'll be in, in a few minutes." Kurt says rolling down his window. As Finn leaves Kurt rolls back up his window and looks at me. He takes a deep breath and sighs.

"Mercedes…" he whispers breaking the hold of our hands and caressing my cheek. He looks at me with so much emotion. Sorrow, pain, comfort, sympathy, love. He's showing all these emotions with one simple stare. Memorized by his eyes I don't realize that he is leaning closer and closer. His lips touch my forehead and he stays there. I close my eyes and focus on where his lips are. He pulls away and then looks at me.

"Love you," he says grabbing hold of hand once again.

"Love you too," I answer

Squeezing his hand just a little tighter.

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