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Chapter 1

"Jeremy, I beg of you to stop- arrrgh!"

Holmes had been bent over his microscope, trying to find the chemical differences between natural colored hair and dyed hair, in his personal laboratory at his home in the Downs.

Jeremy had been pacing back and forth beside the Holmes's work table, reading the script of Shoscombe Old Place, which clearly displeased him, if the growing frustrated air around the actor was any indication. The vibration from Jeremy's footsteps was causing the microscope to become unfocused every two seconds. Holmes, growing frustrated himself, had been about to ask Jeremy to stop pacing, but the actor plopped into the vacant chair next to Holmes and plopped the packet of paper on the table, causing even bigger vibrations.

Now, Holmes is glaring darkly at the, currently oblivious Jeremy, who, in turn was glaring darkly at the not- so- innocent script.

With one last glare at the actor, Holmes returned his attention to his experiment and readjusted the lens. "The script won't mend, even if you glare at is hard enough, Jeremy."

Jeremy sighed. "It doesn't feel right."

"Of course it doesn't. If it didn't, it wouldn't be called a 'script,' now would it?" Holmes remarked, glancing up at Jeremy just in time to catch a fleeting smile.

His frustration came back and, once again became restless. With a growl, Jeremy stood up and started pacing again. "You've read the script, do you have any idea to fix it?"

"No," Holmes said, looking into the 'scope.

The door burst open admitting Edward and Watson. Jeremy had stopped in front of a window near Holmes's work table with his back to the door. He spun around when the door opened. Holmes had glanced up momentarily, and then went back to his experiment.

"It took you long enough, Watson, did you loose your way again?" Holmes glanced up again and looked at his friend.

Watson caught the amused look in Holmes's grey eyes. He grinned. "I would be stupid; indeed, if I lost my way after coming here since you first bought it last year. No, Holmes, the train was late."

Edward moved past Watson and stood next to the chair Jeremy had vacated. "And Watson almost missed the train," he said, mischievously.

Watson mock- glared at Edward, who plopped into the chair, accidently bumping the table, causing it to shake. Holmes uttered a frustrated growl as Watson shot back, "At least, I didn't almost miss our stop."

Watson crossed the room to stand behind an empty chair across from Holmes, and passing Jeremy, who was glaring out the window. Watson looked at the unusually silent actor as if he had just noticed him. "What's wrong?" he asked. His joking manner had dropped completely and was replaced with one of concern.

Holmes looked up from adjusting the lens again and gestured to the packet of paper in the center of the table.

Watson picked it up and read the front. He raised an eyebrow as Edward stood and took it. He, too, raised an eyebrow. "You're upset about the script for Shoscombe Old Place?"

Jeremy turned his head a little to the side and said, simply, "It's hideously written."

Edward raised his head and looked at his friend. "What don't you like about it?"

Jeremy shrugged. "It doesn't seem very… engaging. It just seems… bland. It has no substance for the viewer." He turned around and fixed Watson and Edward with hopeful green eyes and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Both Watson and Edward shook their heads. "We don't have any idea," Watson said, as he plopped into the chair, making the table vibrate.

"Watson, the vibrations!" Holmes barked. He had had enough.

All three men looked at Holmes, who was glaring at his best friend. "I am conducting a serious experiment-"

Jeremy's eyes lit up, excitedly. "Holmes-"

"- And vibrations disrupt the experiment, which could be proven fatal-"

"Holmes- "

"- I most certainly do not want my home to be blown up!"

Jeremy huffed, walked to the table, grabbed both sides and started to shake it. Holmes jumped and gave a startled yelp before turning the full force of his glare to Jeremy, who had immediately stopped shaking the table once he had gained the detective's attention. "You had better have a good reason for doing that, Brett! I could have been using chemicals that could have killed us all when mixed."

Jeremy smirked. "But you weren't. Those chemical you have stored in that cupboard and don't use them when you have company to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place," he drawled, rather smugly.

Watson and Edward tried to hide a grin and snort of laughter, respectively. Holmes glared briefly at the two men, and then looked at Jeremy, who was wearing a familiar mask of cool indifference that Holmes, himself, wore when among others not part of the small band.

Jeremy grinned, dissolving the mask entirely. "You may have fixed the script. Rather Watson may have."

Holmes looked at him for a minute, and then smiled slightly. "Of course."

"What?" Watson asked.

Holmes met his gaze and said, simply, "Vibrations, Watson. Vibrations."

End of Chapter 1

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