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Chapter 2

Monday, Day 1 of filming

Holmes sidled up to Jeremy before they started filming and whispered, "Does anyone else know about this beside us four?"

Jeremy met the slightly older man's eyes and grinned mischievously, "You know they don't."

Holmes just smirked slightly. "Good."

"Okay, people, places!"

"Good luck," Holmes whispered, ignoring the suspicious looks the director and some of the crew were throwing them.

Jeremy nodded once, acknowledging the comment silently. With a quick glance at the suspicious director and crew members, he moved onto the set. They were about to shoot the scene where Holmes was looking through the microscope, comparing the two different types of hair.

This was what Jeremy and Holmes had suggested to the scriptwriters, who agreed, and gave the director warning. What they did not tell them, though, was they had, also,
changed the dialogue

Jeremy, as Holmes, was hunched over the microscope, while Edward, as Watson, was standing in front of the window tapping the burnt notecase against his chin. "If Samuel Brewer returned to the hall to demand his money, he may have done so at night. He could have been the man Sir Robert met at the old church." Edward moved away from the table and walked thoughtfully to the table. "Perhaps Sir Robert flew into one of his rages and killed him," he slowly sat down into a chair, while continuing, And in a moment of sheer panic, tried to dispose of the body by putting it into the furnace. Hence this notecase." When Edward noticed that Jeremy didn't seem to hear what he had said, he tossed the case onto the table with annoyance.

Jeremy jerked a little and barked, "Watson, the vibrations!"

Sitting beside the directer, the only outward sign of Holmes's satisfaction was a slight twitch of his mouth. As he knew, Jeremy and Edward performed it perfectly. He saw Watson grin and looked at the director, who had his face in his palm.

"Why can't you leave the script alone, for once?" Holmes heard the director mumble.

Holmes smirked and answered quietly, "Because you will only gain more veiwers if said script was... less than perfect."

"And," Watson chimed in, "more viewers means higher ratings."

That caught the director's attention. He lowered his hand as the scene ended.

"CUT!" he yelled. He looked at Holmes and Watson. "Fine. I'll allow it, but notify me before you change anything else, please?"

Holmes gave him a smile that he usually only gave the more idiotic members of the police force, then stood and went to Jeremy and Edward, who were relaxing and talking. Watson watched his friend go and just shook his head.

The director looked at Watson with a worried expression on his face. "He will tell me, yeah?"

Watson returned his look with a more sympathetic look and asked, "I wouldn't hold my breath."

He, then, joined his three friends, leaving the director watching him leave with a crest- fallen expression.


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