Dear Cocle,

Yeah... *sigh* The weather nowadays is so unpredictable! If this goes on, I can imagine the number of crops and properties that'll get destroyed.

No, he didn't last year... But he did many times before. That's why China now has a strict rule of no bringing fireworks (lighted or unlighted) indoors and he also sometimes does "inspections checks" on Hong Kong before they enter someone's house ^^;;

Umm... Around 90 million people live in my place but I think only 70 million have phones, I think. Personally, I have two phones, one for work and one for personal stuff. I'm not exactly sure why me and my people text so much but I do love the fact that it gives us the opportunity communicate with people even if they're far away without being to hard on the wallet :D

To be honest, I actually owe a lot to whoever created cellphones. During 2001, texting actually helped rally up the people to overthrow my REALLY REALLY CORRUPT boss at that time. Without it I'm sure the whole process would've been a lot slower. :)

With love,


The Philippines

P.S. ...Invisible? Like... Like Mr. Canada(?)

Dear Ria,

Things are just going down the drain lately. Global warming isn't helping in the least.

That sounds a bit funny. ^^

90 m-million? O_O ...That is a lot of people... And I guess you're right on that. The problem is when get a bit obsessed. *cough*Herrera*coughcough*.

Texting helped you with something so serious? point of view on cellphones has changed a bit.

With love,


P.S. Yes T-T Just like him. I don't know who he is, but when I tell someone I'm invisible, they always compare me to him...

P.S.S. Sorry for not answering before ^^;; You see, Panama City, and a comarca (indigenous land piece) named Ngobe Bugle, started this mini war between them. And things are getting worse for the rest of us provinces. T-T

And about the last part, it's all true! The government here got pissed off at a group of indigenous people for protesting against a mine that was going to be built in the land that is LEGALLY theirs. And all in all, things over here are going to hell. -_-