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Author's Note: Inspired from a lawandorder100 Livejournal community challenge in 2007. I uploaded the other two I had written, so it was time to do the same with the very first one. Special thanks to the episode, "Navy Blues," for inspiration.

"Here." Abbie handed Jack a jewelry box in his office.

He arched an eyebrow. "What's this?"

She folded her arms close to her chest. "It's called a gift?"

He opened the carton and eyed the contents carefully: a trading card. "A 1963 Pete Rose rookie card. Thank you, Abbie, but how did you know?"

She angled away. "An assistant should know these things, right? Put it away before Adam comes in here and ruins the moment."

He cocked his head, smiling. "I still have to ask why."

"Don't turn prosecutor on me — even the Grinch can be nice, once in a while."

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