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It was another one of those dreams. The dreams in which Logan was surrounded by the beautiful lights that exploded like fireworks and fell into crushed dust. And endless darkness that he couldn't see where he was going, only the lights showing him the way and only lights in his vision. But there was one thing that he could hear that always made him continue to walk through the darkness.

The sound of someone's heartbeat echoing in his ears. Someone was in the darkness with him that he couldn't see.

Every time he would wake up from the dream, he would always be left wondering what were the dreams about or who's heartbeat haunted the area of darkness. And every time, he would be left to study and focus on his dreams other than the research that was paying for his and Kendall's rent. Not that Kendall was a complete bum, half of the things in the home was owned by him. Just that he was completely sure that someone was going to knock on the door and offer him a hockey career on a silver platter and was content with working at the coffee shop until then.

Which left Logan to bring in the money on research for a special genome. A genome that would achieve something that was only thought to be fiction, unattainable and only a childlike wonder.

A genome that would cause the person to receive superpowers.

Sure, Kendall believed that Logan was just wasting his time trying to work on something like that. But as long as Mr. Griffin was signing his paycheck every week and they still had a roof over their heads, Logan really didn't care. And it was an interesting subject to work on, though Logan didn't really know why Mr. Griffin was interested in this subject to begin with. Then again, it wasn't the first time Logan heard his eccentric employer ask for something out of the norm.

And so Logan sat at his desk, tapping his finger on the book in front of him and trying to focus on the recurring dream he's been having. Kendall walked in, carrying two cups of coffee and sat one down in front of the tired scientist.

"Long day at work?" the blond asked and Logan shook his head.

"No, just thinking about the dream,"

"Weird dream about the lights and the heartbeat?"


"Maybe you should stay away from those chemicals and stuff. It's probably getting to your head. By the way, Jennifer called,"

"Which one?"

"Your sister, moron," Kendall deadpanned and Logan shot him a scowl. It wasn't his fault that Logan's sister had two other friends that had the exact same name and basically adopted themselves into the family, calling him on a daily basis to bug him about his life and explaining their high school one. Girls. . .ugh. Kendall smiled and took a drink of his coffee, taking off his beanie and tossing it off onto the couch. "I'm going to take a shower. Make sure you call Jennifer back and Katie is supposed to be coming around here from school so be on the look out for her,"

Logan rolled his eyes in response as Kendall made his way up the stairs to the bathroom. Logan pushed aside the cup of coffee and rested his head on his arms, closing his eyes and humming out a soft tune.

He heard the heartbeat again, this time coming in closer and closer as he fell into slumber. It was steady and soft, comforting to Logan's own heart. And this time amiss the exploding lights and darkness, Logan could barely make out a figure standing in front of him. The figure was small and kind of skinny from where Logan stood and squinted. Another light exploded near Logan's face and the figure was closer. Now Logan could see it was a boy, arms toned and bare. A bright flash and the boy was closer.

Now Logan saw his face clearly. Large brown eyes that watched him with curiosity and happiness and a bright smile that matched and shown against his tan skin. A little birthmark was below the curled lips and dark coal-colored hair that seemed to blend into the darkness around him. In other words, one of the most beautiful people Logan had ever seen.

Another flash of light, and the boy's smiling lips were pressed onto Logan's.

Logan woke up with a jolt as the silver cellphone buzzed around on the table beside him and he flipped it open with a swift movement, answering 'Hello?' with a sigh.

"I'm pretty sure I told Kendall to tell you to call me back. What took you so long?" Jennifer's voice snapped back and Logan rubbed his forehead.

"I was just sleeping. I do get tired from working, you know,"

"And? I work too. And go to school,"

"What do you want, Jennifer?"

"Rude much," now the voice changed and Logan groaned. Jennifer always had him on speaker so the other Jennifers could listen in and add their commentary. Though, Logan wasn't sure which one was talking at the moment.

"We want you to drive us to a party John-David is throwing," the last Jennifer chimed in.

"Can't you guys walk?"

"John-David's house is like four miles. And walk there in heels? Not happening," Logan's sister explained and Logan could practically hear her eyes rolling at his question.

"We'll be there at 6. And you could pick us up at like 2,"


"Logan!" Jennifer shouted and Logan smirked.


"You are SO unfair!"

"Do you want to make it ten?"

"Ugh, fine midnight," Jennifer scoffed and the phone clicked off with a beep. Logan drew in a deep sigh and glanced around the empty living room. He then glanced over at the patio door, outside at the green swaying grass and the sky colored in reds and blues and violets bringing in the veil of night. He sighed to himself once more before closing his eyes and trying to focus on his dream again.

Until he heard a crash and felt the ground shook underneath him, his face beginning to feel warm and the scent of something sweet tickling his nose as his eyes fluttered open to find a boy on hands and knees on the table in front of him.


Logan jumped back and fell backwards onto the floor, the chair almost snapping in two. The boy leaned over to see Logan fumble about on the tile, smiling with a childlike amusement. Logan glanced back up at him and the boy smiled even brighter, eyes widening and lips curved.

"W-Where did you come from?" Logan stuttered out, not trying to look at the boy's nude form and trying not to make too much noise for Kendall to come and stumble upon the scene. The boy stretched his arms high in the air and stuck his legs out, tan toes curling in delight. He shook his head and Logan raised an eyebrow. ". . .Okay. . .do you know what I'm talking about?"

The response was the boy diving onto Logan, Logan barely suppressing a scream in surprise as the boy pressed his body against the startled scientist. The boy buried his face in the crook of Logan's neck, inhaling his scent and wrapping arms tightly around Logan's body and legs practically pinning him to the floor. Logan closed his eyes as the boy began to touch and feel around Logan's body, curious hands diving in and out of the contours of Logan's panicked body and feeling the fabric of his clothes and the heated skin. The boy's fingers then went up to trace Logan's dimples and lips, touching them softly and slowly as possible.

"Pretty. . ." the boy whispered and Logan shuddered as he felt lips begin to press against his cheek and eyelids and hands moving up to his hair to play with the dark brown strands. Logan wiggled his fingers and then placed both hands on the boy's shoulder, shoving him off of his body and onto the tile. The boy looked sad as Logan quickly backed away into a corner, still not trying to look at him and avert his eyes.

"C-Carlos," the boy stuttered out and Logan glanced at his face, "M-My name. Carlos,"

Carlos. . .it was a cute name. At least in Logan's mind it was. And so Carlos crossed his legs and leaned forward on his palms, watching Logan closely. Logan's eyes flickered around the room, unsure of what to do about the naked boy sitting in front of him.

Maybe getting him some clothes would be in order.

Logan stood up and Carlos mimicked his actions, stepping closer to Logan and grabbing hold of his hand and raising it to his face to smell the scent on Logan's skin. Logan gave a nervous cough and glanced upstairs where clothes for Carlos and Kendall were waiting. He couldn't just leave him downstairs when Katie and the Jennifers were expected to show up at any time and he couldn't bring him upstairs where Kendall could question him.

"Carlos?" Logan asked and Carlos made a small hum in response, "I need you to go into that closet and wait until I come and get you,"

"Closet?" Carlos asked and Logan began to push the small male into the the closet filled with coats and various boxes.

"Wait right here and don't come out until I open it," Logan explained as clearly as possible and Carlos nodded, though Logan wasn't sure if he even understood a word that he said. Carlos took one more inhale of Logan's sleeve and Logan closed the door, taking in a deep breath and walking up the stairs.

Kendall was still in the bathroom, most likely taking a long soak than an actual shower and Logan breathed a sigh of relief before walking into his room and pulling out some old clothes that didn't really fit him anymore. It will be suitable until Carlos gets back to. . .wherever he came from. Logan was folding up shorts and some socks when he heard a scream from downstairs.

A girl's scream.

"Oh god, don't tell me they're here already," Logan choked out and ran down the hallway, bumping into a half nude Kendall that was already trying to make his way downstairs. The blond got a better hold onto the towel that was slipping off of his hips and glanced over at the worried brunette.

"What's going on?"

"Kendall, I can explain everything. . .okay, maybe not," Logan stuttered out and Kendall rolled his eyes before dashing down the stairs with Logan following close behind. Carlos was standing in the middle of the room, clenching onto one of Logan's jackets as the Jennifers were holding onto each other and staring at the frightened boy in disgust and confusion.

"Logan! What's going on! If this is your idea of some kind of weird joke, I'm telling mom!" Jennifer Mitchell shouted out and the other Jennifers nodded in response. Carlos looked at Logan pleadingly as Kendall glanced at Logan, eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm going to call the cops," the blond whispered.

"No, don't. I think he's confused or something,"

"Logan, this isn't a science experiment. I'm calling the cops," Kendall said sternly and began to make his way up the stairs when the girls screamed again.

Only because this time, Carlos was slowly beginning to lift off of the floor, eyes still on Logan. He looked down at the girls who were watching him in amazement and then looked up towards the ceiling he was approaching and straightened his arms, shooting straight through the second story and through the roof and up into the darkening sky. The resulting boom caused several windows to shatter and the girls fell to the floor to shield themselves from the shards of glass and only made them scream even louder. Logan glanced up through the gaping hole in the ceiling, Carlos nowhere in sight.

Kendall slipped his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Logan. . .what is going on?"

"I wish I knew," Logan muttered quietly.

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