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Logan rubbed his forehead, trying to get everything through his head as Kendall set down a small cup of coffee in front of him. He looked up, Kendall looking just as concerned and worried for his friend as Logan was worrying about O' Malley, sitting down in front of him and folding his hands.

"Talk to me," Kendall replied and Logan sighed, taking the mug into his hand. It was shaky, Logan sipping down the hot drink before placing it back down on the counter.

"I don't know. . .he's dead, Kendall. Dalton injected too much of Carlos' blood and it must have mutated his DNA to the point where his body's molecular structure couldn't handle it. . .it was horrible. It was like some mad scientist's creation gone bad, he was convulsing and sweating and screaming. . .his screams were the worst," Logan mumbled and Kendall looked down at his own hands, turning them over and examining them close.

"Do you think. . .that might happen to me?"

"I don't know. I really wish there was a day where I can properly examine you, Carlos and James with my equipment but it will just be too risky. Griffin might take you as well and I can't risk losing anyone of you three."

"You can't stand to risk losing Carlos even more though, huh?" Kendall asked and Logan blushed, seeing the blond was smiling at him gently and the scientist sighed. He leaned back in his chair, his fingers sliding around the cup of coffee steaming.

"I. . .it's true. Not when he's still so afraid of his powers. . .Kendall, I need to keep all three of you safe and what I saw, I need to know just how powerful Carlos can be. . .I never really saw his powers be put into action before."

"Don't stress yourself out about this, okay?"

"Don't stress myself out? Kendall, I just watched a man die, I've already seen you dead and there are two aliens living in our home and one of them I'm. . ." Logan sighed, ". . .I just really want him safe. I need to understand more, I need to know how to be able to protect him."

". . .Take his blood," Kendall said and Logan looked up at him confused. The blond glanced down at his hands, "If. . .if you had superpowers, you'd be able to protect him. From Griffin, from the suitors-"

"But I don't know what risk that may be. Kendall, I don't know how much of a blood sample got into you. I don't know how much is too much or too little and frankly, I don't want to find some test subjects and end up killing more people. Plus, I might mark him in the process and if it doesn't work, then I'll have to deal with Griffin and the suitors," Logan rubbed his head and sighed, "I need to talk to him. Talk to him about these dreams I've been having, about his powers-"

"What dreams?" Kendall asked and Logan looked up at him with confused eyes.

"Have you been having strange dreams?"

"No. Well, I got dreams with James trying to have se-"

"I don't mean fantasies."

"It isn't a fantasy! I don't want it to happen!" Kendall hissed with cheeks flushed red and Logan gave a tiny smirk. He crossed his arms. "Really? You don't want James?" Logan asked with his all-knowing smile and Kendall frowned even more.

"Don't try to act all smart with me."

"I'm not, but you know, he is a good looking alien and he clearly wants sex with you-"

"And I'm not giving in to him!" Kendall snapped, "No matter how much he may force himself on me, no matter how soft his skin is or how he smiles and how good the sex might be. . ."

". . .You really don't have a point for not already giving in, do you?" Logan asked with a wry smile and Kendall groaned, slumping forward onto the table.

"No. . .but. . .I don't want to do it because of the whole marking thing. Like, what will happen afterwards? Do we have to get married? What if I turn into some weird alien glob or if he's a weird alien glob and as soon as I'm done marking him, he'll turn into that and I'll be stuck with it for the rest of my life!"

"I'm pretty sure if James was an alien glob, he would have shown you."

"He's sneaky, I'm pretty sure he'd deceive me if we got the chance to sleep together," Kendall said sternly and Logan rolled his eyes, moving to stand up and rub his neck as Kendall watched the brunette closely. "You going back to work?"

"No. . .I'm going home. I need to talk to Carlos, I need to talk about his powers, about everything so I can hopefully get a better understanding. . .maybe later, when the facility is almost empty. . .I might take some equipment with me."

"You're thinking about stealing from your job?" Kendall asked in a hushed whisper and Logan pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I need to do research. And after what Dalton did, I can't trust to leave anything that could be traced back to either of you three at the facility. If I get in trouble, I'll come up with something to tell to Griffin. I only need to take some mixers and maybe a couple of lab rats to experiment on. . .it'll be okay."

"I sure hope you know what you're doing," Kendall muttered, getting onto his feet and Logan sighed.

"Me too."

Carlos was lying on Logan's bed, looking up at the ceiling and hugging the thin bedsheets to his bare chest, Logan noticing as he walked in that the boy was slightly hovering off the bed, the sheets raising with him and almost forming a small tent. He slowly approached Carlos, dropping his keys on the nightstand beside the bed and looked at Carlos' worried expression.

"Logie?" Carlos whispered, not looking directly at Logan but still at the ceiling and Logan turned, kneeling down beside the bed.

"What is it?" Logan whispered back with the same tone of softness and Carlos gave a slow blink.

"I'm scared."

"Of what?"

"Losing you," Carlos murmured and Logan blushed, Carlos pulling the sheets more to his chest and balled tight in his fists, "I had a bad dream. Someone's going to take me away."

"No one is going to take you away, I promise that. I'll protect you, Carlos."

"I can't go back there, Logie. I just can't. . ."

". . .Because of Ayna?" Logan asked and Carlos slowly tilted his head, the large brown orbs looking at Logan with a blank emptiness, as if his soul was dreading and dying slowly from the fear of his dreams.

"How do you know about Ayna?" Carlos asked and Logan rested elbows on the mattress of the bed.

"I know about Ayna because I had a dream about her. . .about her and you. And also another dream about you and the Elder." At this, Carlos pulled the sheets he was clenching onto so tight to his face, mouth grimacing in pain and eyes scrunching tight as if the sounds of all those shouts and screams and trying to shield himself from the Elder's blood splashing out onto his body once again. He gave a hurt whine, Logan reaching up to touch the boy and slowly bring him down to the mattress and over to his arms.

"I didn't mean it, I never meant it. I want it to disappear, I don't want that memory anymore."

"It's okay, it's okay."

"N-No, it's not. It's all my fault, I-I don't have control over my power. I-I can kill anyone and I don't want to, I never wanted this power, I don't want to be a monster, Logie," Carlos began to sob and Logan's hand moved up and down over Carlos' smooth back. The boy was naked, Logan feeling the small of his back and not feeling any fabric of cotton further down, his breath now feeling heated and coming fast.

"You're not a monster."

"B-But. . .they called me a monster. . .even Ayna. . ."

"Who is she, Carlos?" Logan asked and Carlos looked up from the crook of Logan's neck, eyes worried and biting his lower lip. "I need to know Carlos, I need to know everything that I can about you. . .maybe I can help you not be afraid of your dreams and you can help me better understand mine."

Carlos gave a small sigh, sitting up in the bed and making room for Logan to climb along beside him, close and intimate. Logan felt his skin heated, not sure why and lips and mouth were going dry as Carlos let out a shaky breath.

"My. . .my father. . .my father was a powerful leader of our world. Military, political, he was strong and everyone respected him. He knew how to handle all the bad things that happened, he knew how to be a strong force compared to the Elder's kind and gentle nature, the Elder's way of calm and peace. But there needed to be someone to take my father's place after he was long gone and he wouldn't have any woman that didn't match his strength and power. . .so Ayna came."

"Was she your father's mistress?"

". . .Ayna is my mother," Carlos said softly and Logan's eyes widened. His. . .his mother? But she looked so young. . .and she was so cruel and heartless to someone that was supposed to be her son, her own flesh and blood. Carlos moved more into Logan's body, Logan now noticing how sweet Carlos' skin began to smell, his mouth aching to kiss and taste as Carlos sighed and fluttered his eyes. "She was beautiful and alluring to him, he wanted her and they both marked and mated. . .and she had me. It wasn't til I turned three when she began to change, she became more cold, my father grew more distant from us and. . .and I was scared."


"Because my father and Ayna. . .they knew I was going to be a monster. They knew I was going to have this power that I can't control and. . .and they want to hurt me, I just know it. The Elder was the only person that I could be able to go to and he wouldn't hurt me but. . .I killed him."

"And you didn't mean to. . .Carlos, no one will hurt you. They won't hurt you, I won't let them hurt you. Are you more powerful than your father and Ayna?"

". . .I think so. . .I-I don't know. I don't even know if this is all that I can do, I'm too afraid to try and experiment to see what else I could do and risk destroying everything and everyone that I care about. Ayna knew what I could do, but she didn't want to help me try and gain better control. She liked the chaos, she liked the fear that my father and everyone else had, she liked the power and I was for her to control. She's powerful, but I'm a bigger danger than she is."

"What can she do?" Logan asked and Carlos hummed.

"Dreams. She can forever trap someone in a nightmare, enter and travel through other people's dreams, she can make illusions or control you with your thoughts. That's the thing, she has the power to make illusions, none of them are real once you're able to break free of her control. . .I make them come true. Anyone should wish or think or dream anything, I can make it happen for real. . .I can imitate things and they become real, i-if you say the sky is green, I can make the sky green! If you want a chair, I can pull a chair out of nowhere! I don't know how to control it, I don't know what to make not come true or how I could fix it. . .it's a horrible power, Logie. I'm a monster."

"Stop saying that," Logan whispered, moving to kiss Carlos' cheek softly. Carlos' skin felt so amazing against Logan's lips, his eyes fluttering in pleasure as he gave another kiss, slowly moving down from Carlos' cheek to his jaw, kissing the small birthmark before moving back up and to Carlos' lips. The boy was surprised but Logan didn't stop, kissing Carlos soft and passionate, determined to take away any fears the boy was feeling through the kiss, give him comfort that he would always be there. His body felt like it was in a state of euphoria, his mind somewhere else and clouded, only heating his body and intensifying his senses. Seeing Carlos' eyes flutter close, feeling Carlos' skin at the tips of his fingers as his hand moved to cradle the back of Carlos' neck and his lips moving along Logan's innocently, hearing the little gasps Carlos sounded into his throat, the ruffle of the sheets as Logan tugged Carlos tighter to his body, smelling Carlos' sweet scent and his arousal mixing and wafting into his nose, tasting Carlos on his tongue.

Carlos' hand was on the side of his face, palm on the underside of Logan's jaw and fingers lightly tapping at his neck as Logan's other hand dug underneath and pulled Carlos upwards, residing on the small of his back as the kiss intensified. Logan's body felt like it was absolutely on fire, his skin where Carlos' hand was felt like it was burning yet the feeling and adrenaline that was coursing through his veins felt so good. So pleasing, so wonderful. . .

Carlos' eyes fluttered once, twice before widening in shock, pulling away and removing his hand from Logan's neck to go over his mouth, his other hand feeling down the small of his back and moving up to the back of his neck. The feeling disappeared in an instant, Logan realizing how fast his heart was beating and he clutched at his chest to take in deep and slow breaths. Carlos was staring at him, his head shaking back and forth 'no' and Logan didn't understand what was going on as the boy hopped out of the bed and flew across the bedroom and out the door. Logan got out of bed too, running after the boy and past James, the brunette looking confused.

"What's going on?" he asked but Logan didn't pay him any attention, hurrying down the stairs and after Carlos, hearing James give a groan and assumed the brunette was flying after him. Logan made a left, running down the hall to find Carlos had flew into the bathroom. When he looked inside, Carlos was floating high above the tile to look at himself in the mirror, looking at his lower back where a beautiful red design was. Another small red design was on the back of Carlos' neck, Carlos rubbing at them both as if he was hoping they would come off but to no avail. Logan heard James land beside him, the taller of the two pushing Logan aside to look into the bathroom as well and eyes widening at the sight.

"Oh no," he said and Logan looked at James before looking back at Carlos.

"What do you mean? What's going on?" Logan asked and then his eyes fell on the reflection of himself in the mirror, widening in shock at the red marking just below his jaw where Carlos' hand was touching. It was a small swirl with little red spots, similar to the one on Carlos' lower back and neck but Logan didn't understand. He didn't remember anything like this being on his body before. . .unless. . .

"Is. . .are we. . .marked?" Logan asked, voice sounding dead and empty and Carlos turned.

"It's complete, the marking process is done for us. . .they're going to come after me. They're going to take me away and they're going to hurt me!" Carlos cried in worry and Logan rushed in, trying to pull Carlos down into a hug but Carlos flew above him and fast out the door. The scientist turned, trying to hurry up and catch Carlos but James stepped in front of him, holding his hands out for Logan to stop.

"Let him go."

"No, I need to tell him things are going to be alright."

"Don't lie to him, it's not going to be alright. Those suitors are going to come and you don't have anyway to protect yourself or Carlos against them," James said and Logan groaned, gripping his hair tight and turning to the mirror, slowly approaching the marble counter and placing a hand to the mark. It felt so smooth, like it blended into his skin but no matter how hard he rubbed it, it wouldn't come off. He sighed, placing hands on the counter and hanging his head.

"How much time do you think I'll be able to have?"

"Who knows. A few days, a few weeks, it all depends on what they're going to do. They might come in one by one and watch to see how powerful you are and figure out if Carlos is even worthy of fighting for. Which he is, don't find a power like that anywhere," James said and Logan shook his head. He needed to protect Carlos, he needed to keep Carlos safe from those people that only see him as a weapon, as a monster instead of someone that so desperately wants to be loved and needs love. . .but what could he do?

He thought about Kendall being transformed and mutating from Carlos' blood, wondering if it would have the same effect on him. But he didn't know how much blood got into Kendall's blood system, nor did he know if he would be ready to face the suitors in time. Plus, he didn't know what power would his body produce when coming in contact with the DNA of Carlos' blood or James' blood, would it even be a power that could be helpful in combat?

This is bad, this is really bad.

But Logan couldn't let Carlos be taken away from him, he had to protect him.

The patient stirred, arms big and strong, head whirring and brain pulsing as Dalton gave a gentle smile. This wasn't O' Malley, not anymore. He. . .or better yet, it gave a loud unintelligible groan and growl, deep and angry it's throat. A large hand moved out to grab at something, hoisting itself up into a sitting position and growled again. Its skin was a peachy red, veins bulging and muscles large, a monster in its finest form. Dalton began to grin even bigger now, stepping forward and startling the mutation. It growled, raising a fist to strike but Dalton raised his hand.

"Stop," he said and the mutation halted his fist, knuckles beet red and trembling ready to hit. Surely one swing of the fist and Dalton would be dead but he wasn't afraid, stepping closer and raising his hands to show a kind friendliness. "I won't hurt you at all, big guy. In fact, I was hoping you would help me."

It growled, clearly the human side, the O' Malley's mind was trying to break through and gain understanding of what was happening to his body but the mutation, this beast was far stronger than the human aspect would allow and Dalton feigned innocence, "Do you remember me? Do you remember Mr. Mitchell? Mr. Griffin?"

It slammed a fist into a wall at the mention of the two men's names and Dalton smiled, "Easy, easy. Don't want you breaking the whole building while we're still here. . .you don't like what they done to you?" Dalton asked and it got off the metal bed it was lying on, stalking over to where Dalton was standing. It stood taller than O' Malley did, Dalton believed he was around 5"9, this thing looked like 8 feet. Large red hands reached out, grabbing Dalton tight and lifting him off the grown, squeezing his body and Dalton felt his breath being sucked out of his lungs.

"Y-You're mad," Dalton gasped out, the mutation huffing and snarling, angry and horrific face inching close to Dalton to glare beady black eyes into Dalton's wide brown eyes. "I-I can help you, I can help you change back. I can help you get the person you're really after, the one that really turned you like this."

"You did," the mutation growled out, Dalton feeling joints beginning to pop as the hands squeezed him tighter and his mouth let out a choked sound.

"Please, please I can help you. I know what it feels like, I know how it feels to have this done to you. If you would allow me to explain everything, p-please," Dalton croaked, his chest having so much pressure and feeling like his rib cage was about to break. The mutation snarled before he dropped Dalton straight to the ground, the assistant coughing and groaning in pain as he struggled to get back onto his feet and look up at the angry face.

". . .Before we decided to bring you in along with the others for this experiment, before Mr. Mitchell was assigned to this project and me being assigned to this experiment as his assistant, there were others. Others that Mr. Griffin consulted with before hand, the idea of creating superhuman soldiers. I was brought in believing I was to be an assistant for research in a medical breakthrough, Mr. Griffin told me that was the reason I was to be brought here. Instead, I was tricked. I was a test subject, studied over and over again to see how the human body worked and how it could be able to withstand any of the powers superhumans had. Do you think what we did to you was torture? I was burned with acid, endured scorching heat that could burn my skin off, dropped from tall heights and caught with only a few inches between me and the ground. All for the love of science, my blood being taken and mixed with other blood in the hopes of finding the mutation and injecting it back into me for one last test before eventually moving on to you and your kind."

"There were bloodwork samples, mixing of blood and we were able to create a blood type of a superhuman that had power to possibly distort reality, something unheard of and something believe to have been unobtainable, extinct. One of the scientists in the earlier projects went mad at the discovery, injecting me with only a small amount before injecting himself with whatever that was left, wanting all the power to himself. . .the mutation caused his heart to speed up heavily and he went into cardiac arrest. I was only injected with a small amount, I managed to stay alive." Dalton stared at his hands, giving a crooked little smile as he turned them over to look at his palms, "The power of nullification, psychic navigation and mimicry, not powers to change reality."

It growled again and Dalton sighed, "Right, right, you still don't like me and my story doesn't change a thing. What you're interested in is changing back to your old self again, right? But I need you to do something for me and I promise, I'll help you."

"What?" It grumbled, teeth bared and Dalton looked down at the ground.

"I need you to find someone. Find them and kill them for me. Or lure them here, whatever way works for you," Dalton said darkly, closing his eyes and nostrils flaring. He could see him now, whoever the boy was that marked Logan, crying on a bed and holding a pillow to his bare chest and naked body curled up into a fetal position while another man was gently stroking his hair and trying to soothe him. Pathetic little creature, Dalton was disgusted and he snarled as he opened his eyes and looked up at the mutation. "Come here, I have something for you."

It growled once more as Dalton turned and walked to the table where he settled down a large hoop like device, beckoning the mutation to come closer and kneel down. It approached, feet heavy and making small tremors in the ground as it crouched down and Dalton was grabbed with only one hand, the assistant smiling as he placed the device around the mutation's neck. Dalton was then placed back onto the ground, reaching over to grab a small little watch and strap it to his wrist, turning the dial and smiling as the mutation grabbed at the device around its neck, groaning and choking in pain as the growls turned more human, as the mutation began to grow smaller in stature until there was nothing more but a man on the ground in pain, the figure of O' Malley's now recognizable.

"What did you do to me?" he groaned out and Dalton smiled.

"That band around your neck," Dalton pointed out, the band now smaller and fitting to the thick neck, "is injecting a rather weak serum into your external carotid artery, flowing through your body and nullifying the mutation. However, that's just because I activated that band. One switch of the dial on this watch and the serum will stop flowing and you'll mutate back into that horrific form you once were."

"Why do you want someone killed? You're mutated, why not do it yourself?"

Dalton shook his head, "I can't risk my scent and my target's mixing. . .don't want it being linked back to me," the assistant murmured and O' Malley growled.

"So you're fine just sitting pretty and hiding while I-"

"Ah, ah, ah, I'm sure you wouldn't like to live as a monster for the rest of your life," Dalton said, hand on the watch and the man growled again.

"I'll use you as a toothpick if you turn that dial."

"Kill me and you'll be killed by whatever forces the government sicks on you when you're discovered. Or you'll be used as Mr. Griffin's new show monkey, your choice," Dalton said, no fear at all in his tone and O' Malley stared before slowly getting onto his feet, giving a gruff sigh.

"Who's the target?" he asked and Dalton closed his eyes again, reflecting back on the taste of that boy's blood, seeing him again in his vision. Only this time, it was Logan that was there instead of that brunette man. Logan that was gently holding the boy, kissing him and Dalton could see the mark on Logan's neck. No worries, once that boy is dead, that mark will disappear and Logan would be free to claim as his own.

"Young, male, looks Latino. He's at 1443 Xavier Dr., you know the street?"

"I know how to get there. . .and when I do and he doesn't want to come with me?"

"I told you, kill him or lure him here. Whichever way is easier. Do it now," Dalton said coldly and O' Malley gave a slow nod.

"It's a deal."