The Deaths Of A Clone Trooper

Disclaimer: don't own any of the star wars characters

1 goes out and gets shot immediately

2 the clone transporter crashes before making it to the battle field

3 friendly fire

4 goes to the bathroom and never comes back

5 who farted in the atte

6 falls off the atst

7 goes in the woods (use your imagination)

8 bullet rebounds

9 obi-wan-Kenobi turns on his light saber and cuts a trooper. Ouch

10 steps in quicksand…

11 speeder fatigue…

12 who left this wrench in his turbine

13 dies of old age

14 gets ran over by a speeder

15 gets killed by an enemy

16 dies of a nose bleed

and last one:

17 get crushed by a atst