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Chapter 17 – The Story Has Just Begun

Watching Tonks' frail body being set onto the stretcher and disappearing past the doors to the emergency room of St. Mungo's was one of the hardest things Remus could ever do. He wanted to be with her, to make sure she was going to be alright, but he wasn't allowed past those doors no matter what relations he had to her. The nurses left, leaving a panicked and worried Remus Lupin in their wake as he slouched down in a chair down the hall, his head in his hands.

After a moment, Remus felt a large, rough hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see Mad-Eye Moody looking down at him, wearing a rarely seen soft expression on his face as he nodded. "She'll be alright. When she was in training with me she goes to St. Mungo's like this every other day," he tried to comfort which made Remus smile a bit.

"Out of my way, out of my way," Poppy Pomfrey's distraught voice sounded as she squeezed herself past a group of nurses and healers that were attending to the kids' wounds down the ward. She squeezed past Kingsley and made her way over to Mad-Eye and Remus. "Remus there you are," she sighed. "Here, Professor Dumbledore asked me to give this to you and said you'll take it to the one who needs it," she spoke in one breath.

Remus stood up and took the small glass vial from her hand. "What is it?"

"Essence of dittany," she replied. "It should help greatly with a wound caused by dark spells. Now go. You can come back later I'm sure Miss Tonks will be here when you get back."

He smiled slightly, having known the healer for years ever since his school days she really did have some understanding of him. Remus tightened his grip around the vial and nodded, pushing his way past the students, flinching once he saw Hermione's still unconscious body being treated. Remus finally made it to the chimney and pushed himself inside, throwing floo powder faster than a spell being fired.

Within the blink of an eye, he flooed from St. Mungo's straight into the Weasley Burrow's living room where he was met with a motherly Molly Weasley looming over Sirius as he laid on the couch, a thick white gauge pressed on his chest. Arthur was standing beside the window, seeming to be awaiting news in the form of a patronus. He turned back to see Molly tending to Sirius' wound and Remus had almost forgotten that Molly was a sufficient healer.

"Remus!" Molly smiled. "Is everyone alright?"

"Most are fine Molly," Remus breathed, rushing over beside Sirius as he handed Molly the vial of dittany. "Poppy Pomfrey prepared it for him. It should help with his gash."

Molly immediately opened the vial and began applying it to Sirius' gash. Indeed it was helping as in seconds, the wound didn't look half as bad as before and the blood had stopped flowing out of the wound.

"Ouch!" Sirius howled. "That stings!"

"Deal with it, it's helping you get better," Molly retorted, treating him like a child.

"Remus, how are the children?" Arthur asked, taking a seat beside them.

"Hermione was still unconscious the last time I saw her. The others are fine. Shaken, but fine. As for Harry, I still haven't seen him but he's with Albus so that's less to worry about."

"Oh poor Hermione," Molly shook her head.

"Ginny and Ron are fine as well Molly. Ron's a little more shaken than Ginny because of the brains in the Department of Mysteries but he'll be fine," Remus added.

"Moony what about Kingsley, Mad-Eye, and Tonks?" Sirius questioned, remembering seeing an injured Alastor Moody and an unconscious Tonks before he left them.

"Kingsley's fine, unscathed almost. Mad-Eye's wounds are nothing to worry about it appears. As for Tonks…" he sighed heavily. "I haven't seen her since the nurses and healers took her into the emergency room."

"What happened to her?" Molly asked, worried.

"She was dueling Bellatrix on top of the stone seats and was distracted when she shot a spell to destroy that veil," he turned to look at Sirius, glad that he's alive. "She got hit with one of Bellatrix's curse and fell down the seats."

"If Tonks hadn't been distracted she wouldn't have been hurt," Sirius sighed, flinching one last time as Molly placed the gauge back over his bone showing chest.

"If Tonks hadn't shot the spell the same time I did, you'd be dead," Remus reminded him. He knew clear and well that his stunner wouldn't have had enough force to break the stone archway and if Tonks hadn't done what she did, Sirius would have been dead. "When Bellatrix hit you, you fell on top of the pile of rocks where the veil had been, remember?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at his friend.

Sirius was quiet for a moment, but only a short moment. "Well what are you doing here for?" he nagged after the silence. "Get back to St. Mungo's and make sure my little cousin is alright!" Sirius hurried him.

Within an instant, Remus was back on his feet again and darted to the fireplace a few feet away from them. That night he'd been throwing floo powder faster than lightning and Remus was already covered in ashes from all the floo travel. He threw it quickly one last time, planning on staying at St. Mungo's at least until he settled that Tonks was going to be alright. The Weasley's living room vanished before his eyes and in one blink he was walking out of the fireplace in St. Mungo's reception area. Remus hurried to the spell damage ward, down the hall where the emergency room had been and found that the light was off. Not bothering to stop, he continued running into the ward, towards the giant figure of Mad-Eye Moody standing beside a bed with Poppy Pomfrey. Remus was certain Tonks was lying there.

He walked past Hermione's bed where she seemed to finally be stirring awake. Ron was in the bed beside her, leaning over to watch her. Neville and Luna were on the two beds that followed, talking about something with Neville's confused expression amusing Luna. Ginny laid alone in her bed with a distant look in her eyes, worrying it seems. Remus was slightly relieved to see them all truly alright and made his way over beside Moody.

"Back already?" Moody grunted. "How's Padfoot doing?"

Remus flinched and wanted to throw himself beside Tonks as she laid unconscious on the bed, looking so damaged and so broken. Through her thin striped hospital robes he could see the heavy bandage wrapped around her shoulder and the sling that her left arm was put in. She was asleep, and Remus relaxed a bit once he caught the sight of her chest rising up and down along with her steady breathing.

"Molly's taking care of him. He'll be fine," Remus sighed. "What are we going to do about the floo? Doesn't the Ministry keep watch over that? Padfoot used the floo to get out of there and I've been flooing all over the place tonight," he asked, just remembering that bit.

"Kingsley's got that taken care of," Moody replied. "Stay here with Tonks. I need to go handle some business with Fudge as well. Albus has got Harry. The boy's fine and we'll have him contact Padfoot as soon as things settle down a bit." Remus noticed Moody give a worried glance back at Tonks' sleeping body once before he turned to leave. He knew that it was hard to drive any form of emotion out of that man and the only person capable of doing so was the ever amazing Nymphadora Tonks.

Remus' eyes fell back on her and as Madam Pomphrey moved over to the foot of the bed to fill in some information on a wooden clipboard with a floating quill, Remus settled in the chair beside her, taking her unbroken hand in his and holding it against his cheek.

"What exactly happened to her?" Remus asked.

"She'll be fine Remus," Madam Pomfrey smiled warmly at him. "A broken arm, a few cracked ribs, and lots of bruises, but she'll be fine."

"Why isn't she awake yet?"

"Well she did tumble down the enchanted steps in the Department of Mysteries as Alastor told me," the woman replied as if it hadn't been obvious enough. "I don't know exactly what kinds of charms were placed on those steps but the injuries received from them would have to heal the natural way. No healing spells would work on her at the moment. She also has a minor concussion from the fall, but it's nothing to worry about, trust me. This isn't even as bad as that one training she had with Alastor where she came in with a cracked skull," the woman tried to comfort but only succeeding in worrying Remus more. "She'll be up soon no doubt," she smiled again, more comforting that time.

As the healer left, Remus turned back to Tonks and tucked a strand of violet hair out of her pale, heart-shaped face. Tonks was notorious for her clumsiness. It wasn't a surprise to Madam Pomfrey when she came in like that, just like it wouldn't be a surprise to her whenever Remus came in looking like he'd been mauled by an animal. He sighed once and rested his ash marred face beside Tonks. He could feel her gentle breath beside him as he held her hand in his.

Remus blinked once and pushed his head off Tonks' pillow. He felt movement from her and stroke her face gently with his fingertips, looking at her with an ardent gaze. Tonks stirred slightly, slowly opening her eyes. When she finally opened them fully, Remus couldn't help but give her the brightest smile he could ever muster. Seeing her awake made him turn so happy he could never even imagine it possible. Tonks smiled weakly at him, looking like she'd be laughing her head off if not for the pain she was in.

Her entire body ached and it felt as if she'd been hit by the Knight Bus. As Tonks got more awake, she felt the pain surge through her and would have doubled over in pain if not for the sweet, smiling face that she was met with. When her eyes fell upon Remus' expression of relief, all her pain seemed to have numbed out and the only thing she could feel was the happiness in her heart that he was alright. Remus' face was marred with ash however, a tell tale sign that he'd been using the floo network a lot that night.

"Glad you're finally awake," he smiled.

Tonks pushed herself up on the headboard with his help and glanced around the room. When she saw the kids still lying in once empty beds around them, Tonks sighed once and smiled at him, a little brighter than before. "I wasn't out for long I'm guessing," she smiled. Remus shook his head. "S…Padfoot…is he alright?" she asked gravely.

"Right now," Remus began in a low voice. "He's probably screaming at Molly to be gentle with him," he smiled, watching with interest as Tonks beamed and kissed him briefly on the cheek. "Don't push yourself if it's hurting you," he spoke in a gentle voice when he saw her flinch once she pulled back from him.

"I'm not pushing myself," she replied. "Is everyone else alright?"

He nodded. "You've got the worst injuries. If you're awake now, everyone else is fine."

"What happened after I fell though? The last thing I remember was that I was falling down to you," she spoke.

"Padfoot took over and dueled Bellatrix. He was teasing her, something he'd do, and she hit him with some dark curse called Sectumsempra. We don't know what kind of spell it was exactly, but it left a pretty nasty gash on his chest. He's fine now. He fell over top the remnants of the veil and your vision didn't come true," Remus smiled.

"I'm glad I had that pocket watch then. Sure it scared me for a while with the vision, but seeing that the vision didn't come true, I'm happy," she smiled weakly.

"Albus said that it's an ever changing future and we both made sure to prevent the vision from becoming a reality," Remus replied.

Tonks nodded. "When do you suppose I can get out of here? I really don't like being in St. Mungo's for long even though I come here pretty often."

"Knowing Poppy Pomfrey, she won't even let you off this bed until next week."

"You're joking me," Tonks sighed. "How bad did I fall? Shouldn't some healing spells do the trick? They worked all other times I fell."

"She said you fell down the enchanted stone seats in the Department of Mysteries. All your injuries will have to heal the natural way, unfortunately."

Tonks sighed again. "Is that why I'm feeling so sore now?" she grumbled.

Remus chuckled. "Stay here and rest," he spoke. He was sitting beside her on the bed, his hand holding her head as he kissed her gently on the forehead. "I'll be right here with you."

"Did Bellatrix escape?"

"She and Voldemort were the only ones who escaped."

"That hag," Tonks grumbled. "She probably insulted Sirius as well didn't she?"

Now that the battle was over, Remus could finally manage a smirk. No one was gravely injured and he could think back at the battle to retell Tonks how it went exactly. He shook his head. "I wouldn't say she insulted him. It was more like the other way around."

Tonks raised an eyebrow, beginning to smile. "What did he say to her?"

Remus grinned, wanting Tonks to smile more after being hurt so badly and having to stay at a place they both dislike for a few days no doubt. "He said, and I quote, 'At least I don't fancy a sadistic snake like man without a nose.'"

Tonks broke out into a small fit of laughter as she tried hard not to hurt her battered self laughing. "He would say that."

"He's Sirius, he masks everything by laughing and taunting people," Remus shrugged.

"I guess it's over for tonight at least," she sighed, pulling Remus closer.

"It's only begun though. The war is just beginning," he reminded her gently before leaning in and kissing her gentle on her lips. They closed their eyes and lingered within each others' hold for a while, allowing the warmth to fill them back up and replenish their low energy from after the battle. After a few minutes that felt like a peaceful eternity, Tonks hesitantly pulled away and looked a little past Remus. He was about to turn around but she stopped him.

"I think we're putting on a show for the kids," she replied in a whisper.

"Why is that?" Remus asked.

"Ginny's watching," Tonks' smirked. "Her mouth his hanging. I guess it's not every day you get to see your old professor snog a violet haired Auror."

Remus chuckled and shook his head. He didn't turn around, but he honestly no longer cared if the kids saw him with Tonks. He was with her and he was happy. Remus leaned in to place another quick kiss on her lips before resting his forehead on hers, looking into her now hazel brown eyes as they began talking away about other things.

Two weeks after the Battle at the Department of Mysteries, Remus was beside Tonks' hospital bed again, except that time he was helping her pack as she was in the bathroom, changing out of the plain, matching hospital gowns she dreaded. He shook his head and smiled a bit embarrassed as he zipped her bag shut and searched for her wand tucked somewhere underneath the pillow. He knew she slept with her wand. It had been a topic of conversation during one of their first meetings.

He heard the bathroom door open and saw Tonks walking out, looking colorful and bubbly again in heavily patched jeans, a bright purple t-shirt bearing the legend The Weird Sisters, all underneath a loose fitting threadbare overcoat of his that Tonks found rather comfortable and warm.

"Two weeks!" she spoke, raising two fingers. "They made me stay here for two weeks!"

Remus chuckled. "At least you're all patched up now."

"I was all patched up a week ago!" Tonks replied, shaking her head viciously.

"Come on," Remus laughed. "We've got to meet Mad-Eye and the others at King's Cross. We've agreed to help them scare Harry's aunt and uncle remember?"

She was smiling again as Tonks hooked her arm around his and they proceeded out of the ward. "Of course. I'm looking forward to this," she smiled. "Is Padfoot coming?"

"After the battle, Albus is making him lie low at my place for a while."

Tonks pouted slightly. "That sucks. I was looking forward to see some godfather scaring from him. Imagine how Harry's aunt and uncle would react."

King's Cross was always busy around that time of the year, especially with students magically appearing off an unseen train to the muggle eye. Tonks was wearing her casual, walking with her arms clinging onto Remus', both wearing happy smiles on their faces. After a short walk through the station, the couple suddenly spotted Molly and Arthur Weasley, wearing their muggle best as they waited for the kids to get off the train. They were chatting happily with another muggle couple, probably Hermione's parents. Tonks' eyebrows rose when she noticed a man, Xenophilius Lovegood, standing beside Arthur, chatting animatedly about something.

"Look for Mad-Eye," Remus spoke to her. "We're supposed to meet him too."

"Found him," Tonks called, gesturing to the tall, intimidating man in a traveling cloak standing behind Arthur Weasley, thinking he could come unseen with a bowler hat covering his mechanical eye, his most famous feature. "That hat suits him," Tonks nodded and smirked.

"Oh Tonks, Remus, I'm glad you could come," Molly sighed, hugging them both. "Tonks you're finally off your bed at last," she teased. The poor woman, along with anyone else who came to visit, had became a victim of Tonks' constant, almost endless whines and complaints about being forced to stay at St. Mungo's for so long.

They laughed together and almost all turned instantly once they heard the sound of a bark coming from their feet. Remus was the first to spot the shaggy black dog that was his best friend's animagus form. Padfoot squeezed himself in between Remus and Tonks, staying even better concealed as he drove various reactions from the group around him. Remus and Tonks were worried and scared for him, but in disbelief as well. Mad-Eye was growling underneath his bowler hat while Arthur and Molly simply shook their heads. Xenophilius and Hermione's parents all were convinced that the large black dog was Remus and Tonks' pet, especially when it proceeded to make puppy eyes up at Tonks while she sighed and rolled her eyes.

"You handle him," she told Remus, turning away from Padfoot.

"I know you want to see him but this is completely ridiculous!" Remus nagged in a low whisper at Sirius' animagus form. "You're going to get yourself killed!"

Padfoot made a face that looked like he was saying: so what, in reply to Remus.

Remus shook his head and ran his hand through his light brown, graying hair, returning his other arm around Tonks' waist as they both kept an eye on the black dog at their foot. The train was arriving and when the doors opened, all the kids were literally crowding each other, pushing to get off, all laughing and grinning at each other. Remus missed those times, and he knew Sirius did too as the dog made a reminiscent expression at his feet.

Being the taller ones of the group, Remus and Mad-Eye were the first to spot Harry. He was accompanied by a few students, Neville parting shortly after they got off the train to go with an old woman who was recognized to be his grandmother. Remus could see Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and even Luna Lovegood walking with Harry. He smiled to see the true friends the boy had gotten himself. Tonks grinned when she saw the shy glances being tossed back and forth between Harry and Ginny. She wasn't going to let the girl live that down any time soon. Luna Lovegood received a quick, almost unexpected hug from Harry before she waved good-bye to them and left with her dad, both looking happy to see each other again and were talking non-stop to one another while walking away.

"Tonks, glad to see you're alright," Ginny grinned. She seemed to be the only one in the group aware of the heated romance between Remus and Tonks as she winked at them and smirked at Remus' hand around Tonks' waist.

"Gin, glad to see you're having fun," Tonks teased. She threw Remus a shy glance, imitating Ginny's perfectly, even taking the liberty to morph her hair the same shade as Ginny's. Remus chuckled and was tempted to return her glance, if not for the professor within him.

When Harry saw the large black dog sitting beside Remus' leg, his tail wagging rapidly, Harry's expression beamed and ran over to hug the dog tight. Tonks and Remus shook their head and sighed, fighting back a genuine smile. Harry's smile was immediately brighter as he petted Padfoot's head and wouldn't part from him.

"Do I get to stay with you over the summer?" Harry asked hopefully.

Remus didn't want to be the one to ruin his mood, but luckily Mad-Eye had already beat him to it. "No," Moody grunted. "He's not even supposed to be here. Now come on, we've got to go somewhere so we can have a conversation with your muggle relatives."

"Let's go to that empty waiting room over there," Tonks pointed, standing up on her toes. "The glass is blurred so people from the outside won't be able to see clearly in."

Moody grumbled something and quickly clonked over there, followed by the rest.

"Goodbye everyone," Hermione waved and smiled at them. "I'll see you all later this summer," she added before leaving along with her parents.

Ginny shook her head and sighed causing Tonks to quirk an eyebrow at her while they followed Mad-Eye. "Is something amusing?"

"Love is amusing," the red headed girl replied. "Did you see the way Ron and Hermione looked at each other?" she laughed.

"Did you see the way you and Harry looked at each other?" Tonks teased. She smirked when she saw Remus shake his head and sighed, fighting back a smile.

"Did you see the way you and Professor Lupin are?" Ginny countered.

"Touché," Tonks laughed and Remus groaned, unable to hold back a smile now.

"Potter, go get your aunt and uncle. You'll get to see Padfoot one more time before you leave with them," Moody grumbled as he walked into the large, empty waiting room.

Harry glanced at Padfoot once and reluctantly let go of the dog, running quickly to find his aunt and uncle. The group piled into the empty room, leaving Molly and Ron who offered to stand outside as guards to make sure no one else got in there unexpectedly. Tonks followed after Remus, tripping once when her feet got tangled by the door, causing a giggle from Ginny.

Once the door closed, Sirius transformed back into his human form, earning a death glare from Mad-Eye. "What's life without a little risk?" the raven haired man laughed.

"Aside from Voldemort now, you're still the most wanted man in Britain," Tonks sighed.

Sirius grinned. "Thank you Tonks. Glad to know so many people want me."

Tonks groaned and shook her head, leaning on Remus' shoulder as she gave up on him.

Not long afterwards, Harry returned with his muggle relatives. Tonks and Ginny's expressions were almost identical with Tonks forgetting to morph her hair back from the vivid Weasley red she wore at that time. They watched with their jaws hanging a foot down as a fat, pig like kid walked through the door behind Harry, wearing a blank stare as his eyes met all the others in the room. Behind him was a tall, boney woman, looking like she hadn't eaten for years as compared to her husband and son. The last to walk in was a grumpy looking man, portly, short and round with grey hair and a thick moustache. His eyes narrowed and he sneered at them while the woman looked offended and a bit fearful. Tonks and Ginny turned to look at each other, wondering if they're really seeing the same thing.

"That man looked like a cow sat on his face!" Ginny was unable to stop herself from muttering, covering her mouth with both hands afterwards.

Tonks turned slightly red trying not to laugh as she turned and smirked at the muggles. They looked absolutely appalled to see Harry's reception committee. Arthur was the first to step up, reaching his hand out and grinning widely at the fat, portly man.

"Good afternoon!" Arthur said pleasantly. "You might remember me, my name's Arthur Weasley," he spoke, shaking the man's plump hand.

"Vernon Dursley," the fat man nodded.

"Harry and Ron told me dad had singlehandedly demolished most of the Dursley's living room two years ago. He didn't know they had boarded up their chimney," Ginny whispered.

Tonks was once again struggling not to laugh as Remus held her hand tightly beside her, reminding her not to break out into a loud fit of laughter. Her hair changed from bright gingerly red to her often seen bubblegum pink. Harry's eyes light up like every time before whenever she morphed, the kid never growing bored with the sight. They all noticed Mrs. Dursley's offense as Tonks changed her hair for the woman would rather close her eyes than look at Tonks. The fat boy beside the tall woman tried to shrink into the background, looking small and insignificant, but Sirius scoffed as he failed extravagantly at the feat.

"We thought we'd have a few words with you about Harry," Arthur smiled.

"Yeah," Moody growled. Remus' eyes flickered to him once he swore he heard his magical eye whizzing under the bowler hat. "About how he's treated when he's at your place."

"I am not aware that it is any of your business what goes on in my house…"

"I expect what you're not aware of would fill several books, Dursley," Moody growled.

"Anyways, that's not the point," interjected Tonks who smirked as she purposely changed her hair from bubblegum pink to a vivid green then to a brilliant turquoise blue, looking to offend Mrs. Dursley even more. "The point is, if we find out you've been horrible to Harry…"

"…and make no mistakes, we'll hear about it," added Remus pleasantly completing her sentence and watched along with the others as her hair turned to a funny shade of orange.

"If we get any hint that Potter's been mistreated in any way, you'll have us to answer to," said Moody roughly. Just then Harry noticed Sirius pushing himself forward in front of Moody.

"And more importantly, you'll have me to answer to," Sirius added as Harry grinned.

"We'll send somebody around every few days to make sure if we have to," Remus added.

"That's preposterous," Mrs. Dursley interrupted in a breathy voice. "You can't do that."

"Watch us. Actually we've seen your house more often than anyone else," Tonks smirked, remembering the many nights they had to camp out to patrol over that mundane house.

"If you don't treat him right, I swear to God I will burn your house down even if it means going back to prison," Sirius added, smirking. "Or at least crash my motorbike through your front door," he finished.

"Are you threatening me, sir?" Vernon Dursley spoke, his moustache twitching.

"Yes, we are," Moody grumbled.

"Who are you to threaten me?" the portly man replied, trying to appear tougher.

"Well we are witches and wizards," Arthur smiled and nodded.

"And I'm his godfather. Legally, I believe I do have the right to threaten you into treating my godson right," Sirius added seriously, eyeing the muggles as Harry grinned even wider.

"And do I look like the kind of man who can be intimidated?" Vernon Dursley barked.

Tonks knew just what was going to happen next as Mad-Eye leaned in closer to the man. She and Ginny threw another glance at each other and she could feel Remus struggling to hold back his amusement as Mad-Eye tipped his bowler head back to reveal his sinisterly revolving electric blue mechanical eye. Vernon Dursley jumped nearly three feet back in horror and collided painfully with Harry's trunk and luggage trolley.

"Yes, I'd have to say you do, Dursley," Moody growled, amused.

"Now if you don't mind, I'd like to have a proper conversation with my godson before he leaves," Sirius interjected, pulling Harry to the side.

The Dursleys left the room faster than lightning as the three of them nearly tripped over each other piling outside. Moody clonked out after them, watching the group along with Molly and Ron who had obviously overheard the conversation and were both holding back laughter.

"Sirius, not that I don't want you here but you could get yourself sent back to Azkaban if anyone saw you," Harry spoke up first as the door closed behind them.

"Well I had to see you off didn't I?" Sirius replied. "Besides, what's life without a little risk?" he smirked. "I'd say this is nothing to worry about after I've gone back to the Ministry to fight off a bunch of Death Eaters and escaped with my life intact and everything," he smirked.

"Sirius you're the best," Harry smiled, hugging the man tightly. "Why can't I come stay with you guys though? If I can't stay at Professor Lupin's house why can't I stay at the Burrow or even at Hogwarts? At least I'll be away from the Dursleys and get to see you more."

"We tried bringing up those points to Dumbledore," Tonks nodded. "Even Hogwarts."

"But Albus is convinced that because of your mother's protection charm, you'll be a lot safer at your relative's home, especially now that the Death Eaters are openly active again."

"Will I see you soon?" Harry asked, looking around at all of them.

"Very soon Harry," Remus smiled.

"Can you come rescue me like you did last summer? Earlier perhaps?"

Tonks couldn't hold back her laughter as she nodded. "We'll try kiddo," she replied.

Harry gave them all one last good-bye as he left the room, following his aunt and uncle miserably back to Privet Drive, their home in the boring suburban neighborhood. Remus watched as the boy left and threw Sirius a warning glance as his friend nodded and quickly transformed into the large black dog again, trotting out happily with the couple. The Weasleys parted way as Molly gave them all a hug before leaving, not missing Sirius in his dog form and even Mad-Eye Moody, much to his dismay. Tonks snickered, hi-fiving Ginny as Remus again shook his head at just how much fun his girlfriend seemed to be having.

"Come over for dinner more often now," Molly reminded them.

"Or can we come to your place?" Ginny asked, her eyes beaming with hope.

"Of course," Tonks and Remus spoke together at the same time.

Ginny laughed once before leaving with her family. Tonks turned to face Remus and they grinned at each other before walking their way along with Mad-Eye and a dog form of Sirius trotting happily beside them.

"I'd say he's happy he got his point across," Tonks noted.

"I'd say he's happy to still be alive and not in Azkaban," Remus spoke, turning to Sirius who gave him a weary expression and shook his head.

"Constant vigilance," Moody grumbled and walked a bit faster than them, perhaps having a place he needed to go to afterwards.

"I'd love to go home with you two but unfortunately I have to go back to the Ministry to pick up some paperwork," Tonks sighed.

"Go ahead, we'll have dinner ready at home," Remus smiled and kissed her temple.

"CONSTANT VIGILANCE, TONKS!" Moody screamed back, causing Tonks to trip.

Luckily Remus had caught her as she straightened herself and was cursing at Mad-Eye under her breath, calling him names she often referred to him as when he wasn't in the room. Remus and Tonks kissed once again on the lips briefly before Tonks ran forward to accompany Mad-Eye as they again parted in a different direction from Remus and Padfoot.

"Must you always do that?" Tonks grumbled.

"Now that the Death Eaters are openly active again, it's best to practice what I've taught you," Moody grumbled.

"They're still human, or most of them are. They have to rest too," Tonks sighed.

"But he won't rest," Moody growled. "The war has only begun Tonks."

"Alright, constant vigilance," she sighed. "I swear sometimes you're even worse than my mum," she mumbled, following her old mentor out into an empty alley. They both apparated at the same instant, leaving a pop in their place.

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