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'One Nation', a phrase that sounded so familiar during the war, yet now, that term had new meaning. There was no Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, or Air Nomads, only 'One Nation'. Originally they proclaimed it was a power that everyone should have, and when this wasn't possible, it was deemed a power that no one should have. Sozin's War was not ended by the legendary Avatar, but by those that resented Benders, shortly after this they saw every Bender as another warlord out for world domination. When those that were desperate couldn't reach what they desired via means of power and greed, they outlawed Bending through force, and eventually fear. At first the stronger Benders mysteriously vanished, then there was public executions against allegedly guilty citizens who just happened to be associated with Bending. Soon Bending just seemed to disappear, the few that could bend, wouldn't in fear of being pushed into slavery, or worse death. Non-benders decided there was no need for 'Four Nations', one nation would be unified, there would be no war, no violence, no corruption, but things aren't always as they seem.

Cities alike Ba Sing Se started popping up all over the Nations, strict rules, high walls, and a number of anti-bending laws. Any family know to have ties to Benders would instantly be lower class citizens, no matter of their previous status. A lot of the housing estates in the lower class area's would be no more than slums and shacks, the crumbling remains of times now forgotten. Constantly monitored for any Bender activity, and if any detected, severe punishment is sure to follow. There are frequent rebellions, usually being dealt with quickly and aggressively but never quite eradicated. The slave trade is what drives the cities, Earth Benders being made to mine for rare materials, which can then be used to further the development of upper class areas, dismal conditions, the threat of public exposure forcing those that work to never try and flee. Water Benders would be forced to drive the turbines that power the cities while Fire Benders would produce the heating that gets pumped all over the upper class areas. Though there are rumours of Air Benders, whatever number there are would be small due to the constant threat of detection and execution.

The world is not one of fairy tales and stories, there are no myths and legends that tell of a great hero to rise from the ash. The old speak of the Avatar, the one who was meant to end the great Fire Nation war, while others speak of him as the person who caused the non-bender revolt in the first place, had the Avatar acted sooner the non-benders wouldn't of been pushed into their desperate position and fought back, creating an oppressed world. Because of this many people have forgotten about the Avatar, assumed to be a victim in the non-bender revolt, if not already being lost during Sozin's War. Other rumours speak of the infamous General Cao, the man who pushed for an Anti-Bending Revolt, to be the one who captured and ended the Avatar life in a declaration of his hate towards Benders.

General Cao, one of the most ruthless people you're likely to hear about, he announced himself the mastermind behind the Anti-Bender movement, after he failed to produce a way to gain the gift of bending, he used his military background to destroy it, even without bending he was able to create weapons of war, taking gunpowder from the Fire Nation supplies after the War had ended and using it to create rifles. With a growing group of followers and a plentiful supply of weaponry he was able to create an elite guard, who were strong and able enough to strike fear into anyone that didn't see his way of thinking. He used his fierce and brutal attitude to keep any Benders, under his protection, in check, though he had a deep hatred for the bending kind, he was well aware of what power they possessed and made sure he could control it at all times.

Who am I to know all of this? Just a wanderer, one who has met many great people and heard many great things on his wanderings.

The autumn wind blew gracefully over the rice fields, swaying it here and there, much as if there were some superior force pushing and pulling it one way and or another. Row after row of rice plants dancing with nature, it was a beautiful sight, one that is missed by most people but not all, not one especially.

At this time of year, when the sun was low enough to produce a golden aura across the sky, highlighting the tips of each leaf as they were thrown around in the breeze, a lone boy sat in the centre of the field. His brown cloak flapping in the wind as he readjusted straw hat after a strong gust. Working on in the fields for the past 2 years had given the boy a lean build, he idly waved his makeshift 'sickle on a stick' around his body, pretending to control the winds that were flowing around him.

"Aang! Hurry in now, your father needs help securing the shutters, this storm will be here any minute."

Aang turned to face where the voice had came from and began jogging back to the small farmers house.

"Sorry Father, there's just something about that fresh feeling before a storm, makes me feel like I'm-"

"-Flying." The older man chuckled, "Come now, we need to secure these last few shutters."

Aang smiled as he joined his father in closing up the last shutters and returned to the warmth of the house. His mother had already set out a meal for them on their arrival inside, they ate in silence, listening to the wind picking up fiercely and the rain pounding away at the roof. Aang had always been nervous during storms, while the feeling before them electrified him, the thought of being trapped in one frightened him. He would often look for company during these times, covering the feeling of uneasiness with stories of the past. His memory went as far as 2 years back, when he was first found by his parents, according to his father the only information they were able to find out was that his name was Aang.

His uneasiness would slowly dissipate as he was told of stories of Sozin's War and how this year would mark its 50th year since it had ended. Aang had always wondered what his life had been like before meeting his parents. Why had no one looked for him? Did he even have a family?

These types of thoughts would stick with him long into his slumber, that was until he was woken by the loud banging at the door. Shortly after, he could hear his parents leaving their room to investigate, his fathers heavy footsteps echoing off the bare walls, his mothers quiet ones quickly following. The door was opened with a creak, suddenly there was a lot of disturbance, Aang ran to the top of the stairs glancing down to see two large men standing over the bodies of his parents.

"Mother! Father!" Aang shouted from the top of the stairs. He almost flew down the stairs catapulting himself into the intruders forcing them out of the door. He quickly grabbed for his farming tool and settled into an offensive stance prepared to attack at any moment.

The two men laughed as the approached the boy, he was clearly not a match for two full grown men.

"Gather your energy young one." Aang lost concentration as he heard a ominous voice loom in his mind. He noticed the men trying to enter again and attempted to warn them off with a quick swipe of his weapon. Suddenly the wind picked up, the shutters banged violently but the men took no notice. Aang tightened his grip on the staff and swiped again this time with a lot more force with intention to wound, but instead of contact being made, an almighty wind forced its way through the house breaking open all of the shuttered windows, blowing up any locked doors, and knocking the men off their feet.

"Hes a- He's a Bender!" One of the men screamed over the roaring winds, before backing away. Aang wasn't sure what they were referring to, or where the sudden gust had came from, but decided he'd take the opportunity and take a step forward to challenge the men. Aang's eyes seemed to burn with ferocity, tears freely flowing, the men could tell their was something unsettling about this boy, and quickly departed into the night. His staff dropped bouncing off the floor, as he fell back against the doorframe. He stared down at the bodies of his parents, rain and gales still beating against the house whipping at his parents clothing. He couldn't think straight, the events that had lead up to this moment all seemed to be a blur, he tried to convince himself that it was just a bad nightmare, but there was one thing he couldn't shake. That voice.

"It's time for us to meet Aang." The ominous voice gently stated.

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