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Aang's parents had been murdered unnecessarily by common men just after petty belongings. Nevertheless it had left the young boy in disarray, he still couldn't believe such a random act had happened, in the middle of the storm, this was just something more than fuelled his uneasiness about the matter. There had to be something he could do, one thing sprang to mind, revenge, he'd get back at the people who did this. Make them pay, for what they did, he even tried to justify the idea with thoughts of them doing it to other people, in which he had to stop them. There were still things holding him back though, life lessons previously taught were trying to tell him something, unfortunately it was still all a blur to him, and there was one plain fact in front of him. The people who had taken and took care of him were gone.

As time passed sitting at the feet of their motionless bodies, Aang decided that he needed to at least see them off. He pulled their bodies back into the house, deciding that in the morning when the storm had cleared he would give them a proper burial. For now he tacked up some boarding to the windows to stop the winds from blowing through the house, then collapsing into his father's favourite chair, taking in its scent as if to gain wisdom his recently deceased. Time rolled on as the young boy fell into a slumber to the sound of a easing storm.

He awoke in a very foggy environment, barely able to see his hands in front of him; there was an odd familiarity with the place, like he had been here before. It felt like there was almost a historical wisdom about the place, so much age and experience in this place. Then it hit him, was he dreaming, about the spirit world?

"Welcome Aang" A voice said behind him, he knew that voice..

He quickly span around to become face to face with an old man in Fire Nation attire.

"Wait.. Aren't you Avatar Roku?" Aang shakily asked, recalling the old pictures that his parents had shown him.

"I'm glad to know you have knowledge of me, this may make the task easier to explain. You see Aang, you may have realised but the world is in a bad place, the universe is completely out of balance and things will only get worse if things are fixed, I am ashamed to pass my failures onto you but the world needs you." Roku said slowly.

"Needs.. Me? Why me?" Aang questioned, he had almost forgot what had happened only moments ago in the real world, so many questions and thoughts filling his mind.

"Aang, I understand you have been through a lot, we spirits know of your past, but time is not something we can afford to lose, you have a great force within you." Roku explained slowly, "You are what controls the balance between the elements and their energies, for this reason you must be tasked with a heavy burden."

"B-But that's not possible, I can't even bend an element!" Aang quickly retorted.

"Understand Aang that those markings that you hide are actually signs of a mastery in an element. A group known as the Air Nomads, mark their Master Airbenders with those Tattoo's. Due to your spiritual heritage you were just relearning what you had known thousands of times already, this is why you were able to master the element at such a young age."

Aang pulled up his sleeves to trace the blue markings, contemplating if they were real, he had never really known where they had came from.

"But I've had these for as long as I could remember, are you saying I'm a master Airbender? How is that possible, I don't know anything about Airbending!" He couldn't believe what he was being told, Aang the farmboy a Master Airbender?

"It seems you lost memories along with your knowledge of bending, both will return with time, but this isn't something we can wait for." Roku concluded sternly. He couldn't help but feel guilty about pushing his mistakes onto the young boy but circumstances meant he couldn't dilute the truth.

"So wait.. you know about my past? Where I came from?" Aang desperately asked.

Roku gazed down at the boy, debating how much should be said.

"You were born into the Air Nomads, showed signs that you would be the next Avatar when you were very young. When you were around 12, you were trapped in a storm, due to the nature of the Avatar Spirit, when its host is in mortal danger, you are imbued with the power of all of your past lives and were able to protect yourself via the use of the Avatar Spirit, unfortunately, events afterwards which we couldn't control meant you received trauma prior to being found and lost your memories." Roku carefully explained. He decided some facts Aang would have to learn for himself.

Aang suddenly felt everything fading away. He was being drawn back to the physical world.

"Roku, wait!" Aang wasn't done, he was so unsure about his life, he had some many questions.

"Aang, listen carefully," Roku's slowing fading voice sternly rang in Aang's ears, "you need to return to your training of the 4 elements, this task will be increasing difficult with the imbalance in the universe but persist young Avatar. You will face many trials on the path ahead, but all will help you progress to the final confrontation." At this Roku's voice ended and completely faded away.

Aang woke up back in his house, realisation dawned on him, all what he had just experienced now buzzing through his mind. But one thing first, his parents burial, and then, he would start on his path.

The ice tundras of the Southern Regions were as just as cold as ever, less and less people ventured over them though, not since the city had been built. That was where all the trade was, all the supplies, all the warmth. One can grow to miss the warmth if you were born into it, but there were some that didn't need the slave driven furnaces, people who could survive in the frozen bitten landscapes. They were commonly known as outsiders, looked down upon by upper class city folk, though generally accepted by the lower class. The icy plains were a dangerous place though, anyone that wasn't experienced would certainly get into difficulty, but for those that had tamed its harshness could navigate its deadliest paths.

"This is a deadly place you know!" A tall boy shouted breaking the silence.

"The deadliest thing out here right now is you, making such a racket" A girl of similar background replied.

The boy tall, well built, clearly a warrior in training, his distinctive brown hair carefully tied back into a wolf tail style. Weapon in one hand, rope in the other, he made his way to catch the girl up. She resembled him in many ways, down to the auburn skin tone and cerulean coloured eyes; she was slightly smaller with a much more feminine frame, that's not to say she couldn't hold her own in a tough spot.

"Sokka, you're just scaring our food away!" The girl was facing her sibling now.

"I think it's just because you're trying to do a man's job." Sokka replied casually, "I'll show you how it's done."

He crept forward, as to not spook any of the fish residing under the ice, he raised his striking arm, taking a deep breath, holding for the perfect moment and then, thrusting his weapon forward. As it left his hand, he watched as the spear impact the sheet of ice and ricochet in the opposite direction. The girl couldn't stifle her giggle as the boy pulled out his club and started wailing on the ice.

"You're right Sokka, I'm glad you were here to teach me the way of catching our food." She said with a smug grin.

Suddenly the girl silenced her voice; she turned feeling the presence of an ominous storm, as gusts of wind whistled over the tundra. She quickly pulled her hood up, turning her back to the wind.

"That's odd.." The girl noted to herself.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking Katara, I had the perfect technique!" Sokka responded thinking she was talking to him.

"No, the wind is blowing from the north, it never blows from the north.." Sokka turned to gaze at the approaching storm.

"Those clouds appeared from nowhere and this wind," The boy was clearly unsure about what this meant. "We should head back." He said firmly, resting a hand on his sister's shoulder.