Kami no Kitsune

Chapter 1

Training, The start of a new Life!





"Tailed Beast/ god speak"

Racing down the dark abysmal streets of Konoha was a small crying blond haired boy. He was running for his life while thinking, 'why do they always want to hurt me.' He was pulled from his thoughts when he couldn't hear the sound of running feet, when he knew he was being chased. Raising his head he starred wide-eyed and felt fear as he saw that he was surrounded by the angry villagers. A small young Genin walked up to him as he cringed in fear waiting for the blow that was sure to come. Moments later The Genin backhanded him sending him falling to the ground. Once he hid the cold cobble stoned road the genin that hit him whispered in his ear, "Run while I hold them off." He looked at the Genin incredulously, and with disbelief, until the Genin threw down a few smoke bombs that would cover his escape. As he ran through the crowd of surprised civilians, he was mentally thanking the Genin who undoubtedly saved his life.

Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage, was looking out his office window at the celebrations. Today was October 10th, the 5th anniversary of the Kyuubi attack that had killed most of the shinobi population. It was also Naruto's birthday, five year-old who he considered to be like a grandson to him. Through the years he had tried to help the boy, by giving him money to live off of, an apartment, what he thought the best thing that he did for the boy was by passing a law that forbid people from speaking about how the boy was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. This however did not stop the villagers, and some ninja from attacking and trying to kill the blond. This was the day that the attacks were the worst, for it brought everyone's rage at the Kyuubi onto Naruto. Hiruzen sighed wanting to go and protect the boy, but the council had found some papers that needed his immediate attention. Hoping that Naruto would be alright until he got there, he sat down and starting going through the bane of all Hogakes.

After arriving to his apartment Naruto starred wide-eyed in grief. His apartment had been broken into and trashed. All of his possessions and memorabilia had been destroyed. Too tired to clean his home, he just slumped down on his bed unconscious due to exhaustion.


Naruto opened his eyes to see himself standing in the middle of a dark corridor that looked like a sewer. In the distance he could hear a large resounding growl. He was at first terrified, but then figured this couldn't be worse than what the villagers would do to him, so he started to walk through the dimly lit corridor. He felt like he was walking for hours until he found himself standing before a large Iron Gate with some large sheet of paper on it. 'Where am I,' he thought to himself utterly confused. As he walked closer towards the Gate, a large inhuman like roar resounded all around him. An enormous 50 foot tall red fox appeared behind the gate examining him.

"Hmm so my container has finally decided to grace me with your presence."

Tilting his head to the side Naruto asked, "Are you the Kyuubi?"

'Hmm he doesn't seem afraid of me…. interesting.'Kyuubi transformed into a medium sized 5'4 woman with blood red hair that went down to her knees. She wore a form-fitting black Sakura blossom battle Kimono. Just above her waist was red sash that wrapped around her body, and had a large dark blue bow with bells on the tips of the bow in her hair. "Yes I am the Kyuubi however that is only my title. If you gain my interest I just might grace you with my name. And before you ask yes I am a girl."

Naruto stood there staring at Kyuubi, until he walked right through the gate and burrowed himself into her chest. "Ok well why are you here?" He sleepily asked into Kyuubi's fur.

'This child truly is one in a million. No human would dare try to touch me, and yet this small child is nuzzling himself up to me.'Kyuubi wrapped one of her nine tails around the boy to comfort him. "Well I was sealed inside of you boy. This is the reason why those villagers attack you. Because they believe you are me." 'Of course they aren't far off.'

"That's stupid. I don't know why everyone in the village hates you, your just a big fluffy furball, and you're really nice."

Kyuubi was utterly speechless. This boy had just called the God of Foxes, Queen of all Bijuu nice and fluffy.

"Kyu-chan? Are you ok?" Naruto asked worriedly.

"Kyu-chan? Is that what you want to call me? Fine, and I'm fine kit."

"Ok good I'm tired Kyu, how do I go back home?"

"Well kit just imagine yourself back to your body, and you'll leave. Also I have a request."

"What is it Kyu?"

"Well would you allow me to give you a gift? It would enhance all your senses to the point of a mature Inuzuka. It would also allow me to talk with you while you're still in the real world." Kyuubi said sheepishly.

Naruto got into a thinking face while rubbing his chin. "Sure Kyu, I'd like that. But I got to go now, tomorrow is my first day at the academy! I can finally become a ninja now."

"Hehe alright kit, we'll see each other soon. Don't you worry," Kyuubi said as she watched Naruto dematerialize. 'Huhhh I'm gonna miss that boy.'

(Reality Naruto's Apartment)

Waking up, Naruto walked over to his closet and pulled out his favorite bright orange jumpsuit, just when a voice in his head screeched, "KAMI NO! I'M BLIND WHY, WHY, WHY HAVE I BEEN SUBJECTED TO THIS TORTURE!"

'Kyu? Is that you,' Naruto said.


Naruto face palmed, 'Kyu we're inside.'

"But theres a sun right in front of my eyes. Wait, wait no its clothing? Kit you really need a new outfit."

'Well this is the only thing that I can buy. Besides I like orange' Naruto said while putting on his jumpsuit. 'These mortals shall pay for their insolence,' Kyuubi thought. After putting on his jumpsuit, Naruto raced out the door towards the academy. As soon as he walked through the door to his classroom, silence fell. The teacher was glaring at him with hatred visible in his eyes. He quietly shuffled to the back of the class avoiding the hateful glares towards him. 'This is gonna be a long year.

(Time skip 9 years)

(let it be known the acedemy is a 3 year learning thing.) It was his third attempt at trying to pass the academy. The past three years had been unsuccessful because for some reason he just couldn't do the bushin jutsu. Every time he could make a clone, but it was discolored, some weird mutant thing that was half-dead. This was the day of the graduation exam, and so he decided to try his hardest to pass and finally become a ninja. He got to class early today and sat in the back of the classroom so he could watch everyone come in. The first student to enter was the brooding emo, Uchiha Sasuke. He watched as Sasuke sat in the middle row looking out the window he was sitting next to. Choji Akamichi was the next one to walk in while munching on a bag of chips followed closely by the laziest guy in Konoha, Shikamaru Nara. The two walked towards the back and waved at him, before Shikamaru fell asleep on his own desk. Next, the sounding of two people screaming could be heard, just as two girls were trying to get through the door at the same time. He tuned them out, and waited until they had gotten through to see Kiba, Hinata, and Shino walk in. They all started talking for the next few minutes about how they were going to pass this exam with flying colors. Just then Iruka and Mizuki-sensei walked in smiling.

Iruka then said, "Now then time for the Graduation exam everyone. Come up when I call you name." Shikamaru and Naruto immediately fell asleep when they figured that they wouldn't be called for a while.

"Uzumaki Naruto," Iruka called, "Naruto… NARUTO… NARUTO!"

"Huhhh what?" Naruto asked sleepily.

"It's your turn Naruto." Said Iruka. Naruto rushed down to the front of the classroom and yelled, "I'm Ready."

"Alright please preform a Henge." Iruka ordered. He then transformed himself into the Old man Hokage with his handcrafted pipe. "Good, now then please Kawarimi." Naruto then quickly Kawarimi with his seat in the back of the room. "Alright switch back now" Naruto then switched back. "Ok Naruto all you have to do to pass now is to just create a single bushin." Naruto then molded some of his Chakra and shouted "Bushin no jutsu," the result was a single dead looking clone of himself sprawled across the floor.

"I'm sorry Naruto but I can't pass you. You'll just have to try better next year," Iruka sighed. He really wanted Naruto to pass this year. He was like a little brother to him, and he wanted to help, but then he would be showing favoritism, and as a teacher he couldn't.

"Iruka, don't you think we could pass him, I mean he did create a clone." Mizuki stated, Naruto then looked up hopefully at Iruka.

"No we can't pass him, everyone else was able to make at least two clones, while Naruto couldn't make a single one. I'm sorry but I just can't pass him." Naruto sulked out of the classroom, and went over to swing on his favorite swing whenever he was depressed. He couldn't ignore everyone around him whispering, "thank Kami that demon didn't pass. It should be killed before it can hurt anyone."

Looking out the Academy window, Mizuki was scowling at the young blond. 'That demon should be killed. I'll be the one to kill him and be considered a hero, but first he has to complete my task.' Mizuki walked outside and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. Naruto looked around teary eyed at Mizuki. "You know Naruto, Iruka only wants you to be strong. If you really want to pass, there is a second exam, although it's a lot harder than the original one…"

"I don't care, I'll do whatever it takes, what do I have to do to pass?"

Mizuki smirked and said, "Alright theres a special scroll inside the Hokage's office, if you can get the scroll and learn one of the techniques from it without being caught, then you get to pass, and…" Before he could finish, Naruto sped away to go and get ready to find the scroll. He figured that it would be easier if he would take it at night, when he wouldn't be spotted easily.

(Later that Night)

Naruto walked into the Hokage's office cautiously. He had spent the previous hour avoiding the careful gaze of the Anbu who guarded the Hokage tower, and had made his way into the office. When he opened the door, he was caught by the sight of Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage. "Naruto my boy, what are you doing here?"

"Sorry Jiji," Naruto said as he performed some hand signs and shouted, "Orike no Jutsu!" In a poof of smoke, a young almost naked blond haired girl poofed into existence, with only smoke covering her body. Hiruzen was immediately knocked out due to blood lose. The girl poofed and smoke completely covered her, and turned into Naruto. He then grabbed the scroll and ran off to where Mizuki told him to meet him.

After he arrived in the forest, he noticed Mizuki-sensei wasn't there yet, so he decided to start to learn a technique. Unraveling the scroll he read the first jutsu, "Kage bushin no jutsu. What not another Bushin!"

"Kit, it's a type of bushin that requires a lot of Chakra to use, and when you make a clone it's completely solid, so they can actually hit people." Kyuubi said inside his head.

'Ohhh cool well I guess I should learn this one then.'

'Hold on kit, copy some of the jutsu in there, so that you'll be able to learn them later on.' For the next hour, Naruto copied down some of the techniques, and learned how to do the Kage Bushin no jutsu. Just as he was about to learn another jutsu, Iruka jumped down from the trees and shouted, "I finally found you Naruto"

"Hehe that you did," Naruto said while rubbing the back of his head, "I only managed to learn one jutsu, but that's enough to pass the test right?"

Iruka stared at the blond thinking, 'He has been training, I can tell by his tattered clothes, but what's this about a test,' so he asked, "What test Naruto?"

"The other test that lets me pass the academy that Mizuki-sensei told me about. He said if I could get this scroll, learn a jutsu, and come here then I'd be able to pass! How come you don't know about this test Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka was about to answer, when he heard a slight buzzing sound. Moments later he could see at least five kunai thrown straight at him and Naruto. Taking out his own kunai, he blocked four of them, but one lodged itself in his calf. Iruka looked up to see Mizuki standing on a tree branch smirking. "Mizuki! Why are you doing this you traitor!" Iruka yelled. Naruto stood there trying to get over the fact that his sensei tricked him.

"Haha what a stupid question. To get power of course. Naruto do you know why everyone hates you, why everyone wants to kill you, why you get beaten within the edge of your life!" Mizuki shouted.

"No Mizuki It's Forbidden," Iruka screamed trying to stop Mizuki.

"It's because YOU'RE THE KYUUBI, YOU'RE THE DEMON FOX THAT KILLED HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE. YOU'RE THE DEMON REINCARNATE!" screamed Mizuki at the top of his lungs. The one thing he didn't expect from the boy was him laughing? "Why are you laughing you stupid demon"

"Haha because you finally realized the truth," whispered Naruto, his eyes now blood red with slits. His fingernails grew to look like claws, and his whisker marks deepened. "Time to die you stupid prick!" He then rushed Mizuki going through hand signs and shouting, "Kage Bushin no jutsu!" Instantly there were hundreds of fox like Naruto's rushing Mizuki and kicking the crap out of him. Iruka stared wide-eyed in fear of what Naruto was.

After leaving Mizuki hanging on to life by a mere thread, Naruto walked over to Iruka while changing back into his normal form. "Haha I scared Mizuki-teme good didn't I Ototo," Naruto said with a genuine smile on his face.

"N-Naruto, how long have you known about the Kyuubi being inside of you?" Iruka asked, somewhat afraid of the answer.

"About three years now. The furball isn't that bad really."

"Ummm alright, well good work in stopping Mizuki from getting the scroll. Come over here and close your eyes." Naruto then walked up towards Iruka with his eyes closed. He then felt some weight on his forehead. Iruka said, "Alright Naruto, you can open your eyes now." He then opened his eyes and saw that Iruka's headband was not on his head. He ran and hugged the life out of Iruka mumbling thank you over and over again into his chest. "How about we go get some Ichiraku Ramen once we finish talking to the Hokage."

"Yeah! Wohooo! RAMEN! LETS GO LETS GO!" shouted Naruto who was already barreling towards the Hokage tower with the Scroll on his back. Sighing, Iruka jumped after Naruto to speak with the Hokage.

Naruto walked into the Hokage's office and said, "Hey Jiji I think I need to talk to you." Along with the Hokage, he also saw that there were two other old people flanking him whispering in his ear.

"Naruto. Yes we do need to speak." The Hokage said in a serious reprimanding voice.

"Umm well what do you want to know then?"

"First of all I need to congratulate you on defeating Mizuki and protecting the forbidden scroll. That scroll contains all of the forbidden Jutsu's of our village, and it is incredible that you were able to learn one in only an hour. Yes I saw everything, but what we need to talk about is how you know about the Kyuubi." Sarutobi said, the two elders stood behind him glaring at the young blond wanting an explanation.

"Well I guess it all started about three years ago when I had exhausted myself from running away from the villagers that I first talked to Kyu. She told me that she just wanted to talk to me, and has been giving me encouragement, and she's not really mean at all," Naruto stated.

The elders and the Hokage gawked at him. "Wait you talk to the Kyuubi, and SHE hasn't tried to take over you?"

"Nah Kyu is cool, a good friend."

"Well if that's all Naruto, then you may go now." Sarutobi waved Naruto off, and set about trying to reason with the two old bats.

Naruto after his talk with the Hokage, he ran off to Ichiraku's to get some Ramen with Iruka. He talked with old man Ichiraku and Ayame while shoveling down eight bowls of Miso Ramen, of course with Iruka paying. Of course undoubtedly Iruka was clean out of money, and would have to work extra hours at the academy in order to cover this little feast. "Hey Naruto," Iruka started, "Now that you're a genin, you're going to be placed on a genin team with some of your other classmates. But that won't be for another week in which you can do whatever you want."

"Well that just means a week of training for me! Hell yeah I'm gonna be awesome! I'm gonna start training now, bye Iruka-sensei," Naruto shouted as he was running off to training ground seven.

'Hey kit, once you get there make a kage Bushin, and I'll explain what to do afterwards,' Kyuubi stated.

'Alright,' Naruto said. He arrived at the training grounds about five minutes later, and created a kage bushin like Kyu told him to do. The clone started to sizzle, and began to take fox-like qualities, and finally transformed into a blood red fox kit. He stared at the little fox and mumbled, "Kyu?"

"In the flesh Kit," Kyu said with a smirk on her fox face.

"Umm, alright. So what do you want me to do now?" Naruto asked.

"Ok make two hundred clones, and have them sit at the side while I tell you what to do." Kyu said and watched Naruto make the clones. "Ok now what you're going to do is try to walk up the tree. It's easier if you go by using a running start. As soon as you start to get the hang of it, let your clones master it, and then I'll show you a Taijutsu style." For the next hour the Kyuubi clone sparred and taught Naruto the Taijutsu form, and how to effectively use it, while the other clones were working on the tree climbing exercise.

(One week later)

Naruto was sweating bullets by now. Kyu was driving him into the ground learning the style…literally. The style that he was using was called the hummingbird style which was a dead style. When he asked Kyu how she knew it, Kyu just scoffed him off saying she fought the guy who invented it a couple years ago.

The Kyuubi clone also got into this stance and charge him. His arms were a blow that anticipated each move blocking and throwing off the punches sent towards him. He ducked and shot his open palm upwards into the clones face launching her into the air. He jumped up above the clone and slammed his heel into the back of the clones head ending in her spinning towards the ground. The clone hit the ground and created a five foot crater, but he wasn't done yet. As soon as he landed on the ground he dashed towards the crater and threw his fist towards Kyu. Kyu caught the fist with an open palm. Kyu twisted his arm and send him on the ground with her foot on his back.

"Well you've made great progress, for only a week of training and learning it."

"Well when you have an amazing sensei, and my awesomeness, it's no surprise that I'd learn it quickly," Naruto said while smiling.

"Baka, learn some humility will ya," Kyu chuckled.

"Yeah, yeah sure, maybe when you die." Naruto joked and started laughing, until he saw the melancholy look on Kyu's face. "Kyu you alright?"

"Yeah kit I'm fine, but you know I'm old, death is on my doorstep," Kyu mumbled quietly. "Anyways, today you're going to get your team, who do you think you'll be paired up with?"

"I don't really know, I mean I don't know where I would be able to fit in." Naruto pondered.

"Well you'll find someone kit, and you better get a good sensei, not like some lazy ass who reads porn all day."

"Haha I don't there are any teachers who do that."

"You'd be surprised kit, you'd be surprised." He then set off towards the academy excited to finally become a full-fledged ninja. He walked in to see almost everyone already in their seats talking anxiously amongst each other. The seat that was open, was next to Sasuke so he decided to just next to the brooder. He soon found that to be a terrible mistake, when two annoying girls walked up right in front of him.

"Get lost Naruto-Baka, I'm sitting next to Sasuke-kun," The pink banshee Sakura screeched.

"Like hell you are Forehead, I'm sitting next to him.

"Shut-up Ino-pig"


This continued on for a couple of more minutes, until he figured it just wasn't worth it and moved to the seat behind him alone. Sakura was then able to take her seat next to Sasuke which left Ino to take a seat next to him. "Hey Naruto how's it going?" Ino asked.

"Eh it's alright I guess, why are you talking to me though, you've never really said hi to me before," Naruto questioned.

"I don't know I mean I guess I never really talked to you because I always wanted Sasuke's attention, and he doesn't even acknowledge I'm there. So I decided to broaden my gaze, and I'd like to be your friend." Ino said cheerfully.

"Heh I'd like that Ino-san. So what do you think about finally becoming a kunoichi?"

"I don't know if I'm really able to become one, I mean I only really joined because I wanted to be with Sasuke," Ino gloomily said, "Why did you want to become a ninja?"

"Well before it was just because I wanted people to acknowledge me so they couldn't ignore me anymore," Naruto began as Ino had a confused look on her face, "I'm an orphan so nobody really paid attention to me, but now I want to become a ninja so that I can protect my precious people and my friends."

Ino was at a loss for words, he considered her a friend already. Just as she was about to say something, Iruka walked in and started announcing teams.

"Team 7, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura," Sakura squealed in excitement, "and Uzumaki Naruto."

"WHAT NO!" Naruto stood up and shouted.

"That's your team Naruto, and your Jounin sensei will be Hatake Kakashi, now sit down." Naruto did so mumbling something like stupid system putting me with Sasuke-teme.

"Team 8 will be Aburame Shino, Hyuga Hinata, and Inuzuka Kiba. Your Jounin sensei will be Yuuhi Kurenai." Kiba jumped out of his chair with his fist pumped in the air.

"Right, moving on. Team 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Akamichi Choji, and Nara Shikamaru., and your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Now then wait here for your own sensei, and then nope that's it. Ja ne," Iruka said jumping out the window.

It had been three hours and every other team was already gone with their own sensei, while Team 7 was still waiting for their sensei. Naruto had gotten bored, so he started twiddling a kunai in between his fingers waiting in anticipation for his sensei. Just as he felt like he was about to die of boredom, he noticed a slight shimmer in the far corner of the room. He got out another two kunai and flung them at that spot near the wall.

"Naruto you Baka, what the hell did you do that for," Sakura screamed.

"Just look," Naruto said calmly as the kunai which were about to hit the wall vanished. Sakura stood with her mouth agape, and even Sasuke had his eyebrow raised. Out of the corner walked a man with silver spikey hair with a mask covering his face, and some book in his hands. "Hello, I'm Hatake Kakashi, and I'm your Jounin sensei. Meet me on the roof," The man now known as Kakashi said as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Sasuke and Sakura started to walk towards the door when they noticed Naruto wasn't following.

"Come on Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Yeah well I'm already there Teme," Naruto said as he burst into smoke leaving Sakura and Sasuke with an amazed look on their faces.

Up on the roof, Kakashi was giggling while reading his little orange book. Just as he was turning the page, a kunai hit his book dead on the center impaling it on the opposite wall. He then saw the little blond kid standing next to his precious. Naruto's eyes were blood red with slits as he told Kakashi, "I really hate perverts. Luckily you're not a pervert right sensei?"

Kakashi stood there amazed, and could only nod dumbly. He hadn't even sensed the kid or the kunai until it was too late. 'Who the hell is this kid, I never even sensed him. Am I losing my touch? No that's not it; he's had years of practice hiding in the shadows from the villagers and Anbu since day 1.' "Good Sensei because I'd hate to let my little furry friend have some fun with you," Naruto said coldly while holding the copy of Icha Icha Paradise.

That was just when Sasuke and Sakura walked up to see Kakashi on his hands and knee's begging for his precious. Naruto laughed and threw the book towards Kakashi who caught it with care and cuddling it mumbling, "It's alright my precious I'll protect you." Sakura and Sasuke face planted at this, but quickly regained their composure as well as Kakashi.

"Right well, why don't you all tell us about yourselves then," Kakashi suggested, still cuddling his precious book.

"Why don't you start sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Very well, my name is Hatake Kakashi, my likes are none of your business, my dislikes are people who dislike my books," Kakashi started while glaring at Naruto who only smirked, "and my dream… nah I don't feel like telling you."

'All we got was his name, and his dislike of pervert haters,' Sasuke thought.

'I wonder what books he's talking about,' Sakura pondered.

'Heh i wonder what prank I could play on him,' Naruto thought evilly.

"Alright you brooder your turn," Kakashi ordered.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I don't have any likes, I don't have any dislikes, and my dream… no my ambition is to kill a certain man." Sasuke said with a bored tone.

'Ohhh Sasuke-Kun is so cool,' Sakura thought. "Right you pinkie your turn," Kakashi stated.

"Hi my name is Haruno Sakura, my likes are…" she looked at Sasuke and squealed, "My dislikes are people who make fun of my forehead and Naruto-Baka. My dream is…" she looked at Sasuke and squealed again.

"Right sunshine you're up," Kakashi said smirking at the nickname he made-up for the blond.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, of course some people call me by a different name," Kakashi looked down at this, "My likes are training, my precious people, and ramen. My dream is to become the greatest ninja in the world, and to find out who my parents are." Naruto said with a smile on his face.

'So I got an emo hell bent on revenge, a fan girl, and a semi-normal misunderstood kid… great.' Kakashi thought, "Alright go to training ground seven at seven-thirty in the morning for practice, oh and don't eat breakfast unless you want to see it again over the training ground. Well Ja ne,' Kakashi said as he shushined away. The soon to be team walked away towards home. Naruto started walking after Sasuke when Sakura asked, "Why are you going with Sasuke-kun you don't live near him."

"Well I actually live on the way to the Uchiha complex so I have to go this way so yeah, and I'm not walking with the Teme, I'm walking in front of him. It's like he's my own lackey." Naruto said with a smirk. Over the next few blocks, Naruto and Sasuke walked in silence until they reached this shabby old apartment complex and Naruto said, "Alright Sasuke I'll see you tomorrow."

Sasuke looked at the complex, and back at Naruto with an incredulous face, "You live there Naruto?"

"Yeah this is where I live. Well bye!" Naruto then ran off into the apartment building leaving Sasuke in his own thoughts. He then left off towards his own home.

(The next day 7:30 at training ground 7)

Sasuke walked into the training ground to only see Sakura siting underneath a tree, shielding her from the sun's fiery gaze.

"Oi Sakura where's Naruto and Kakashi-sensei?"

"Umm I don't know, they haven't shown up, but now we can spend some alone time together Sasuke-Kun!"

"Hn," Sasuke mumbled and sat down under a different tree. Three hours passed with neither the Dobe nor his sensei even showing their faces. He could barely tell, but out in the distance he could see two figures walking towards them. When the figures came into view it showed his sensei Kakashi walking with Itachi? Filled with rage Sasuke pulled out a kunai and charged them screaming, "Itachi I'll KILL YOU!" Just as he reached the two, Itachi lifted his hand and stopped the kunai with a finger, and then bitch-slapped Sasuke into a tree. When Sasuke got up he saw Itachi with a smile on his face, and Kakashi snickering. He was about to ask what the fuck are you two laughing about, just as Itachi disappeared in a puff of smoke revealing Naruto on the ground laughing his ass off. "Pffft hahahahaha you shoulda seen your face hahahaha priceless." Naruto said in between laughing.

"Haha that was funny Naruto, but now's not the time for laughing; you all have a test to take." Kakashi said sternly. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura all lined up in front of him and eagerly waited for the test. "Well this is the real Genin test to see if your worthy of being a ninja. The other test was just to weed out the people who wouldn't be able to handle it. Now this is like a survival test, I have two bells, and the person who doesn't get a bell by the time the timer rings has to go back to the Academy. Any questions?" Kakashi explained.

The three would be genin just stood there wide-eyed trying to comprehend that they were supposed to get past a Jounin to get a bell on his hip. "Good, now scatter." Kakashi said as he put away his precious book. He didn't want Naruto to hurt her again.

The genin all jumped away and hid themselves within the forest. 'Well at least they know how to hide themselves properly, of course I still know where they are but still a good attempt,' he thought to himself. 'Might as well test them now.' He then went straight towards the area where Sakura was and came up behind her and said, "Lesson one Genjutsu," as he performed a few hand signs. Sakura found herself still hiding in her little bush, until she saw Sasuke come stumbling out from a few trees with kunai and shuriken jutting out all over his body. He said, "Run Sakura Kakashi's insane." She then screamed and fainted.

'Wow, and she was supposed to have the most talent with Genjutsu…pathetic.' Kakashi thought to himself as he set off to test Naruto. As he was jumping through the forest, he stepped on a wire? 'Oh shit' he thought as tens of kunai and shuriken launched themselves at him. He quickly kawarimi with a log narrowly avoiding from being turned into a pincushion. 'What the hell I didn't even notice that trap, not even Sasuke would be able to make such an amazing trap, then who Naruto?' He thought as he ran off towards Naruto being more cautious this time. Soon after he noticed a slight sparkle on the ground, and saw another trip wire. 'Hmm let's see what this trap does,' he then threw a kunai at the wire, and saw that instead of kunai and shuriken, there were long Katanas that shot up from the ground along the wire. 'Damn these are some really good traps. Naruto definitely passes in stealth and trap making.' He set off and found Naruto sleeping under a tree. 'Hmm seems too easy to me. He's got to have some kind of trap protecting him. Well I can hit with one of my Genjutsu's from here, so might as well.' "Saiaku Akumu (Worst nightmare)" Kakashi whispered softly. He watched as Naruto stood up and held out a book. He stared at Naruto with fear and looked down to see that his precious wasn't in his pouch. He looked as Naruto held out a lighter just underneath his precious book. He desperately hoped it was a Genjutsu and tried to release it, but to no avail. Falling to his knees Kakashi starting crying as he watched his precious book burn, when his precious was turned completely into ash in the wind, he let out a blood curdling scream as he passed out. When he woke up, he saw that Naruto was still sleeping underneath the same tree. Confused he looked into his pouch to see to his surprise that his precious book was there unscathed, "B-But how I saw you burning my precious."

"Simple Sensei, no Genjutsu affects me since I have two chakras within me. I can cancel the Genjutsu and fire it back on my opponent who doesn't have a chance of dispelling it since the other source isn't real Chakra, I would've thought you'd know that." Naruto said with his eyes still closed.

"Alright then may I test your Ninjutsu then?" Kakashi more demanded then asked.

"You may do as you wish," Naruto said with his eyes closed as twenty Kage Bushins appeared looking bored.

"You didn't even use hand signs," Kakashi said slightly amazed.

"Well when your truly good you don't need hand signs." Naruto said as the clones all pulled out two kunai.

Kakashi set into a defensive stance and pulled out his own kunai. He watched as all the clones threw their kunai and shouted all at once, "Kage kunai bushin no jutsu!" The 40 kunai now turned into 400. Kakashi stared in shock, and barely managed to block all of the kunai. "We're not done yet, all the clones shouted, "Fuuton: Erai Kaze Taifu (Great Wind typhoon)" The clones sucked in a large breath and shot out twenty miniature wind hurricanes at Kakashi.

Kakashi barely had time to bring up and earth wall to protect himself. The wall wasn't enough, but it took the majority of the damage. He was only blown back by the force of the wind. "Naruto I've never seen such a jutsu, what was that?" Kakashi asked getting up only to see all of the clones gone and the real Naruto knocked unconscious. "Oh well I'll just ask you later then. Now to test Sasuke, where is that kid?" Kakashi asked himself while running off to find where Sasuke was.

Sasuke was sitting in a tree watching the entire fight, and had come to the conclusion that they wouldn't pass. He jumped down off the tree and ran towards Naruto shaking him awake.

"What? Teme? Where's Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto asked finally coming to.

"Kakashi-sensei went off to look for me I think. Any ways why I'm here is because I don't think I'd be able to take a bell by myself after what I saw you and Kakashi doing," Sasuke began.

"And you want to work together to get a bell. I have no problem with that, but shouldn't we get Sakura to help us as well, it heighten our chances of at least getting one bell." Naruto interrupted.

"Sure lets go look for her," Sasuke stated as he and Naruto were jumping through the trees to find their teammate. "Hey Naruto, were you the one to set up all those traps?"

Looking over at Sasuke looking confused, "Of course I did, who the hell do you think made those."

"Shut-up Dobe. Anyways do you think you could set a few of them up for when we're about to confront Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke requested.

"Sure it won't take very long. I'll start once we find Sakura."

Kakashi was jumping through the trees trying to find where his "students" were, but then decided to just read. With his orange book in hand, he jumped down on the ground and began walking while reading. Time for the test was almost up, and he thought to himself, 'another team failed, and I had thought they'd had the most potential.' He walked into a clearing and saw a small trip wire underneath some leaves. He quickly stepped over the wire only to trip over a different wire. The ground under him suddenly fell apart and he started to fall into a deep hole. Acting quickly he grabbed onto a root jutting out from the side of the hole and pulled himself up only to find Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto forming a triangle around him. 'Hmm I guess they finally figured out the test.'

The three soon to be genin flung two shuriken each towards Kakashi who jumped out of the way of all the kunai. What he saw next surprised him to no end. He saw Sasuke in his family Uchiha Taijutsu stance, Sakura in the Taijutsu stance taught in the academy, and Naruto in his old sensei's famous Hummingbird stance. He could only stare as he saw Sasuke throw a feint to his left which he dodged, and got hit by the real punch to the ribs. As he was reeling away from the hit Naruto kicked his foot sending him off balance and punching him in the chest sending him flying to the ground. Just as he was about to retaliate, the timer on his hip rang. "Alright well you guys all fail since you couldn't get the bells," Kakashi eye-smiled.

"I think we got the bells sensei," Sakura said while holding the two bells.

He looked down to see Sakura holding a bell, and Sasuke holding another one, which Sakura just threw to him. "Well Sakura, Sasuke I guess you pass. Naruto I'm sorry but you're going to have to go back to the academy," Kakashi said, hoping the others would find the real meaning of the test. Unfortunately Sasuke and Sakura went over to a tree and sat down to rest leaving Naruto behind.

"Sensei, I know that your most likely going to fail us since this test was a test to see if we would work well together. Of course I have a proposition for you, if you'd like to hear it." Naruto stated earning a look of interest from Kakashi who nodded in approval. "Well firstly you could pass us, and just do some missions to see if we can work well together on missions, and before a dangerous, or high ranking mission arises, you and old man Hokage can decide if we should stay a team or not. Option 2, is if you don't pass us, I'll burn your book." Naruto said while holding Kakashi's little orange book. Kakashi tried to snatch the book out of his hands but he missed. "Ah ah ah, This is going to belong to me, until you formally pass our team in front of Hokage-sama."

"Alright Naruto, fine I will, if you tell me what Taijutsu style you were using was." Kakashi said.

"Alright that fair enough," Naruto began as he put the book in his own hip pouch, "It's called the Hummingbird, I don't know who invented it though, but it was said to be a dead Taijutsu form so I decided to learn it."

Kakashi stood shocked as he began to realize that Naruto truly did know his Sensei's Taijutsu style. "Thanks Naruto, I don't know where you learned that, but it's very powerful and unique." He then jumped away to inform the Hokage of what happened.

(Hokage's Office)

Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage sat at his desk quietly listening to the Jounin talk about their teams. Asuma was the first one to speak.

"Team 10, of Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akamichi Choji passed. They showed great teamwork, and Shikamaru is a genius when it comes to strategy, a bit lazy but that's to be expected from a Nara." Everyone in the room all laughed at that, and off at the Nara compound Shikaku sneezed and mumbled, "Troublesome."

"Right thank-you, next," the Hokage said wiping a tear from his eye.

"Team 2 passed"

"Team 3 failed."

"Team 4 failed."

"Team five passed."

"Team 6 passed."

"Team 8 passed."

Kakashi then walked in at this time and said casually, "Am I late Hokage-sama?"

"Actually no Kakashi you're right on time."

"Oh well you see there was this black cat and… wait I'm on time? Really? I mean right of course I am. Oh and team 7 passed with flying colors. But Hokage-sama we need to talk about what Naruto said." As soon as he said Naruto, most of the Jounin scowled, their hatred for the blond clearly evident on their faces. The rest of the people looked astounded at Kakashi who actually passed a team. Seeing their faces, Kakashi said, "What I'm not that bad."

"Uhh yeah you are, and what happened to your book?" One of the Jounins asked. Kakashi stood there, eye-smiled and said, "It's having some repairs."

The Hokage sighed, "Right, well all of you are dismissed except for Kakashi." All of the other Jounin then left the room, some through the door, and others through the window, and even some Shushined out. "Right now Kakashi, I presume you wish to talk about our blond's tenant?"

"Yes, well it appears it negates the effects of Genjutsu, and allows him to send the Genjutsu right back at his enemies, but using Youki instead, so basically Naruto is most likely the greatest Genjutsu user in the world." Kakashi began. "They don't work as a team, however, and don't get along well at all. But Naruto suggested that I should give them a chance to grow on each other and I accepted that idea since I'm the best to teach Sasuke, and to supervise over Naruto and his tenant."

"Very well Kakashi, from now on Team 7 will be active and ready for duty. Dismissed."