Kami no Kitsune Chapter 8

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The Kage's had all gone their separate ways back to their home country. Mei had tried to convince Naruto to come back to Kiri with her. However, he declined saying that he had some unfinished business to attend. Before he left, he had talked with Gaara for a while and then gave Tsunade a hug. Well tried to since she punched him through a wall. After saying his goodbyes, he and Mumei stayed in the conference room. Mumei gave him a scroll to write on. Naruto finished writing his letter to Yuki and flipped over his arm. Just below the palm of his hand was a small seal. He placed the letter on the seal and applied chakra to it. The scroll burst into smoke and was gone. The seal was one of his own creations that allowed the transfer of information rather quickly. By focusing on the person you want the scroll to be, it will appear inside the storage seal on said person. In this case it was Yuki who was having everyone track down Yugito.

The seal on her wrist glowed a dull yellow. 'Teikage-sama must have something for me.' She knew it was the Teikage because the seal glowed yellow; and only he had yellow chakra as far as she knew. Sending chakra down to the seal, a small scroll poofed out. It asked her if she had found where Yugito was being held. Of course she knew where the girl was being held. It was her job to know. Sending back a reply message she dashed off into the base.

Naruto finished reading the scroll. "She's somewhere in Hoshigakure; where the hidden star village is located." He looked at Mumei as he put his mask back on, "Let's go, we've got no time to lose." Mumei nodded and they both started walking westwards.

"Get me a line to the base in Iwa now!" Yuki yelled. Everyone inside the base ran frantically around like chickens with their heads cut off. Grabbing the nearest genin, she told him to get her the line or she'd cut off his balls. She said this with a sadistic grin on her face, which just made the genin gulp in fear. About a minute later the same genin came back with a sealing scroll.

Yuki opened the scroll, and activated the large seal inside. In a poof of smoke, a tall man appeared. "What do you want Yuki. I was busy working."

"Yurei this is no time to argue. I need you to summon Teikage-sama and Mumei to your base of operations. We're trying to find Yugito Nii."

Yurei yawned. "Yes, yes. I already know this, we've found the cavern that the Akatsuki is holding her. I've already set up some of our Kitsune members around the cavern. I've just been waiting for Teikage-sama to give the order to move in."

Yuki smacked him over the head. "Then tell the Kitsune members to summon Teikage-sama so that he can help them."

Rubbing his head, he glared at Yuki. "Alright, I'll tell them ok." With a poof of smoke, he was gone again. Yuki stared at the scroll and mumbled as she walked away. "I really hate that son of a bitch."

(Land of Iron)

Naruto and Mumei both felt the seals on their right arm tingle. This was their summoning seal. They both applied chakra to the seal and disappeared in a burst of smoke.

Looking around, Naruto saw they were at the entrance of a large cavern. One of his Kitsune Anbu members knelt down beside him. "Teikage-sama, this is the place where the Akatsuki are holding the Nibi Jinchuriki." Nodding to the man, they started to walk inside. The cavern, as he expected was extremely moist. It was like this cavern was beneath a river or something. After walking down a long hallway, they reached an opening. The ceiling was at least fifty feet high from the floor. Near the far back of the clearing, there was a massive statue with very strange eyes. It was a statue of some creature that had hands coming up from the ground. On each finger of the hand there were apparitions of people, except for two fingers which held actual people. The five Kitsune Anbu ran forward and started chucking kunai at all of the Akatsuki members.

Most of the kunai just passed through the members save for one Kisame Hoshigaki, and Kakuzu. Kisame knocked the kunai away with Samehada and stared over a Naruto. "Ah the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, guess I'll have some fun today after all."

"Kisame, beware of the Kyuubi, make the fight a quick one." Said the apparition of a purple eyed man. "We will begin the sealing of the Nibi after your fight is finished. We can't allow the statue to be damaged." Right as this was said, all of the apparitions disappeared and the statue went back into the ground.

Kisame grinned looking like a shark. "Let's go wild." He dashed forward and swung Samehada at Naruto's head. One of the five Kitsune Anbu held up his katana to block Samehada. Kisame smirked and applied more force. The Anbu was brought to his knees from the Kisame's strength.

Naruto kicked Kisame's side sending him away from the Anbu. He helped his Anbu up on his feet. "Go and take care of Kakuzu. I can take Kisame." The Anbu member nodded and with the others ran towards Kakuzu.

They all surrounded Kakuzu with Mumei. Kakuzu looked at them with a calculating eye. "So many enemies. I wonder if any of you have any bounties." He then sighed. "Of course you don't. You're unknown Nin and that just means I won't get any money from this fight. What a pity." He had to jump up into the air as stone spikes shot up from the ground where he was previously standing. "My my getting antsy aren't we. Well then, let's begin."

Kakuzu landed on the ground ten feet away from the Anbu. Nobody moved, waiting for someone to do something. Just as the Anbu were about to move, hundreds of black threads came up from the ground at their feet. Some were able to jump away, but the thread wrapped around two members and pulled them underground. They were already dead by the time the threads touched them. The three Anbu and Mumei were ready to fight Kakuzu but were wary of his threads. Mumei whispered to them. "Distract him long enough for me to go in for the kill. We have to work together, try to get him standing in the open."

The Kitsune Anbu with the light blue stripe on his arm ran through hand signs. With a whisper of "Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu," five large dragons made of water flew at Kakuzu from the ceiling. The five dragons hit Kakuzu directly, and exploded in a showering of water particles. The dragons had no effect whatsoever. Kakuzu just shrugged it off, and acted like he was brushing dirt off of his shirt. To even more infuriate them, Kakuzu yawned.

The blue Kitsune Anbu however had no reaction as he started up his jutsu again. Another Anbu with a brown colored cloth went through his own hand signs. The third Anbu member with a darker blue color went through his own hand signs. They all activated their jutsu's at the same time.

"Doton: Yomi Numa."

"Raiton: Gian."

"Suiton: Suiryudan," Kakuzu's feet were trapped within a large swampy area. He saw the other two jutsu's coming and immediately four dark black blobs tried to shoot out of his back. Three black blobs were able to get out of the jutsu's range while his body and one blob were caught in the jutsu. Kakuzu however was struck by five more water dragons, and then a large bolt of lightning. There was a massive explosion where he stood. His body was stuck with the water, and then electrocuted by the lighting. The water from the dragons and the swamp just made everything more painful and had killed him almost immediately on contact.

The Anbu then turned their attention towards the black blobs that now formed masks. There was an inferno, tsunami, and tornado painting on the mask. The inferno and tornado masks coalesced while the tsunami mask went over to Kakuzu's body and shoved itself down his throat. Kakuzu's body convulsed for a while.

Mumei tried to get over to Kakuzu's body, but was blocked by the tornado and inferno mask blobs. Just as he was about to run over to Kakuzu, the masks fired jutsu. Out of the tornado mask, a Futon: Daitoppa was fired. The inferno mask as well fired off a Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu. Even though they were both C-rank jutsu, having them combined like that was extremely dangerous. Mumei had to stop his assault on Kakuzu for the moment.

Kakuzu's body then began to rise. He had a scowl on his face. "You destroyed two of my hearts. Now I'll just have to take yours."

(Naruto vs. Kisame)

Naruto's Katana clashed with Samehada. He slashed at Kisame's feet and then tried to stab forward. Kisame back-flipped away from Naruto and smirked. "You've gotten better brat, but is it enough to beat me?" Kisame then charged forward and slashed down at Naruto.

Naruto was able to stop the blade with storm breaker, however Kisame had much more brute strength then he did. Slowly Samehada hit his skin and he had to roll to the side tearing off a chunk of flesh off his left shoulder. He then noticed that Samehada got significantly larger and was grinning now that its wrappings were torn away. He grunted as the flesh from his shoulder started to regrow. He always hated it when he lost a good bit of his flesh and it had to grow back. It was even more painful then getting the flesh torn away in the first place. Rubbing his shoulder he smirked back at Kisame. "You're going to have to do better than that Kisame."

Kisame was having a hard time holding onto Samehada. He was all jittery trying to get the kids chakra. He knew that Samehada could like another person's chakra and change allegiance. He was hoping this would never happen. But the gaki just had to have amazing chakra. He lost his grip on Samehada and it flew towards Naruto.

Naruto grabbed Samehada by its handle, and tried to put it on his back. He did notice a significant drop in his chakra reserves. Samehada must have taken at least a tails worth of his chakra. That wasn't exactly such a bad thing because he had chakra to spare, but hey it was his chakra. He already had a sword, so he did not exactly need another one. So with that he threw one of his Kunai at Kisame and disappeared in a flash.

Kisame jumped to the side when he saw the kunai coming towards him. He knew what was really coming. Right on queue Naruto appeared right next to him and caught the Kunai he threw. Naruto had then tossed Samehada back to him and turned away. "As much fun as it is sparing with you Kisame. I have someone I need to help. If you would, please help me assist Mumei in killing Kakuzu. That is if we are needed. He will be a thorn in my side later on in the war."

Kisame caught Samehada and felt his chakra replenish, although he hardly used any chakra at all. He frowned, the fight had just started and then the kid just decides to stop.

Naruto sensed his friend's distress and said. "We'll spar again soon Kisame, but only after Yugito is safe at home."

Kisame immediately brightened up and jogged up next to him. They were both casually walking towards Kakuzu and his Anbu. It was an intense fight, and there didn't really seem to be any clear winner at the moment. Kisame looked over at Naruto. He was wondering why they hadn't given their support. For Kami sake, they were up against Kakuzu. Not even he would be able to take him out on his own. He was just about to join and help them out, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Naruto shook his head as he watched Mumei fight Kakuzu hand to hand. "I have faith in my friend's Kisame. They will win."

"But at what cost. Do you want them to be killed even though you could prevent their deaths so easily? You're basically a frickin Bijuu, you can easily win this fight." Kisame argued. This wasn't the kid he used to know. The old Naruto would always do everything he could to save a life. Even at the cost of his own.

Naruto looked up towards the ceiling. You could barely see the pain and worry in his eyes. "There will be a time where I won't be able to help Kisame. I need to know that they can survive what's coming. I'm not sure if Pein told the Akatsuki yet, but Madara has declared the fourth shinobi war. I have no doubt that this will be the worst war history has yet to see. By having these men and women fight against Kakuzu, the third strongest member of the Akatsuki. Well I know that they will have a great chance in surviving this war." Kisame wasn't as shocked as he thought he'd be. Pein hadn't told them the war was about to begin, but he knew it was coming. War. That was something he always dreamed about. The thrill of battle was what he lived for, and was the main reason he accepted the Akatsuki's offer to join them. But then he had met Naruto and he changed him. He wasn't the bloodthirsty monster that people believed him to be. He was at sometimes, but only during a fight. "Kisame, should they appear to be losing this fight I will intervene. I do not wish for them to die." Kisame nodded at him and continued to watch the fight. After a few large bolts of lightning enhanced water, the tornado mask broke. He grinned. Oh if Kakuzu survived this fight he was going to be pissed. Three of his hearts already killed. Unbelievable.

Kakuzu's eyes narrowed. "Thats another heart I've lost to you brats. Now I'll just have to take your own." They once again saw the black threads. The threads were chasing the Anbu members who were desperately trying to dodge. The dark blue Anbu was finally caught and the threads cut into his chest. "Suiton. No I don't need that." Kakuzu was about to pull the threads back ripping the Anbu's heart out with it, but Mumei slashed the threads with his tanto before he could do so. The threads however surged forward again.

Mumei grabbed the Anbu and rolled to the side. This however did not do anything as the threads swerved with them. The threads finally wrapped around Mumei and Kakuzu smirked. His smirk left him however when Mumei flared his fire natured chakra. The threads quickly burnt into ashes. The other Anbu members had gotten caught as well, and were about to have their hearts ripped out. Mumei looked over at Kakuzu who was staring directly at him. The rage in Kakuzu's eyes was like a raging volcano. The fire and hate in his eyes could very well kill him. That is if looks could kill. He however would be able to withstand it. With the simplest flick of a finger the battle would soon be over.

To Kakuzu everything had suddenly gone black. He wasn't even able to see his hand if he put it right in front of his face. Not even his other heart was able to see anything. This was that blasted jutsu of the Shodai Hokage. The Kohuangyo no jutsu. (Bringer-of-darkness technique) Oh yes he remembered this jutsu. He had almost been killed by the Hokage because of this one jutsu. The only thing that kept him alive was the Hokage's reluctance to kill him. It was just a few days earlier that he killed the council elders in Takigakure and gotten a 10million ryo bounty on his head. Had the Hokage known of this at the he would have been killed.

The only thing this jutsu couldn't do was mask his sense of hearing and smell. He heard the air crackling and quickly launched Suiton: Suijinheki in front of him. The wall of water erected up from the ground and only covered the area directly in front of him. Instead of hearing the sizzling of steam, all he heard were loud plops. He stiffened as he heard more air crackling this time from behind him. The Gokakyu no Jutsu scorched his back and propelled him into the wall of water he had created. The water did douse the flames on his back, but it also forced him into the ground before he could cancel the technique. Before he could do anything else he felt three katana's stab through his heart. The genjutsu had broken when the fireball hit him, so he was able to see everything again; however he wasn't able to stop the katana's. He looked over to the left to see if his other heart was still alive. To his horror, mask fragments littered the floor of the dark cavern. 'to think I was beaten by some no name ninja from Teigakure. Where the hell was Kisame when I was fighting these people.'

Mumei looked down at Kakuzu and prepared to slice his head off with a kunai. "Know this Kakuzu missing-nin of Takigakure." Kakuzu looked up at him and his eyes widened. In this Mumei's mask his eyes were blood red with three black coma's staring at him. "Be honored to have been killed by an Uchiha and thankful you did not fight the Teikage himself." With those final words Mumei slashed off Kakuzu's head and sealed it while he burned the body with a high level Katon jutsu not even leaving ashes on the ground.

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