Chapter 1: Beginning of Three Journeys

Sinnoh, a well-known place. This was where young 10 year old Ash Ketchum came so close to the Sinnoh League victory and young coordinator Dawn Hikari was runner up in the Grand Festival. But this story focuses on three new heroes.

"Mom! I can't find my bag!" Pokémon trainer Adam Melendez called. "You turned 10 yesterday, didn't you say once that happened that you would become more responsible?" His mom called up. "Not the time mom!" Adam pulled his black vest over his white t-shirt.

"Yo, Adam, you got to be faster!" Adam's friend Austin called from the stairs. "I got it!" Adam pulled his military camouflaged back pack from under his bed.

"I'm a girl Adam, and you take longer than I do." Sammy walked into his room, turning off her iPod.

"Gee, thanks Sammy." Adam tied his bandana tightly around his forehead and tied his shoes quickly. "I was up late last night, couldn't sleep well so I can't think straight." Adam finished tying his black Converses and noticed Sammy's iPod.

"Ugh! Where's my iPod?" "It's right there." Sammy poked Adam's chest where his iPod Nano was clipped.

"Oh, right, I knew that." Adam scratched his head. "Is that it?" She asked, putting her iPod in her bag. "Let's see. Vest, shirt, shoes, iPod, money, food, water, blah, blah, blah, yep, I'm good!" Adam confirmed, saluting her. She rolled her eyes and walked down the stairs.

"Heads up!" Adam's dad called, tossing Adam a piece of toast. He caught it and swallowed it in a few bites.

"So Adam, are you ready to become a trainer?" His mom asked. "As ready as I can at the moment." Adam answered. "By the way, I call dibs on the fire type!" Austin De megleo declared. "I'm deciding when I get there." Sammy said. "Same here." Adam added.

"Looks like this is it for a while then bro." Adam's sister said. "Yeah, unless you become a trainer." Adam said. "Coordinator is what I'll be. Good luck." She hugged her brother. "Good bye." Adam fixed his back pack.

"Best not to keep Professor Rowan waiting." Adam's dad warned. "Yeah, we better go." Austin looked at his watch. The three kids walked out of the front door. Adam turned and waved to his family one last time.

"Same old Adam, everything done last second." Sammy said. "I don't think he'll ever change." Austin added. "Whatever guys, all I know is, I'm going to get to Rowan's lab first!" Adam raced past his friends but they closely followed.

"Do you guys know where his lab is?" Adam stopped dead in his tracks. Austin and Sammy stopped too. They looked at each other but shook their heads. Adam sighed.

"Man, even when I think I'm ready, I'm not." The three walked around the town, each trying to figure out where they go.

"I just have a thought, it's bothering me, what if we encounter Pokémon and we don't have any?" Adam asked. "We book it." Sammy quickly replied. Adam stared at her before shrugging and looking ahead again.

"Ugh! This is hopeless!" Austin screamed. "Let's just ask someone for directions." "How about that guy." Sammy pointed to a man sitting on a bench, holding a notepad and he had three pokeballs on his lap.

"Sure looks like a scientist. Maybe he works with Rowan." Adam pointed out. "I'll go!" Sammy walked towards the elderly man.

"Excuse me sir, would you happen to know where Professor Rowan's lab is?" She asked innocently.

"If only she acted like that all the time." Adam whispered to Austin. Sammy gave him a death glare before turning back to the man.

"Must have forgot, she has the ears of a hawk." Austin elbowed Adam. Adam had a concerned look on his face. The two focused on the man again. "Well do you know sir?" Austin asked.

"Yes, mostly because I'm Professor Rowan." The man stood up and held the three pokeballs in his hand.

"Oh." Austin plainly said. "Well can you lead us to your lab?" Rowan sighed. "Every time, there's always someone who gets lost. Follow me." Rowan turned around and walked away. The kids didn't hesitate to follow.

"OK, so here we are." Rowan walked through the automatic door and to a table with three pokeballs on it.

"Each of you will choose one of these choices." Rowan picked up all the pokeballs and released the Pokémon onto the table.

"The fire type's name is Chimchar. The grass type is Turtwig, and the water type is Piplup. You three can decide who gets who." Rowan walked to the side.

"Well Austin, you still want the fire type?" Sammy asked. "Yep." Austin replied. "Then go ahead." Austin walked to the table and picked up Chimchar's pokeball.

"Welcome aboard Chimchar." Austin held out the pokeball and Chimchar disappeared inside it.

"Well Sam, who do you want?" Adam asked. "I don't know, Turtwig would be a good choice, but so is Piplup. It's a hard choice." Sammy replied. "Yeah." Adam agreed. Adam walked to the table.

"Hey Piplup, how are you?" Adam asked. Piplup smiled and waved to him. "Pip Piplup!" It happily cheered.

"How about you Turtwig?" "Turt, Turtwig!" Turtwig jumped at Adam and bit his nose. He yelled and took a step back.

"Do you mind if I take Piplup?" Adam held his nose, making sure it wasn't bleeding. "Be my guest." Sammy laughed. Adam grabbed Piplup's pokeball and returned him. Sammy did the same with Turtwig.

"So now that you have your beginners, here are your maps of the region." Rowan handed the three small folded up pieces of paper. "Your pokedexs and pokeballs." Rowan handed them the final objects. "The first gym is in Oreburgh City. You'll have to go to the nearest Pokémon center and register for the Sinnoh League. Good luck to all of you." Rowan waved as the three walked out of the building.

"Where's the nearest center?" Adam asked Austin. "Jubilife City. We can register there." Austin read. "Well, we're going to have to catch some Pokémon before we battle at the gym." Sammy reminded.

"Hey guys, look at that!" Adam pointed. They saw a small orange weasel running around in the field.

"Aw, it's a Buizel." Adam pulled out his pokedex.

"Buizel, the sea weasel Pokémon, Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. It stores air in the sacs on its neck and uses them as flotation devices, and swims by spinning its two tails like a propeller." Adam grabbed Piplup's pokeball.

"I'm gonna catch him! Go Piplup!" "Piplup!" "I'm catching Buizel, so hit him with a pound attack!" Piplup ran at Buizel and slammed him in the head. Buizel shook his head quickly and charged at Piplup with an aqua jet.

"Dodge it and use peck!" Piplup tumbled to the side and Buizel missed. Piplup dove at Buizel and pecked him repeatedly. Buizel fell to the ground, trying hard to get up.

"Now that he's weak, go pokeball!" Adam threw an unused pokeball at Buizel. It opened and he was inside the pokeball. It shook but eventually stopped.

"Yes! I caught Buizel!" Adam shouted. "Come on out Buizel!" Adam said. The orange weasel appeared and crossed his arms proudly.

"Bui Bui!" "Welcome aboard Buizel! Ready to get training for the Oreburgh Gym?" "Bui!" Sammy smiled.

"Looks like Buizel is all ready for a battle." She pointed out. "You guys still have to catch your first Pokémon." Adam reminded, returning Piplup.

"Alright, return!" Adam held out the pokeball. Buizel shook his head. "What do you mean no?" Buizel jumped on Adam's head.

"I don't think Buizel wants to be inside his pokeball." Austin suggested. "Is that true Buizel?" Buizel nodded. "Then it's settled. You're going to be my Pokémon Partner." Buizel stuck his fist in the air in victory.

"Oh, well isn't that cute." Sammy sarcastically said. "But that is!" She pointed at a small dog like Pokémon running in circles.

"Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon. Poochyena is the pre-evolved form of Mightyena. Its biting strength is superior Pokémon, and has the endurance to chase opponents down until completely exhausted." Austin's Pokedex stated.

"Can I catch it?" Sammy asked. "He's all yours." Austin said. "Thanks! Go Turtwig!" Turtwig faced Poochyena.

"Alright, use razor leaf!" Turtwig shot the sharp leaves at Poochyena. It struck him and sent him back a bit.

"This one's gonna be good." Austin confirmed.

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