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Chapter 34: Dimensional Warfare Part 3

The rest of the journey through the ruins was very silent. Every time Adam would make eye contact with Hinamori, she would blush lightly and turn away. Lucario followed closely to his trainer and quickly picked up what was going on between the two. There was a light tap on Lucario's shoulder. When he turned to see who it was, he saw it was Brendan signaling for him to come closer. Lucario nodded and Brendan detached from the group a bit.

"I can tell by that look that you know what's going on between Romeo and Juliet over there." Brendan whispered.

"It's pretty easy to figure out things when everyone's silent. Hinamori likes Adam. Adam likes Hinamori. If they start dating, Misty's going to have a fit." Lucario shrugged and made sure no one had heard him.

"If Misty finds out…that's going to be one hell of a fight."

"Hey!" Hinamori called out to the pair. The two froze in place, in fear that they were overheard. "Try and catch up! You're lagging behind!" She turned and began walking. Lucario and Brendan let out a sigh of relief before catching back up with the group.

Hinamori stopped and faced the group.

"I know that book is still in here. This was once a large city, so there are many places someone can hide themselves. We'll need to split up if we're going to cover everything. The book can only be used in two places. One of which is here. Yellow and Brendan, I'll need you to find an alternate route back over that bridge. Sammy and Austin, you two search the western side of the city. Misty and Lucario, you two search the eastern side." Hinamori turned to see that Adam was the only one left. She turned red and lowered her head as he tried to give her a friendly smile. "You…come with me." She quickly spun around and began walking down the stone path. Adam ran to keep up with her.

Adam and Hinamori walked through the narrowing path between the large cobblestone buildings. Adam knew that he was there for a specific reason. There was not only something with the town, but something with Hinamori.

"So, what were you saying before we were interrupted before?" Adam asked. Hinamori didn't respond. Her long brown hair hid her eyes as she avoided looking at him. "Come on. I'm going to get it out of you one way or another." She remained silent. Adam crossed his arms and huffed. "Fine! I'll keep talking until I get to you. What wonderful weather we are having! It is very sunny out, even though you can't see the sun from down here. I wonder how long it took to build these buildings. How long ago was it that this was a-" He took notice of her shoe coming straight at him a bit too late. She round housed him straight in the stomach. He was sent through the air briefly before slamming down hard on the rocks.

"You want to know what I was going to say?" Hinamori walked over and crouched down over Adam. "I was going to say that I'm a weapon." She stood and held out her hand, offering to help him up.

"A weapon? Right…" Adam took her hand and pulled himself to his feet. "If you're a weapon, I must be one too. That's totally the explanation as to why I feel weird in this city." Adam laughed at his own joke, but Hinamori remained serious.

"That's exactly the reason." Adam froze and raised an eye brow.

"You're insane. You're not a Kichiro historian, you're some psycho who doesn't know what she's talking about. You probably just lured us all down here so you could kill us or something!" Adam was about to walk away when he felt Hinamori's hand on his shoulder.

"Had I planned to kill you, I would have let you die when the bridge collapsed. I'm being completely honest with you. I'm a weapon. You're a weapon as well. I knew I felt something strange when we battle in the contest. You just confirmed my suspicions." Hinamori smiled in pride. "Now that you know that, you're probably going to have some questions. A few commonly asked ones are 'Are we the only ones?' The answer to that is no. There are a few others. Such a-"

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Adam waved his hands around. "I never said I believed you! I think you're nuts!"

"You should really listen to some odd stories sometimes. They might turn out to be true." A raspy voice drew their attention. Hinamori and Adam looked around until they noticed a tall figure standing on the roof tops. "She's been telling the truth." The figure jumped down. "I would know. I'm a weapon myself." His black hair slightly hid his golden eyes. Hinamori grunted and moved into a stance, protecting Adam.

"Carter… He's a weapon too. Except he's a rouge weapon. One who uses their power for evil."

"Dear Hinamori, don't you ever get the temptation to just take over the world? Run it the way you want to? With this gift, we have that power. If only the others would listen."

"We're not sick in the mind. We won't kill people just to rule the world. Without people to follow you, what would be the point of being the leader?"

"Shut up. You want this kid on your side? Make him believe you." He held his right arm out. There was a bright flash and his forearm had been replaced with the blade of a katana.

She glared at him. There was another flash. Hinamori had scythe blades coming from the back of her forearms. Adam only watched. His eye was twitching.

Hinamori charged at Carter and swiped at him, only to have her shot blocked. Carter lunged at her several times but was unable to match up to the speed of which she was evading at.

"Look at that. Sissy's been training, hasn't she?" Carter laughed as he deflected another hit. The clashing of metal causing sparks to briefly fly through the air. Hinamori grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground and went to stab him with the blade. Carter was able to dodge just in time, making her blade impale the ground. Carter slid out from underneath her. While she was trying to get the blade out of the stone, he grinned and swung his leg at her head, knocking her into the side of a building.

"It doesn't matter if you have been training. You're still just as worthless and weak as before." Carter stabbed Hinamori's shirt, making her unable to get away as she was pinned to the wall. He raised his other arm and it transformed as well. "It's time that you're presence on this planet comes to an end." Just as the blade was about an inch away from Hinamori's head, Carter was slammed into by Adam, sending the two boys tumbling to the side.

"Adam, you idiot! You're going to get yourself killed!" Hinamori yelled as she fixed herself up.

"Doesn't bother me! One less resistance leader I'll have to worry about!" Carter laughed as he stood and ran at Adam, who sat defenseless. He closed his eyes and crossed his arms, protecting his head as he braced for the pain. He heard metal clash and noticed that Hinamori had blocked Carter just in time.

"Adam, if we're going to beat this guy, you need to accept the weapon inside you! Otherwise, we're going to be killed!" Adam could only stare. He had no idea what was going on. His arms trembled. His heart raced. His body ached.

"Whether he helps or not, it won't change your inevitable fate of death!" Carter screamed as he jabbed at Hinamori's head once again, scrapping her cheek and allowing blood to drip from the wound. She pushed him back and head butted him in the nose, causing him to stumble backwards. He wiped some blood from his nose and growled.

"What's wrong? Can't handle a hit from a girl?" Hinamori mocked.

"You little bastard…" He prepared himself for attack. "YOU BASTARD!" He screamed, ramming head first into her, knocking her onto the hard pavement. He transformed his arms back and began ruthlessly beating her. "Mock me again! I dare you!" The blows became more and more fierce. Hinamori was struggling to even stay conscious.

"Even to this day… you still let your rage get the better of you." Hinamori laughed, only infuriating Carter more. He lifted his arm as far back as he could.

"I hope that joke was worth it. It's the last joke you'll ever make!" Just as he was about to deliver the final blow, something metallic wrapped tightly around his arm. "What the…" There was a roar of what sounded like a chainsaw and before he knew it, his arm was gone and he was sprayed with his own blood. Speechless, Carter slowly followed the chainsaw belt. It led straight to Adam, who was panting heavily.

"Get off of her…" Adam ordered quietly. Carter hesitated to move. "GET OFF OF HER DAMMIT! OR I'LL CUT YOUR OTHER ARM OFF!" He roared. Carter scrambled off of Hinamori, starting to feel dizzy due to the blood loss. With a white flash, the chain was gone and Adam ran over to help Hinamori.

"You did it. You accepted the weapon. Look what it brought us." Hinamori smiled up at Adam. He didn't return the smile. He simply helped her stand and kept her balance. The others, who had been drawn by the noise, ran to them, immediately taking notice of Carter.

"What happened here?" Brendan asked, not able to take his eyes off of the severed arm.

"He tried to kill Hinamori… and apparently there's a weapon inside of me. I used it to do that to him." Adam had no emotion when he spoke.

Yellow turned away and tried to forget the gory sight.

"S-Shouldn't we…finish off the job instead of just leaving him here?" Misty stuttered.

"After what he did, he doesn't deserve the luxury of death. We'll leave him here for him to bleed out. To die slowly and alone…that's a fate worse than death." Adam walked off with Hinamori. The rest of the group followed. Carter watched and shook his head.

"C-Come on! You can't just leave me! Just to let me bleed out like this, it isn't humane!" He tried to convince them to turn back.

"I just don't care anymore." Adam said silently. Lucario took one look at Carter before slamming his foot into his head, knocking him out.

Carter slowly regained consciousness. Judging by how dark the town was, he could tell it must've been nighttime outside. He still felt his fingers moving around, but he knew that his arm was gone. There were footsteps that drew his attention. When he looked up, it was exactly who he was hoping it was.

"General Kyzae, thank God. I'm bleeding out… I thought I'd be dying alone. " Carter smiled as Kyzae approached him.

"You lied Carter. You said that you'd be able to eliminate any threat that came our way. You let those kids nearly kill you. They're on to us. Do you realize what two weapon carriers can do to us? It could foil everything!" Kyzae scolded. Brennan slowly came up behind Kyzae, along with Alex.

"Sir, you don't understand! That boy caught me by surprise! Had I known that he was going to attack, I would have killed him before the fight with Hinamori!"

"That's no excuse! They should all be dead! Both of the weapons and their friends! I'm tired of your excuses!" Kyzae opened the book and began silently reading off an ancient saying. Carter slowly shook his head.

"N-No sir! P-Please don't do this! I-I can redeem myself!" He felt a horrible burning in his stomach and began screaming in agony. Brennan and Alex watched in horror.

"What are you doing to him?" Alex took a step back.

"The Unown are slowly burning his insides. Within a few minutes, all that will be left is red boiling mush. For him, those minutes will feel like hours. Let's go." Kyzae ordered. Brennan and Alex didn't think twice to follow as Carter squirmed as he burned from the inside out.

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