Ch. 1 a Nasty Birthday Surprise

~Ash POV~

"Stop!" I yelled as I ran to the middle of a field. Two psychic energy blasts soon hit me. I knew one was from Mew. But the blue energy was from a weird creature. It looked like a bigger version of Mew. Their energies were the same and painful. The energy soon surrounded me. Everything turns blacks and fades away.


~Radiant Gardens: My/Ash's room~

I soon sprang up from my bed. I sigh. "Another vision, when will he realize that I don't want to be evil again, sure it felt very good at first." I said out loud. I wanted it to get out of my head. Then I remembered something. "Then it happened. I don't want it to happen again." I hang my head low. I soon noticed the calendar. "Oh. It's that time again." I forgot it was that time again. I remember it two months ago, well with the help of Dark and Lucario. I looked at the calendar. It was May 17. I forgot the year. "I wonder if anyone remembers." I asked. I soon got ready. I got my red shirt and black pants on. Then I got my lab coat down.

~Grand corridors~

I was walking down to the main lab when I noticed this large sign on the door. "Please close your eyes." It said. 'That's weird. But it's in my master's writing.' Soon I went in with my eyes close. I soon noticed I sound like Luc back there. But that thought soon past my mind as I smelled cake. I don't remember the last time I smell it. 'I smell cake. This must be a party.' I thought.

~Big Lab room~

I opened my eyes. I was shocked. All my friends were there. Ienzo, Xehanort, Briag, and Ansem were in the front of a table that had a three story cake. Dilan, that guy I'll talk about later, and Evan were in the back. The banner covered their heads. "Happy Birthday Ash!" They yelled. Ienzo was still had that one sided, long bangs, but short other side hair look. He was having a rare smile. Ansem was there. I still don't like breads. Briag had a lab coat on. It looked weird on him. His low left scare and right eye patch didn't match it. Was he deciding to trade his guard job for a lab assistant? Well he, Dilan, who has black gypsy like hair, and.. I forgot his name but he's a big muscles and a red boyish hair style, are all imperial guards but work with Ansem too. I didn't care.

I soon started to cry. I forgot the last time I felt so happy. Well there was the time when I first met Terra and Aqua. But, before I could flashback I hugged Xehanort. Even though I hated him when he first arrived, I've grown to lov... like... like him. "Thanks guys. This is one of my best birthdays ever." I said out load. I was hugging his face. I jumped to do that. "Great, now can you get off me?" Xehanort said. I soon got off him. I felt so embarrassed. "S...sorry about that," I said. Xehanort liked me as a friend since we met. "It's okay. Besides, the others assistants made and me the cake to say we accept your apology." Xehanort said still having a smile on his face. His hair still looked weird though. "Thanks. You finally realized Lucario was the one who told you-know-who." Ansem knew I was talking about him. "Well we knew you were acting weird when you did that." Evan said. "Evan, for an old man, you can be smart." I said. "Old?"

I ignored his comment and said. "Let's eat." I cut a piece and was about to eat it when... I noticed nobody was eating with me. I said huh then asked. "Why aren't you eating with me?"
"We already ate in town. All of us decided, since you have such a big appetite; we should give you the whole cake." Ansem said. "Wow. That's so sweet. But I'll allow it." I cried. I ate the piece I already picked out. It had a stick on it. "This is very good. What's in it?" I asked. I loved it. It reminds me of someone else's cooking, but I don't remember who. "Fudge and Rock candy," Ienzo said. Now I knew the things on top were safe to eat. I soon plunged into the huge cake. While I was eating, me, Dark and Lucario were writing a report for some odd reason.

~2 hours later. 3rd Person POV~

"No more cake." Ash said. His hair was down and he was on the place where the cake once was. His z's had crumbs on his face, and his chocolate eyes were closed. "Good. He's asleep and Ansem left. We should begin our plan." A mysterious voice said. "Yes. We'll go through his room while you blindfold him and walk around until we're ready." Another voice said. "Yes sir!" Two different voices said to a commander. The two last voices turned out to be Briag and Ienzo. They soon blindfold Ash. He was beginning to wake up. 'Huh?' Ash thought.

~A few minutes later. Ash's POV~

It was dark. Very dark. I soon heard voices. "Few... He almost woke up... So where do we take him?" Someone said. "Huh? Who's that?" I asked.

~Normal POV. Grand corridors~

"Huh? Who's that?" Ash asked. He was sitting on the floor. The two so called friends played cooled. "Don't worry." Briag said. "It's just us." Ienzo said. "Take my hand." Briag said. Ash let out his hand and grabbed Braig's. He pulled himself up. Ash wobbled a little. He was a little taller than Ienzo, who is about 4'11''. Ash would still be called short to an average person. "Do you see anything?" Ienzo asked. "No. Why?" Ash asked. "We have a special party for you. And we don't want you to peak." Briag said. "Yeah we're here to guide you there." Ienzo said. "Thanks." Ash said.

~A long walk and a short stop to Ash's room later...~

"Okay guys. Why did you blindfold me? What are you hiding?" Ash asked. He was getting tired of the walk. And he heard talking. He felt his aura near the place with the talking. And nobody would tell him about it. "We have a special surprise for you. There's nothing bad to hide from YOU!" Ienzo said, annoyed with Ash asking him again. Plus he didn't want to ruin the surprise. They soon entered opened doors. But Ash didn't know that. As they entered the room, Ash said. "I don't like how you said you." He felt worried. What if that weird kid was right? No! He can't think about him now. "You can trust us. Now let us help you onto the table." Ienzo said. Ash was confused. 'On a table? This must be one strange surprise birthday party. But I am pretty strange myself.' Ash thought. Then he laid on a metal like table in fetal position.

~Ash's POV. Mysterious lab~

I felt things tighten around my fists, legs, and stomach. And this weight was on his chest, no more around my heart. It's a weird feeling. "Okay, Ash. The blindfold is off. You can open your eyes." Briag said. I opened my eyes. My shirt was gone. I only had my pants on. I saw clear tubes on my chest. It circled my heart. And there were hard bolt like chains that were on my arms, wrists, legs, ankles, and stomach like area. I was confused. What was happening to me? "Huh? What's going on? Why are these tubes in me?" I asked. I soon noticed someone. "Xehanort, thank god, what's going on?" I asked my friend. "Didn't you already guess it? You're our latest project." Xehanort said. I was enraged. He was one my friend. Every fiber of my being was screaming, I told you so! The darkness was coursing through my veins. "PROJECT! I'm not a project!" I yelled. But I wanted to go farther, I wanted to swear. Load and hard, I decided to change my form. I didn't want this. Suddenly I noticed I was still in my human form. "Huh? I'm still in my human form but how?" I asked. "We already took care of your special ability." Briag said. I couldn't see him though. He and the others knew I turned into a creature. But they never knew what kind I was.

"That cake we gave you earlier had that crystal you fond." Evan said. "You betray me too. And you use that Urumal* crystal that mysteriously drains all my powers. But why? We're all supposed to be partners, to be friends." I said. I felt like I was going to cry. I also felt anger and pain. "Because you told Ansem about our experiments," Dilan said. He was with the one whose name I can't remember. They were in their guard uniforms. I've never liked Dilan. Plue that brat, Isa, with the flame head boy, Lea. Lea is cool though. "And look what I found after we blindfolded him. It seems Mr. Traitor has been writing about his research." Ienzo said. I was angry.

"I told you to not touch my stuff." I hate it when someone touches my stuff. It's so Mew. "We don't care. Besides we already took your secret heart serum." Xehanort said. I was shocked. "You took my heartless 441. I haven't tested it yet. We don't know what it'll do." I said. I tried many secret experiments when things were too boring. This was my newest batch... and Dark adds his powers while I was sleeping. The only way I learned about that was because Lucario. He can be informational every once in a while. "Don't worry. That's why we're testing it on you." The guy I never remember his name said. I soon felt anger surging through my veins. I loved it. I didn't want this to happen. I wanted to all go away. Suddenly I blackened out. And all was black.

~Normal person POV~

"You betrayed me, stolen my research, made us weak, misused our friendship and now you're trying to destroy us." Ash said as he his mind switched from his now blacked out mind to Dark's. "You will PAY!" Dark said. He had totally taken over. His red eyes had switch Ash's chocolate eyes. The group of assistants had heard Ash talking to himself about Dark. Was this the dark powers he was talking about? They decided to hurry. "Hurry, Get that mask on. Before he gets free and kills us." Dilan said as Xehanort put the gas mask on. "Wait, what are you doing to us?" Dark was confused. What were they going to do? He never really listened to Ash about his experiments. All he knew it had to do with hearts. And people. He had no idea what it was really about. "Okay, he's falling asleep. Start the test." Braig's voice said. Dark saw his body just as he was falling asleep. Once Ash was fast asleep Xehanort called out. "Pull the switch!" Soon Ienzo pulled a large switch. Suddenly black goopy stuff was flowing through the tubes. Ash yelled a horrible scream, large fangs were show. The secant soon fades away.


The back stabbing group of so called friends looked pleased they had achieved their first heart. Well it's not the first. But it's the first to not disappear in an explosion. "Ash sure knew how to make something powerful." Ienzo said. He was holding the crystal to his side. It was black, separated and disconnected. But it held together and was floating. Xehanort was worried about this. "But it's black. I think it's a side effect." Xehanort said. "At least it didn't explode." Briag said since he and Xehanort were the ones who were mostly caught in the cross blast. "Yeah, that would be deadly. So what do we do with body?" Ienzo said. He never really liked Ash even though they were supposed to be best friends. And he was scared about the explosion since he was holding the crystal. "Huh? The body disappeared." Evan said.

"Well he did say we don't know what it'll do." Aeleus said, he's the guy Ash could never remember his name. "Still I wanted to throw that traitor's body away." Ienzo said. Suddenly a cloud of two eyes and many scales was forming from the crystal. Ienzo noticed his allies were looking scared. "Hey guys? Why do you all look like you've seen a ghost?" Izion asked as he sweatdropped. Soon Evan pointed to behind the very short man. Ienzo was confused until he saw was behind him. He looked at it in fear as he fell on his butt. "What have we done?" He asked as he shocked far away from him. The creature they were looking at was a Giratina. But they didn't know the name of the official creature. But this one is different than the normal Giratina. It had pure white eyes with pupils. It had a small bubble under its eyes. It had a red heart on it chest with a black x on it. It had a white and black red design on its stomach. And it was a Giratina in original form, and it was just as tall or long. (A/N: It's hard to tell.) "I told you that you'll pay. Now my vengeance will be complete. Today you'll die." It said. It sound like Ash, but it was also different. "Die!" It yelled as a giant fire ball formed. He fired it. But it quickly fell to ground missing Ienzo by a couple of feet.

The creature began to think. He soon realized what happened. 'Drat. I forgot I still have that Oracle* inside me. I better make a comeback before they realized this.' It thought. "You may have won this battle. But I will have my revenge. Just you wait." It said. Then it disappeared in a black portal. "Well that was weirder than his real body suddenly disappearing." Xehanort said. "I wonder what happened to it. All it left are his pants." Briag said, as he held one of the tubes they used for Ash. "It would be weird to see a naked Ash." Evan said. "That would be wrong on many levels." Aeleus said. "Well, at least he's gone." Braig said. "Yeah, But you heard that thing. It'll be back." Dilan said. "Well, we'll be ready next time." Xehanort said as he held up a gun. "Yeah!" The six guys yelled. In the grand hall, Ansem wrote down something. The door to the mysterious lab was opened.

What happened to Ash? Will his heartless get his revenge? What happened to Lucario and Dark? And where's Ash's nobody?