ch. 7 The New Guys

I promise there will be at least one new thing in this arc that won't be in the other guy's part. However, most of it is still the same. So don't sue me, and I'm sorry.

The crowd has followed their new Dragon Warrior and chanted loudly, "Dragon Warrior! Dragon Warrior!" as they have reached the Jade Palace with the palanquin. The pig servants promptly dropped Po onto the floor. "Ow… Could you have been more gentle…?" The pigs ignored him as they rushed out and shut the door, drowning out the shouts from outside. Xhas looked around. "Where are we?" he asked the panda. Po sat up, rubbing his behind before realizing where they were. "This is the Sacred Hall of Warriors!" he gasped. "No way!" He ran towards a battered suit of armor. "Master Flying Rhino's armor! With authentic battle damage!" Xhas' attention was drawn to a strange weapon. It appeared to be a broadsword with a jade dragon etched onto the flat of the blade. Fused to the dull edge was what appeared to be a dagger. "Hey, Po?" Xhas called. "What's this?" "Whoa!" Po exclaimed, running up next to him. "The Sword of Heroes! Said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by lookin- OW!" He began nursing what appeared to be a cut finger. And so Po began running from artifact to artifact. Xhas remained staring at the blade. There was something about it… He reached out to it… "Xhas!" Po shouted. Xhas quickly retracted his paw and turned to the panda. "Check this out!" As Xhas approached the panda, he realized that he'd been indicating an ancient urn. "The legendary Urn of Whispering Warriors!" the panda informed him. Xhas frowned. "Doesn't look so special." "Want to hear the story?" Xhas nodded.

"Once there was an ancient army, known as the Tenshu Army. They were called upon to defend an isolated village of peaceful potters from the attack of ten thousand demons of the Scarlet Moon. Though outnumbered twenty to one, the valiant warriors held the dark horde back for a hundred days, fighting shoulder to shoulder in formation and whispering to each other, 'hold fast, brothers, hold fast' to keep up their courage. They fought to their last breath and successfully drove the assassins back. The grateful village worked together to make the most perfect ceramic vase they had ever created, molded from the clay of the battlefield and moistened with their tears. It is said that the souls of the noble warriors of Tenshu live on inside the vase, waiting to be called on again in a time of need. If you are very quiet and still, you may hear them whispering, 'hold fast, brothers, hold fast...'" "That's kinda sad," Xhas muttered. The two of them leaned in towards the vase and listened closely. Xhas heard a faint voice whispering in the back of his head. Hold fast, brother, hold fast. Suddenly he felt another voice. 'I am the king of Pokelantis.' Soon he heard another voice. 'okay.. anyways.. here is our champion The king of the battle frontier himself. Pyrimd King Brandon!' Xhas didn't like the 2nd other voice. "Have you finished your sightseeing?" a voice asked. Po and Xhas gasped. "Sorry," Po whispered. "We should have come to see you first." "My patience is wearing thin…"

"It's not like you're going anywhere," Xhas said with a frown. "Would you turn around?" the voice demanded. "Sure," Po nodded and turned to see a very irate Shifu. "Hey, how's it going?" Po asked, not realizing who it was. He turned back to the urn. "Now how do you… MASTER SHIFU!" Po jumped in surprise, bumping into Xhas, sending him flying into the table the urn rested on, in turn sending it crashing to the ground. "Uh oh…" the two muttered as a green mist rose up from the shattered remains. "Someone… broke that…" Po exclaimed hastily to the un-amused Shifu. "But I'm gonna fix it! Do you have some… glue? Or duct tape?" "So you're the 'Dragon Warrior', hmm?" Shifu asked sarcastically. "Um, I guess so?" Po shrugged. "WRONG!" Shifu snarled, causing the two younger animals to flinch. "You are not the Dragon warrior and you will never be the Dragon Warrior until you have learned the secret of the Dragon Scroll!" he said, indicating the scroll clamped in a dragon statue's jaw. "Whoa…" Po muttered. "So, um, how does this work? Do you have a ladder or a trampoline or…" Shifu chuckled darkly. "You think it's that easy?" he asked. "That I'm just going to hand you the secret to limitless power?" "No!" Po said hastily. "One must master the highest level of kung fu," Shifu ranted. "And that is clearly impossible if that one is someone like you!" "Someone like me?" Po parroted. "Yes!" Shifu exclaimed. It appeared he had completely forgotten Xhas' presence.

"Just look at you… This fat butt! Flabby arms! And this ridiculous belly!" "Hey!" Po exclaimed. "And complete disregard," Shifu continued. "For personal hygiene." "Hey, now that was uncalled for!" Po argued. "Don't stand that close," Shifu ordered, leaning away from him. "I can smell your breath." "Listen, Oogway said that I was-" Shifu suddenly caught Po's index finger between his own index and thumb. Po gasped for some reason. "The Wuxi Fingerhold!" he whispered. "Please, no!" "Oh," Shifu said coyly. "So you know this hold?" "Developed by Master Wuxi in the third dynasty, yes!" Po gasped. "Then you must know what happens when I flex my pinky!" Shifu threatened. Po gasped. "Please, no!" Xhas frowned. What was so bad about this 'Wuxi Fingerhold'? "You know the hardest part of it?" Shifu chuckled. "That hardest part is cleaning up afterwards." "Okay, okay…" Po whimpered. "Now listen closely, panda," he spat the word. "Oogway may have chosen you. But when I'm through with you. You will wish. He. Hadn't. Am I clear?" "Oh yeah, so clear!" Po gasped. "Good." Shifu chuckled. "I can't wait to get started." Shifu released Po and strode out the hall. "Follow." Po, looking visibly shaken hurried quickly. As Xhas followed them, he took one last glance at the Sword of Heroes before shutting the door. A dark vision of him soon fallowed.

~Jade Palace: Training hall~

Inside the training hall was pure chaos. The Furious Five were in the middle of a training session. Tigress was training herself with the Seven Swinging Clubs of Instant Oblivion. Crane from the rafters and landed on the Jade Tortoise. Suddenly arrows shot out of nowhere. Swinging his wings in a sweeping fashion, Crane swept them away, leaving him unharmed. Mantis made his way through the Gauntlet of Wooden Warriors. The only sign he hit any of them was the dummies spinning in place. Viper tested her reflexes by dodging blasts of flame on the Field of Fiery Death. From above Monkey performed amazing feats of speed and acrobatics on the Seven-Talon Rings. Suddenly Tigress punched one of the clubs into splinters. One of the larger chunks smacked Po in the head, snapping the panda out of his daze. Shifu chuckled. "Let's begin." Po and Xhas looked at him as though he were insane. "Wait, wait wait!" Po exclaimed. "Now? On that?" "Yes," Shifu nodded. "Now. Unless you think the Great Oogway was wrong. And you are not the Dragon Warrior." "Oh, okay, well…" Po coughed. "I don't think I can do all of those." Xhas wasn't even sure he could do any of them. "Well if we don't try we'll never know," Shifu argued.

"Well, yeah, it's just," Po sighed. "Maybe we could find something a little closer to… my level." "And what level would that be?" Shifu asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, I'm not a master," Po said nervously. "So why don't we just start out at level… zero? Yeah, level zero." "There's no such thing as level zero," Shifu chuckled. Something in the corner caught Po's eye. "Hey!" he exclaimed, running over to a dummy. "Maybe I can start with that?" "The Adversary?" Shifu asked incredulously. "We use that to train children. And for propping the door open when it's hot. But if you insist…" The sound of footsteps caught everyone's attention. Xhas turned to see the Furious Five approaching them. "Whoa, the Furious Five…!" Po gasped. "You're so much bigger than you're action figures!" Xhas face palmed but Po continued to place his foot in his mouth. "Except you, Mantis." He added. "You're about the same." Mantis's antennae twitched in annoyance. "Go ahead, panda," Shifu insisted. "So us what you can do." Po eyed the Five. "Uh, are they gonna watch?" he asked nervously in the presence of his idols. "Or should I wait till they get back to work?" Shifu was getting impatient. "Hit it." "Okay, well, I just ate so… my kung fu might not be as good as it will be… later on…" "Just hit it." Shifu growled.

"Alright…" Po turned to the dummy. "Whatcha got, buddy?" he said in the dummy's face. "You got nothing because I've got it right here. You picking on my friends? Get ready to feel the thunder! I'm coming at you with the crazy feet. What'cha gonna do about crazy feet? My feet are a blur. I'm a blur," Po went on as he danced in place. "You've never seen bear style, you've only seen praying mantis! Or a monkey style! Or a slid-snake-" "Would you just HIT IT?" Shifu snarled. "Just do it, Po," Xhas said encouragingly. "Alright, alright…" Po said, breathless from his dancing around. He raised his fist and lightly tapped the dummy, causing it to rock back and forth pathetically. No one was impressed. Not even Xhas. "How was that?" "Why don't you try again?" Shifu asked, gritting his teeth. "A little harder next time?" Po shrugged, feeling more confident and proceeded to punch the dummy with all his might. "How 'bout tha_" "INCOMING!" Xhas shouted.


The dummy had slammed into the wall and rebounded at Po ten times harder than his punch. The panda was sent flying into the obstacle course the Five had been training in. Xhas quickly stepped forward to help the poor panda when Shifu raised an arm. "This is none of your concern." He said rather coldly. Xhas pushed the red panda's hand aside and glared. "It is when it concerns my friends." He quickly leapt onto the obstacle course and towards Po. The Five gaped at his disrespect while Shifu raised an eyebrow. By the time Xhas managed to drag Po's sorry hide off the course, the panda's fur had already been singed by the Field of Fiery Death. Po coughed. "How'd I do?" Shifu smirked. "There is now a level zero." He said, extinguishing a small flame on Po's head.

~Jade Palace: Bunkhouse~

"I'm amazed…" Mantis muttered. "No denying that," Crane agreed. "I don't understand what Master Oogway was thinking," Viper said worriedly. "The poor guy's gonna get himself killed!" "He is so mighty," Crane sneered. "The 'Dragon Warrior' fell out of the sky in a ball of fire!" "When he walks, the very ground shakes!" Mantis added as everyone laughed. "One would think that Master Oogway would choose someone that actually knew kung fu," Tigress fumed. "Yeah, or could at least touch is toes," Crane snickered. "Or even see his toes," Monkey sneered, causing everyone to laugh… Everyone except two individuals that had overheard everything. Po whimpered as Xhas leaned against a boulder, eyes closed. The giant panda took his belly in both hands and attempted to see his toes, but only succeeding in falling flat on his face. With a sigh Xhas helped the panda up and the two entered the bunkhouse just as the Five blew out the candles in their rooms. "Okay," Po whispered. He took one step and a loud creaking noise was heard. The panda looked at his feet in betrayal. Po sighed and continued down the hall as 'quietly' as he could. As Po took another step, he crashed through the floor. "Ow…" As he attempted to recover he ended up even more noise. Xhas watched, sweatdropping the entire time. Po continued stumbling through the hallway until he lost his balance and ended up banging into one of the doors.

"Oh, hey!" Po said nervously to Crane. "You're up!" "Am now," Crane said dryly. "I was just…uh…Woo! Some day, huh?" Po blurted out. Crane stared at him again, not saying a word. "Wheew!" Po blundered on. "That kung fu stuff is hard work! Are your biceps sore?" Crane glanced at his wings. "Uh, look. I've had a long and... disappointing day." He said as Xhas appeared in the doorway. "So… yeah, I should probably get to sleep now." "Yes, of course." Po said. "Okay, thank you." Crane replied. When Po started to leave, but he couldn't help but turning back toward Crane to say one more thing. "It's just…aw, man. I'm such a big fan of yours." He confessed. Crane the smiled politely. "You guys were totally awesome at the Battle of Weeping River," Po went on. "You were outnumbered one thousand to one, but you didn't stop, man, you just…HI-YAH!" Po performed a series of clumsy-looking kung fu moves-and kicked a hole right through the paper wall. From the other side of the wall, Monkey peered through the hole that Po had just made, he scowled at Po. "Oh! Sorry about that," Po mumbled. Crane wasn't too happy with him either. "Look, you don't belong here." He told the giant panda. Po hung his hand, disappointing. He sighed, "I know, I know. I'm just a big, fat panda. My whole life, I've been nothing but a—" "No," Crane interrupted. "I meant, you don't belong here, as in this room. It's my room." He tapped the floor for emphasis. "Property of Crane." "Oh, okay. Right," Po said, flustered. "I get it. You want to go to sleep." "Yes." Crane nodded. "Exactly."

"And I'm keeping you up," Po went on. "When we've got lots to do tomorrow. All right, the last thing I'm going to say is, you're awesome. Good night now." Finally, he left the room, shutting the door silently behind him. Crane let out a deep sigh of relief. Po popped right back into the room. "What was that?" he asked. "I didn't say anything." Crane replied. "Oh, okay," Po answered. "All right, then. Good night, sleep well." He shut the door again gently. Out in the hallway, he scolded himself. "I'm so stupid. I can't believe I did that." "You need to calm down with this fanboy thing, Po," Xhas chuckled. Po chuckled sheepishly as they continued down the hall, floorboards creaking under Po's weight. Suddenly, Tigress opened one of the doors and stuck out her head. Po winced when he saw the angry look on her face. "Oh, hey, Master Tigress. I'm sorry if I—" He said, putting on a chirpy voice. Tigress interjected, "You don't belong here." She snapped. "Sorry," Po apologized. "This is your room-" "No," Tigress paused and went on. "I mean, you don't belong in the Jade Palace. You're a disgrace to kung fu and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do, you will be gone by morning." With that she slammed the door shut. "Big fan," Po said lamely at the door. Meanwhile Xhäs glared at the closed door. 'What the hell's her problem? She reminds me of an angry person that used to bully me around, I wonder who she is?' With a sigh, Po left the way they came. Xhas hurriedly followed.

~Jade Palace: Sacred Peach Tree~

Master Oogway ascended the cliff that held the Sacred Peach Tree to see the Dragon Warrior and his friend sitting on the edge, gazing out at the horizon. Apparently they were lost in thought. "So you have found the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom!" Oogway exclaimed. The two spun around in surprise, their cheeks bulging with peaches. "Huh?" Xhas asked, a peach falling out of his mouth. "Da sacre wa…?" Po asked his speech distorted by the peaches. "I sho shawy, I thawt it wa a regula peach-" the peaches fell out of his mouth as he spoke. "Tree." Oogway chuckled as the two quickly swallowed the peaches. "I understand," he said. "You eat when you're upset." "Upset?" Po scoffed. "I'm not upset. Why would I be upset?" "Because the Five seem to hate you're guts?" Xhas supplied. Po glared at him before sighing. "I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu," he muttered. "In the history of China…" he spoke louder and more angrily as he went on. "In the history of SUCKING!" "Probably," Oogway nodded. Xhas stared at him incredulously. "The Five!" Po went on. "Man you should have seen them! They totally hate me!" "Totally." Oogway agreed. "How's Shifu ever going to turn me," Po said, indicating his belly. "Into the Dragon Warrior? I mean, I'm not like the Five. "I've got now venom, no claws… Even Mantis has those… thingies. And Xhas has that sword thing!"

"Keyblade," Oogway corrected. Xhas looked at him in alarm. He had no idea what it was called. The old tortoise smiled at him. "Ah, yes. I'm fully aware of that mystic weapon. I'm also fully aware of what you truly are." Xhas was backing away from him now. What did he mean what he really was? "Do not be alarmed," the tortoise assured him. "No one else knows. And I have no intention of telling anyone." "Telling anyone what?" Po asked confused. Oogway ignored him for now. "Ancient scrolls tell of beings, chosen by the Keyblade to bring peace and order to the universe," Oogway said. "Key...Blade? Can you tell me more?" Xhas asked eagerly. "Why was I chosen?" Oogway turned away from him and back to Po. "I'm afraid you will have to discover that on your own," the ancient turtle said much to Xhas' disappointment. "See?" Po exclaimed. "Xhas was chosen to fulfill some kind of ancient prophecy or something! Maybe I should just go back to making noodles…" "Quit; don't quit," Oogway said. "Noodles; don't noodles. You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There's a saying: Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present." With that said, Oogway tapped the tree with his staff, causing a peach to fall from the branches above and into Po's lap. The panda looked at the tortoises retreating back and grinned. "Up for some training, Xhas?"

I wish I could have thought of some way to not copy someone else's work. Sorry for doing it.