I was going to do I, admit it to her , I could always play it off as if I was joking and trying to embarrass her. I borrowed her textbook and it was the perfect opportunity, I started to write on the cover during the whole of next class, only realising afterwards that I had written it lots of times, covering the whole thing. I couldn't do it, I would get over it. I don't really feel this way, I love Beck. Luckily I had black paint, it will make it look cool anyway …

'Hey, Vega.' It's lucky that I'm such a good actress because all I wanted to do was smile when I saw her. Her smile...God! No! No! No!


'Here's your theatre history book. Thanks.''

'Why's it all black now?'

'I had black paint.' I couldn't come up with anything else but I didn't need to.

' But..why.. would ...you...paint?'