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Chapter 1: Confessions

Like all stories this one begins with a boy, this boy was no ordinary boy in any sense of the word. Harry Potter was the freak of Privet Drive, the scoundrel of Surrey, the beast of England, but in truth he was just a boy with a gift for kindness and a hatred for bullies. To what could be considered a family he was just an abomination against god and nature, which is not to say his family didn't like having him around. They often said 'love is never having to say you're sorry' that is probably why his uncle had never apologized for beating him when he had a bad day, his aunt working him like a slave for table scraps or his personal favorite the game he played with his cousin and his friends Harry Hunting. It was because of this game that Harry had taken to hiding during lunch in the music room, he never had money for lunch tickets anyways.

Every day Harry sat in the room and practiced with the various instruments, his long thin fingers were perfect for the piano but he just couldn't hold his arms right from Vernon's constant twisting and jerking of his arm. The flute was fun but he just didn't breath right from repeated blows to his chest and more than a few wondered who was torturing a helpless cat every time he tried. After two weeks of trying he picked up a guitar and just started to pluck at the strings, at first it was just random notes until a young woman from the secondary school who worked in the music room for two hours a day heard the boy randomly plucking away. She watched him for a good half hour before letting him know she was there.

"You're really good." She said with a smile as she sat down beside him.

"Thanks." Harry said with a blush.

For a minute they sat there in silence then they took a moment to look each other over. She wasn't very tall and very petite, her hair is strawberry blond with black streaks in it, her eye brows are pierced and her nose has a gold stud in it. At the moment her outfit seemed to draw him in, it was a short denim skirt and a pink half shirt and a denim jacket. But there was more when stilted her head to look at him he noticed a large bruise on her shoulder and her eyes, her right was slightly puffy but concealed by a curtain of hair. He brushed her hair from her face to reveal her hidden black eye.

She tucked her hair back in place and pressed her finger to her lips to shush him, "Would you like to learn more." She asked with a sly wink.

Nodding dumbly Harry quickly tensed as she sat behind him and placed her arms around him and placed her hands over his. For the next ten minutes she showed him every note as she hummed each note to him, he quickly got better and was soon able to play every cord without her assistance. They were having such a good time that neither of them heard the lunch bell ring; it was only the sounds of kids coming down the hall that alerted them.

Sarah jumped to her feet and turned to the door just as the teacher for the third grade walked in, the woman just gave her a glare then snapped her glare at Harry and reprimanded him for not coming back to class before coming here. Harry nodded numbly and sat back down and continued to pluck away at the strings as he tried to hide himself away.

The third grade teacher walked forward and grabbed Harry's arm and forced him to his feet and dragged him in to a corner of the room to admonish him. Sarah glared at the woman's back for a moment before turning to the class, "Hi class I am Sarah Cawfield, I attend the secondary school and I will be your student teach this year in music." Seeing Harry rejoin the group and wipe a few tears from his eyes she continued, "Now everyone pick an instrument and let's start to make music."

In the history of bad ideas her suggestion rated just above the ten plagues and just below the ending of the Twilight series (Yes I am keeping this and I still believe it). At the far end of the room was five full drum sets and an even dozen large base drums, a piano, trumpets, accordions, flutes, violins and a pair of old guitars. The five biggest and dumbest looking of the kids grabbed the drums while the rest of the boys grabbed the base drums and began to beat on them to a point that several car alarms went off in the lot, for some reason the boys kept looking at the girls as the made horrific sounds while the fourteen odd girls in the class stayed near Sarah and tried the flutes and violins, one girl sat at the piano and began to play softly to herself. After watching her for a moment Harry started to play the guitar matching her beat perfectly and even hummed along with her. This drew the attention of the rest of the girls on class who just sat and watched their friend play the piano and the freak strum away on the guitar.

Sarah continued to walk around the room offering encouragement and praise to the boys first as she wondered if her hearing would ever properly return as she tried to correct them before turning back to Harry and the girls. When one of the boys got to loud and annoying on the drums the girls would glare them down before going back to watching the freak. Knowing that she wasn't going to get more then this she spent the next hour humming and seeing who could follow her beat helping Harry and the girl on the piano a bit, the boys continued to make loud noises and the girls gave up trying and just watch Harry play it was almost hypnotic as his song carried a lot of pain by the end more than a few of the girls looked at Harry as a person as they wiped away tears from their eyes.

After that Harry showed up every day for lunch and practice, Sarah was fast becoming his favorite person in the world, her kindness and gentle contact was causing him to become confused. At the end of each lesson if he tried hard and his behavior was good and it always was she would reward him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She even made sure to bring extra food in her lunch each day so she had enough to share with him, on the weekends they would meet in the park and practice playing; sometimes she would bring her books from school and teach him advance subjects. The truth of the matter was there was something about him that made her feel safe, he never asked about her black eyes or busted lips, he just gave her a hug and told her he was sorry she was hurt.

It was on the weekends that Sarah got to meet the real Harry Potter, that first weekend she meets him in Surrey Park.

"Over here, Harry." She called out from behind a tree.

Her new little brother came walking up to her in a pair of ratty trainers and no coat, considering it was only forty degrees outside and raining she now had a new reason to hate his family. Once he was close enough she pulled him close so he could warm up and get some shelter from the rain with her heavy overcoat.

After she made sure the coast was clear she led him into a ring of trees, "Wow," Was all Harry could say as he walked in to a completely dry and warm part of the park he had never seen before. The soft grass was perfectly even and smelled of summer even though it was early winter. The small clearing had a hot spring in the center the bubbled with warmth, all around them was flat stones that were extremely soft and comfy that let off warmth but were not hot. The air around them was filled with fragrant scents and was at least thirty degrees warmer, the canopy of branches above the let in plenty of light but no rain. Next to the bubbling brook was a large blanket filled with books a guitar and a lot of food in a cooler sat next to the blanket.

"Welcome to Lily Pond, Harry." Sarah said with a flourish as she let Harry look around.

"This is amazing." Was all Harry could say as he looked around.

After giving him a moment to look around Sarah called him over to a low hanging branch were she hung up her coat and ordered Harry to remove his shirt and pants so she could hang them up to dry. Harry looked embarrassed but complied leaving him in only a pair tattered and stained boxers, she took his shoes over to the blanket with her. A quick glance at his body filled her with even more rage there was more than a dozen long slashes across his back as if he was whipped with a cane recently.

Embarrassment quickly disappeared as Harry dove into the still warm chicken legs and bread, after a week with Sarah he no longer tried to hide the fact he was hungry. He had just finished his tenth chicken leg and at least half a dozen rolls before he relieved that he hadn't even made a dint in the food mountain at all. Sarah ate in silence and waited for Harry to finish before she began the days lessons.

Once they finished eating she leaned in close to the blanket and thanked it for the food, suddenly the food vanished before Harry's eyes. Even the bones were gone, Harry looked around in awe wondering where the food had disappeared to, and it was Sarah who answered him.

"Not a clue Harry, when I found this place it always made me fill safe. The cooler has always been stocked with drinks and if I ask the blanket for food or medicine it just appears," She said with a flourish as she opened her algebra book, another critical look at Harry's ribs almost sticking through his chest, she decided to try something, "Um blanket can I have medicine to fix Harry's eye sight and deal with his malnutrition."

By the time she finished speaking three small bottles appeared on the blanket. The first bottle she recognized the other two she didn't, she picked up the bottles and grabbed a bottle of juice from the cooler, "Drink up Harry." She said in an overly cheerful voice as she poured the three vials in to empty bottle and handed it over this was going to taste terrible.

Harry took the bottle and chugged down the three potions quickly, at first he didn't taste anything then it felt like his tongue was on fire as the potions quickly turned rancid in his mouth the moment he swallowed the last of mix he downed the juice in a single gulp before he fell to the ground and began to convulse.

Rushing over Sarah wrapped him in a tight hug and held him close to her as his body began to shake, when she used the potion to heal her eyesight she went through the same thing. Harry continued to shake for half an hour as his body healed from the abuse and the taint on his magic, the scar on his forehead began to bleed freely as the flesh knitted together. After an hour passed Harry finally awoke from his convulsions, Sarah helped him to his feet and looked him over.

Harry was now at least an inch taller and almost a full stone heavier, his hair wasn't as messy also. Sarah gave Harry a whistle when she was done looking him over and sat him back down on the blanket so they could continue their studies. They spent the rest of the morning studying, her teaching Harry advanced math actually helped her better understand it herself and after lunch they switched to language arts and history for a few hours. By the time they were ready to eat Harry had completely shed his shy persona and was now laughing and joking, he made Sarah laugh with Dudley impersonations where he walked around the clearing and made odd sounds then picked up a book and yelled at it for being smarter than him.

Before dinner Sarah slipped out of her clothes, she wore her bikini to Lily's Pond and slipped in to the small pool it was only a few feet deep and ten feet across but it was the perfect place to relax in, after a bit of prodding Harry Joined her as well all the while trying his hardest to not look at her still developing body. Sarah rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek for his gentlemanly behavior. Even relaxing in the small pool turned in to a lesson as Sarah taught Harry the basics of swimming and how to hold his breath it also went a long way in helping him learn to trust others. After their swim they ate a big meal then curled on the blanket to sleep, it was a mote point to go home now considering he would just get beaten for not letting Dudley and his gang beat him up anyways. When they awoke the next morning a second blanket had appeared over them and even tucked itself in to make sure they stayed warm. They spent Sunday the same way studying and relaxing; Harry was fully out of his shell by the time he went home that evening. Oddly enough when he got home Vernon started to yell at him but then walked away mumbling about watching TV and eating something, counting his blessing Harry slipped in to his cupboard and went to sleep.

For two months this carried on in secret, for Harry it was about finally having a friend who cared about him, for Sarah it was about having someone to look after and protect, it was about finally have someone to share a secret with. Sadly all good things have to come to end because let's face it, fate hates Harry and likes making him its bitch, years later Harry would look into this to find out if there was a cosmic debt he owed or something turned out some people are just unlucky.

Sarah had just assumed her usual seat behind Harry with his back pressed against her chest as her arms strayed around him helping him get his finger placement right. Harry tried his best but was a bit distracted, after about ten minutes he let out a sigh. "What is it Harry, you know I can keep your secrets." She asked softly into his ear.

Not sure where to begin Harry just decided to plow ahead, "We are friends right."

Unsure what brought this on she merely nodded and said, "Yes."

"So I should do friendship stuff for you," Harry asked more hesitantly.

Still a bit confused, Sarah chuckled and wrapped her arms around Harry, "You do more than enough now, but what do you think you should do more of."

Without waiting for his courage to kick in Harry just turned his head and pressed his lips to hers just like he saw the two older teens do at the park the previous day.

Sarah froze in her seat in surprise; the feel of his lips on hers was not where she thought this was going to be going at all. The only reason she didn't immediately pull away was the simple fact that Harry had rather soft lips and while she knew it was wrong it was still a rather nice first kiss for them both. She waited ten seconds and pulled away, "Harry that was very nice but we are friends not boyfriend and girlfriend, do you understand."

Only about one out of three words registered in his mind at the moment, mostly very nice and friends. Before he could respond further the door slammed open and in walked the schools headmistress and another teacher.

"What the hell do you think you're doing you little slut." The headmistress screamed at her as she took in the scene before her a fourteen year old girl kissing a preteen boy she had in her lap.

Both of them broke apart quickly as if they were struck by lightning, making them look even guiltier, Sarah jumped to her feet knocking over her purse and tried to explain it as a misunderstanding. The other teacher, Miss Olson, the schools phys ed teacher stepped forward and knocked the girl to the ground, "Shut up you sick bitch you can explain it all at your trial."

Raising his small fists, Harry charged the bigger woman and screamed at her, "Get away from her," Miss Olson stepped forward and shoved he open hand in to his chest hard and threw him to the ground.

"And you, you little freak, I will be personally telling your aunt about your deviant behavior." She threatened him.

Harry curled in to a ball and began to cry, it wasn't the hit to the chest that hurt him it was the fact that he was about to lose his best friend and there was nothing he could do about it. He moved his hand closer in when he felt something metal blush against it, open his eyes he saw the answer before him, Sarah's nail file had fallen out of her purse and landed before him. He grabbed the file and jumped to his feet, his magic burned hot in his blood speeding his movements; before anyone could blink Harry tackled the large woman to the ground and began to stab her repeatedly with the nail file. Rage like never before boiled over in him for the past two months it had been simmering but now it was an inferno that needed an outlet.

He stabbed her twenty times in ten seconds moving so quickly, his arm was a blur of motion. The attack itself was so surprising that the Headmistress and Sarah froze in place, Sarah recovered first. She slammed her elbow in to the old woman's gut then slugged her in the face with her fist, the same fist she wore five spiked and jagged rings on. The woman dropped to the ground unconscious bleeding from several cuts on her face and was already forgotten.

"Harry comes on," Sarah screamed, she grabbed his small hand in his and ran out of the class room.

They made it a dozen steps before they ran into a pair of police officers, with Harry covered in blood and with Sarah sporting several bloody knuckles the cops were momentarily stunned by the sight before them. Just as stunned Sarah froze up as well, the lead cop grabbed Sarah out of instinct, she tried to punch him. He grabbed her arm and spun her around pinning her against the wall cuffing her and placing her under arrest.

Moments passed in slow motion as Harry watched his best friend being cuffed by the police, his first instinct was to run away like she told him to do when he was in trouble but his feet wouldn't listen. He couldn't leave her behind.

Both children were arrested and taken away from there it was the circus everyone expected. Harry was charged with murder, his refusal to say anything made it a very short trial, and even so the judge had a problem. His one big problem was that no well-adjusted young man has that kind of rage, like the rest of Surrey he knew about the boy's dangerous nature but it didn't fit with what he saw before him. The small boy before him was underfed and only had the smallest semblance of self-confidence and that only came from the young woman beside him. The decision on the boy's sentence took longer than his trial and when the judge handed down the verdict it blew the roof of the court house.

Judge Walter Granger, a father of three children and a grandfather to seven, he was a man at truly peace with himself. Carving out a nice niche for himself, gone was dreams and desires for more, to sit in judgment over the worst, now he sat in a position to help children before they became real criminals. Sitting at the bench he looked upon the face of a boy who would live a very short life without guidance, he put this thought at the fore front of his mind as he cast a glance at the boy's family as loosely as they could be called that. The group of them were sitting away from the boy and smirking at him, a nod to a man in the back row he stood up and made his ruling.

"Mister Potter and Miss Cawfield please stand," He ordered the two children.

Harry glanced at Sarah for a moment; she gave him a nod before she stood up closely followed by Harry, both kids looked at the judge. Sarah cried softly as she clung tight to Harry's hand, her dreams of being a teacher were pretty much over, she had only known Harry for a few months but she knew she loved him like he loved her. It wasn't love in the romantic sense and it never would be he was her little brother, best friend and confident, now that she had someone she would stand beside him no matter what.

"Mister Potter first off you have been found guilty but given your age and obvious lack of parental guidance I have decided to give you a choice, you can be sentenced to a juvenile correction facility until your eighteenth birthday at such time you will be sent to an adult correctional facility to be chosen by the courts-" Judge Granger began only to be interrupted by a startled scream from Sarah as she burst into tears and pulled Harry closer to herself. Ignoring her outburst he continued, " or I will give you the chance to change your life for the better. If you are a young man worth saving just nod your head son." A collective gasp ran throughout the court room as everyone looked at the judge except for the small boy in question, he was still looking at his hands not daring to tempt fate by looking up but still nodded his head. "Alright you will be sent to Stone Haven Military Academy until your eighteenth birthday, you will submit yourself to weekly meetings with a therapist to better gauge your proper mental and emotional health. When you turn eighteen you will be evaluated by the military courts to determine if you are fit to be allowed back into society or are truly lost and deserve to be in prison."

In the back of the court room a man stood up and came forward, he was dressed in fatigues and looked to be in his mid-fifties. His large well-formed body rippled under his shirt as he came forward and saluted the Judge who returned the salute.

Harry finally looked up at the judge, instead of finding relief or anger the Judge only saw sorrow in Harry's eyes as he looked between the Judge, Sarah and the military man. Major Jacob Moody, a career man in her majesties service, son of the greatest auror to ever live Alastor Moody and a proud squib watched the byplay between the two children with interest, like the child of every auror who fought against Voldemort he felt a debt was owed to the young man who lost everything and a debt he was about to repay.

"Excuse me your honor," He began, drawing a look from the judge, a subtle nod from his former commanding officer, he continued, "Along with cadets, we often need more support staff, we usually higher from civilian contracts but we could more the accommodate Miss Cawfield in a form of community service that could allow her to continue her education and learn to be the young woman she was meant to be."

Seconds turned in to minutes as Judge Granger gave his former subordinate and longtime friend a hard look searching his face for reason why he was bending the rules to this extent given the fact he was known to be a habitual rule follower. Every line of Major Moody's face was a mask of determination; Judge Granger slammed his gavel down and called out, "So ordered."