Chapter 11 A new Ally... sorta

Harry awoke in a ministry holding cell with a splitting headache, repeated stunners can do that. "Shit," Harry said softly as he took in his surroundings, it didn't take long. The ugly stone room was five paces wide and eight paces long, a stone bench for sleeping and a bucket for pissing were all that he had. Harry tapped the bucket with his foot only to find it stuck to the floor and the stone bench was too heavy to be used as a weapon. That left Harry only one option the guard.

Fortunately the door preventing Harry's escape was an old iron gate, the type you would see in an ancient castle, easy to get ones hands through. Fortunately for Harry the guard was asleep across the room in a chair with a hip flask in hand obviously drunk off his ass. His personal possessions were on a table at the drunken guard's side currently being used as a pillow. In fact the only downside Harry could see was the fact that he had magical suppressors on, conceivably that was a rather major downside but what fun would escaping be if it was too easy. The only advantage he had was the suppressor cuffs were old style as well as the door with a two foot chain connecting them.

Harry leaned against the bars and centered his thoughts; it was something he had a bit of trouble with. Find Sarah and escape was all he had come with so far and at least it was a half assed plan that should make his trainers happy. Focusing his powers, Harry reached out with his magic and tried to levitate his possessions. The suppressors reacted instantly, the more power Harry threw against them the heavier they became and his possessions stayed were they were.

After five attempts Harry was covered in sweat and fell to his knees gasping for breath. The only positive side effect of making his entire pilfered possessions act like they were possessed had at least awoken the guard.

The overweight man grumbled as he stood up and leveled his wand at Harry, "You boy stop that whatever you're doing or else." He threatened as he waved his wand at Harry.

Subtly shifting the chain into his hands Harry smirked at the man, "Or what," The smirk Harry was throwing at the guard had the man growling as he thrust his wand at Harry and fired off a torture curse at Harry.

Harry grabbed hold of the bars to keep himself up as he felt like his body was on fire. He bit down hard to keep himself from screaming, he would bite off his own tongue before they made him scream. The curse felt like it last forever even if it only lasted less than ten seconds, during the time the man stepped close to the cell door. "You want more freak, our master will reward me when he returns and I tell him how I broke you." Spittle flew from his mouth as he leaned into the bars and leered at Harry as he pressed his face against the bars.

Harry waited a moment more before he made his move. Harry jumped forward and grabbed the chain in his hand, shoving his arms through the bars he swung the chain around the guard's neck and grabbed the other end in his free hand. With a strength bore upon desperation Harry slammed the man into the bars repeatedly; a wet thunk accented each hit of the man's head against the bars. After the third hit Harry relieved something.

This was way too easy. A single guard drunk off his ass to guard a political prisoner, keeping the prisoners personal possessions including weapons ten feet from them. Not even the magical world was that stupid at least he hoped it wasn't, so if this wasn't the ministry of magic then it had to be...

"God damn it." Harry yelled. Harry dropped the unconscious man to the ground and pulled the keys from his pocket to unlock the door. Once he was free he called out in a sarcastic voice, "End simulation now authorization four-four-fiver-seven agent seven-M."

The second he gave the access password the room morphed into an old stone room devoid of any adornment. Across the room stood the general and his aides writing things down on clipboards while the general gave Harry a shake of his head telling him he was not pleased with his refusal to complete the task. Before Harry could move more than a step a man materialize out of the ether and fired off a stunner at Harry.

Moving purely on instinct Harry rolled backwards and raised a shield. The force of the stunner bucked hard against his shield forcing Harry back a step but his shields held for the moment. Harry stepped back another step and promptly tripped over the badly beaten man that he thought was just a manifestation of the room.

The horribly scarred and ugly man let out a laugh that could remind someone of nails on a black board as he smiled a toothy grin. If it was possible his ugly face was even uglier and more off putting then normal when he smiled. He smiled and stepped forward sheathing his wand, "Welcome to hit wizard training. I am Alastor Moody, loyal protector of the royal family of Wales." The moment he finished speaking his wand in his hand again and a restraining curse had Harry's hands glued together behind his back. "Now run."

Harry spent the next week learning the great secret of dodging in a combat situation from Alastor Moody who would spend most of the allotted time for training chasing Harry across the country side on horseback while flinging stinging hexes. Surprisingly Harry learned the great secret of dodging was not to get hit, at least that was the answer to the crazy old creepers question.

From their Alastor moved on to more advanced combat magic that was only borderline legal in his youth and now considered one step below an unforgivable. A vomiting curse that also sealed your opponents mouth shut, a flame spell that had the same effects of napalm but only had a twenty foot range, his personal favorite was a combo where he conjured a dozen pine needles banished them and grew them to the size of rail road spikes in midflight. He could pull that combo off in less the two seconds and could banish the deadly spikes fifty feet with lethal accuracy.

Once he got over the creepy man's many mantra's of 'constant vigilance' and such things, Harry found him to be a truly terrifying man with no experience around children, every time he smiled his scars became more pronounced, the fact that he took great pleasure in making sure Harry was always self-aware by attacking him in his home at odd hours of the night, most importantly he took great pleasure in making sure Harry was well aware of his own tolerance for pain.

On the one upside was that Harry was learning an amazing amount of things about magic and fighting wizards. As Alastor always told him it's not about being the most powerful or the most dangerous it was all about the cunning. When he got done with Harry he would have the fight won before the battle even began, the creepy old man had proved that when he had set up a blasting ward on Harry's dueling platform that he had ignited the moment the duel began.

Once Harry had regained consciousness Alastor let out a deep belly laugh as he helped Harry back to his feet. He conjured a couple of chairs and sat down in one and signaled to Harry to take the other. "Listen lad, there is something I need to tell you." Given the seriousness of his voice Harry sat up a bit straighter, "In our world you won't find a lot of honor or integrity. During the last war myself and very few others took up the sword to fight against Voldemort at first, even Albus didn't start fighting until Voldemort killed a powerful party member on the light side. In fact Voldemort had been cutting a bloody swath through England for more than a decade before the ministry decided to do something it was another decade after that before Albus Dumbledore decided to take up the fight. Finally eight years later your mothers sacrifice destroyed the bastard giving us peace." Alastor stood up and allowed Harry to absorb what he had said.

It was a heavy thought to Harry, he knew the truth it was his mother who had discovered the secret to defeating Voldemort. Still it was a lot to absorb that his mother was dead because of her desire to protect him. Harry leaned back and ran his fingers through his hair, he just needed to not think about this and deal with his life as is he decided when Moody yelled "Constant vigilance." Harry glance up in time to catch a stunner in the face, at least this time he had time to scowl and flip off the ugly fucker.

Harry was actually getting used to waking up on the floor, it was good for the back and the extra sleep was a plus as the crazy fucker liked to apperate into his bedroom and hit him with pain curses. Unfortunately the same crazy bastard always woke him up long before he could get a decent amount of sleep. Instead of standing up Harry took a moment to enjoy the cold stone floor as he wondered how Ronald was going about his training, it was true that nine times out of ten Harry ended up on the floor after a fight with Moody but on the positive side Moody had never managed to get him with the same trick twice. There was no way Ronald was getting this kind of training, of that Harry was very certain.

"For the love of Merlin Ronald." Molly screamed as she smacked her youngest son with a play wizard magazine.

It had been over a week and her son was proving to be nothing more than a waste of air, she had held out some hope that he would rise to the occasion. She had begged and pleaded to the ghosts of her ancestors that he would make her proud by learning all he could and killing that little shit Harry Potter so she would be able to get hold of the Potter fortune and cut out Albus so she wouldn't have to marry off her daughter to the little shit head and then kill him later. After all what mother wouldn't want her daughter to marry a man only to kill him on their wedding night after she lost her virginity.

Molly was about to smack her son again when an idea came to her mind, the challenge was family to family and because of that it didn't need to be Ronald. Without saying a word she threw the magazine at her son and ran off to her personal grimore, there was more than one way to kill a Potter after all.

"Imperio," Harry screamed, he thrust his wand at Moody and went for the most powerful mind control spell he knew.

Alastor took the curse without blinking and fired off a Crusio in response. Harry took the curse in his belly and fell to his knees but managed to stay off the ground. Alastor stepped closer to Harry as he kept the curse up, his face if possible looked even more menacing as Harry focused on his magic through the pain and shot out his hand and fired off a summoning charm. Caught completely by surprise Alastor's wand was ripped from his hands for a moment, he jerked his arm back activating the recoil wire on his wrist that was connected to his wand and caught it in a single swift motion.

"Mother Fucker." Harry shouted.

Moody caught his wand and snapped off a whip charm, the ten foot long cord wrapped around Harry's wrist allowing the old man to shoulder throw Harry into a wall. Bracing himself Harry hit the wall with a dull thud, by some unknown good fortune he remained in control of all of his faculties. Before Moody could send him into the wall again, Harry conjured a knife and sliced through the whip then throw it with all the force he could at Alastor Moody.

Surprise turned to shock as Moody snapped up his wand and tried to conjure a solid shield, the twirling blade cleared the barrier before it could appear and buried its self into his left shoulder before he could even blink. Acting purely on desperation Moody fired a reducto then a stunner in rapid succession at Harry.

Harry rushed forward and rolled forward under the reducto curse, the stunner was absorbed by Harry's personal wards a trick he learned from Alastor. Before Moody could even try to raise a defense Harry was in his face, channeling all of his magic into his fist Harry slammed Alastor in the jaw releasing a stunning banisher he learned from the old man himself sent the ancient warrior slamming into the wall.

With the fight over Harry leaned back against the wall and spit out a bit of blood from his mouth. Harry had just turned to walk to the exit when he felt the rush of magic, spinning towards the spell Harry threw up a shield as fast as possible.

Standing across the room was Alastor Moody, well to be exact Moody was leaning against the wall gasping for breath and bleeding heavily from his shoulder. Alastor fell to his knees and sent out a mental command to Harry stand down; personally he hated using the unforgivables even in training but the boy needed to learn to fight against them and to beat them. The Imperious curse was the ultimate in mind control curses, Harry was terrible at it and even if you were powerful it still took time to learn to beat it, more than anything Alastor knew that he had Harry so he didn't bother repowering his personal wards and instead healed the stab wound on his shoulder, his broken ribs could wait.

So intent on healing himself he didn't feel the rush of magic until he was slammed with a pair of stunning spells.

Harry had not expected to feel that spell and would not have been able to dodge either way Harry had taken the full force of the vilest curse ever created in his opinion. A sense of calm had come over him feeling his mind with peaceful thoughts, 'Relax Harry you no longer need to fight' the voice whispered seductively into his mind. It was a soft and sweet voice but it just didn't feel right. Before the voice could gain traction another voice slammed against the voice screaming at Harry to attack. For a moment Harry wanted to tell the voice off and just slip in to peaceful serenity but the thick angry voice seemed to grow louder even as the serene voice seemed to fade away. With force of will Harry threw off the curses influence and fired off a pair of stunners striking the man in the side. After tying he up with rope Harry leaned back against the wall on caught a few extra hours of sleep, hell he still had three more hours with the crazy ass fool.