A long, long time (a few months ago) a certain Froggie was browsing the vastness of the internet. In this internet, the Froggie found a story by a certain author and it was called The Hill of Swords by Gabriel Blessing. Despite it's faults, the Froggie very much liked the story so the Froggie sought out other people that had also liked the story. The Froggie found a certain forum where certain other people had also liked the story and there they discussed various ideas about different stories where a certain petite tsundere mage summoned different familiars. The Froggie liked the concept and so the Froggie wrote various snippets and chose to follow through on one and turn it into the story.

But what happened to the snippets that didn't become stories?

There was an explosion and much coughing involved when Louise finally managed to succeed in her summoning spell.

That she managed to succeed at all was surprising in and of itself, but what was truly amazing was the figure that appeared within the rapidly dissipating smoke.

The man that stood barefoot before the gathered crowd was of average height and powerfully muscled. His skin, which might have once been fair, was swarthy from long exposure to the sun. He had black hair, a complete rarity in Halkegenia, and foreign features dominated by peculiar eyes. The strange, sleeveless tunic that he wore was simplistic and somewhat raggedy. The young student's might have confused him for a strange beggar or a very poor farmer except for one very important detail.

The man's powerful arms were held close to his chest and waist while his legs were spread slightly apart. He stood perfectly balanced, poised to react at the slightest movement.

The strange man, even though he was unarmed, carried himself like a warrior about to enter battle.

Despite this, however, the man soon relaxed and the jeering started in earnest. Shouted insults and taunts were flung mercilessly and it was a seething Louise that completed the familiar contract.

The man accepted it all stoically.


Louise woke up to find that her familiar was missing. She frantically looked for the strange man everywhere, avoiding the rest of the student body so that they could not mock the untalented Zero who could not even keep her beggar familiar in line.

She found him in the fields were the summoning ritual had taken place and her eyes widened and her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Her familiar was... she could not find the words to properly describe it.

It was something akin to watching a human whirlwind in motion. A beautiful and violent dance of power as he punched and kicked at imaginary foes. Muscles rippled and sweat poured over his brow and body as he continued to assault the air with fists and feet as if Louise had not suddenly arrived.

His eyes were facing ever forward, his face perfectly impassive.


Guiche de Gramont's life was never in any danger, but the young fop had to spend an entire month in the infirmary after his ill fated duel.


Louise could scarcely believe her eyes as the enormous golem was completely obliterated in a single attack.

"Teach me," was all that the tiny noble girl could manage to say.


It had been brutal, it had been painful, it had been long and arduous. But she had endured. She had thrown herself into the training with all that she had, studying and practicing as feverishly as she ever had before. And her dedication had paid off in spades. She was no longer Louise the Zero, but she cared little for what others called her now. All that she cared about was... improving. And she had finally arrived at the zenith of her training. Her familiar, no... her teacher had said she was prepared at last.

"It feels like..." she hunted for a word to express the strange sensation coursing through her skin as she stood at the ready. She found the word and spoke, "Electricity. It feels like electricity."

He nodded at her and a small smile crossed his face. Louise knew now, that he was guarded with his emotions. The small smile meant that he was actually beaming with pride, and she felt that same emotion well up in her chest as well.

"Do you think you can do it?" he asked.

She shook her head at those words and smiled wryly.

"You taught me not to 'think' I can but to 'know' I can, teacher," she said smugly, her eyes twinkling. "I can do it!"

He nodded again and now his face was somber. He didn't have to say anything else. It was time to demonstrate the fruits of her training.

Louise took several deep breaths and centered herself. She cupped her small hands, once soft and supple and now calloused and rough, at the height of her waist.

She concentrated and she felt it gathering.

Electricity on her skin.

She could do it.


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Author's notes: I know this is supposed to be complete, but what can I say? Inspiration struck a sudden and decisive blow. The thing practically wrote itself.