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Summary: WARNING I SUCK AT SUMMARIES: Ciel has lost his memory, and it has been over 100 years since Ciel's time. How is that possible? Well Ciel has stopped aging, for reasons that only one know about. Sebastian has been searching all over for his young master to continue the contract and where does he finally find his master? No other than one of the last places he would ever seach. Read and Find out.

It was cold, the wind blew past the window's shutters making them slap against the wall. That was the only sound heard throughout the entire apartment which may have appeared to be vaccant, but it was more occupied than anyone thought. This apartment belonged to a man known as Sebastian Michealis. The apartment wasn't much to look at, it contained plain wall paper with the simple interior design of blue, There was an empty fridge, old cupboards filled with nothing but a few bottles of wine. In the main room there was a single couch and a lone lit lamp on top of a wooden table. To the side there was a bathroom filled with tolietries and a closet against the wall. Inside that closet, there was only a locked suitcase. To the man who lived there that was his only true possession besides his clothes. What was contained inside was only known to the owner and its caretaker.

It was coming around 3 o'clock which was about the time Sebastian came home. As if by clockwork the front door to the apartment swung open. A huge sigh pasted through the man's lips as he dragged his feet to the couch that was his bed, you don't need much when you're a demon. Sebastian moved the strands of ebony hair away from his striking eyes. He kicked off his boots and stretched out his legs as he gazed toward the cieling letting his thoughts wander. Those thoughts were about his precious Bocchan he had lost. Sebastian angrily punched his pillow with an irritated groan. "Damn it!" He cursed. He turned to his side as he looked to the closet. "I will find you soon Bocchan. I promise. I just know you are close." Sebastian took off the bandages on his hand to reveal the contract between himself and his master. "I need to find another job, I'm sorry Bocchan. Nothing compares to working for you, but I have to pay for this apartment. I'm sorry." Sebastian said as if his young master somehow could hear him."I promise I will find a job in the morning. Becoming tired Sebastian rested his eyes, even though a creature like him that does not require sleep he felt that was all he could do.

The next morning came within a few hours, it came upon noon by the time Sebastian came to his senses. After finishing getting ready he made his way out to the city in search of work. He observed the streets and the newspaper nothing. Nothing that he couldn't do but nothing he wanted to. As the day simmered down to night he decided to try again tomorrow feeling depressed after failing to complete his promise. Moving down the street to get to his apartment he noticed wild, colorful lights spreading across the night sky. Being intrigued the demon walked into the building that was called a Burlesque. Looking around inside the dim lit area he seen tables everywhere surrounding a stage, the audience filled with people. He looked at the ticket master and reconized him right on the spot. "Undertaker?"

"Yesss. Hello butler how have you been?" The undertaker's voice giggled every word.

"Just looking around, I was looking for a job earlier."

"Still looking for your master are you?" The Undertaker laughed as if he knew something Sebastian did not.

"Yes, what would you know on that subject?" Sebastian asked curiously.

"What if I told you that you could get a job...hereeeee and find your precious Ciel Phantomhive all at the same time."

"I'd say your a mad man but what is the job."

"Bartending, Just create drinks and give them to the waitresses." Undertaker smiled.

"Sounds easy enough. When do I start?"

"Now." Undertaker said as the curtain came up to reveal a girl with gray blue hair with a black halter jumper with shorts came on stage. "Your just in time for the last show of the night. Sit down laddy and watch your boy dance."

The girl came up to the mic and began to sing and dance.

"Its a cold and crazy world thats ragin outside
Well baby me and my girls are bringing on the fire
show a little leg gotta shimmy your chest
its a life its a style its a need its burlesque
love sex ladies no regrets
love sex ladies no regrets..."

"What?" Sebastian looked closer and seen that the so called "girl" had an eye patch covering her very right eye. "Bocchan."

"its a passion an emotion its a fashion BURLESQUE
it'll move goin' through you so do what I do BURLESQUE
all ladies come put your grown up boys throw it up if you want it
can you feel me can you feel it? its BURLESQUE"

"Indeed Butler. He somehow show'd up here without any memory who he is or what he had done. All he knows is he hears voices in head of a male calling 'Bocchan' any guesses?" Undertaker joked.

Sebastian was stunned in place, only letting out a soft whisper, "I found you Bocchan."

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NOTE: song used was called: EXPRESS from the movie BURLESQUE sung by CHRISTINA AGUILERA