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Chapter 6: His Memories

"Hey Ciel." Sebastian said as walking up to his coworker around closing time.

"What?" Ciel questioned curiously as turning around to face the man that was the key to his past.

"Did you want to come over for drinks tonight? Just to sit down and talk, you know?"

"Um..." Ciel thought for a moment. "Sure."

The walk to Sebastian's apart couldn't have been more awkward. Both of them were not uttering a single word let alone a noise. When they reached the door that was Sebastian's apartment Ciel couldn't take the eyes off the man before him, the look on his eyes looked nervous. More afraid than anything, what was Sebastian afraid of?

They entered the nearly empty apartment room, as soon as they shut the door Sebastian walked directly to the closet that held the only important thing in this whole apartment. The suitcase. Ciel eyed him curiously when he pulled the old trunk out of the small closet. All over the suitcase were stamps from different countries showing how many places across the world that trunk had been.

Sebastian gestured Ciel to sit down on the couch as he placed the suitcase down before him. "Don't touch it as tempting as it is please, not yet." Sebastian stated as heading into the kitchen to the one cupboard that contained the wine. Coming back out of the kitchen less than a minute later with two glasses in hand and a knive in his pocket Sebastian saw Ciel staring at the case with intentment. Handing Ciel the glass filled with the red liquid Sebastian downed his own drink in one swift movement of the wrist. "Ok."

"So what is this?" Ciel questioned as looking at the case then back to Sebastian.

"It is part of your past. I am going to open it and you tell me exactly what you see ok? And I mean exactly ok?" Sebastian stated seriously.

"Ok." Ciel responded.

Slowly opening the case Sebastian grabbed one of the items contained inside. He stared at Ciel's face as he put the phantomhive ring upon his finger "What is this?" Ciel stated as turning his attention to the case, once it was open his expression which was nervous changed to frightened. "What the hell is this Sebastian? Are you-"

"What do you see?" Sebastian said as tighting his grip on the lip of the case.

"I see my- me in there. Am I dead? What is this Sebastian-"

"What else do you see?"

"I am motionless, there are black feathers and blood all over me." Ciel said terrified.

"Keep looking," Sebastian said as he reached for Ciel's eye patch.

Feeling finger tips lightly peel at his eye patch Ciel's hand jolted to his eye patch, "Don't."

"I must I know all about it." Releasing his hand from his eye Ciel let Sebastian pull away his eye patch and once he did he felt a rush beyond all belief. He fell backwards onto the couch as memories filled inside him. All moving to fast to even notice what they were. He felt his eye ache much worse than the headache he was recieving. Soon he was in pain everywhere. He felt arms wrap their way around him.

"Sebastian, I can't breathe-" Ciel said begining to gasp for air as he felt like someone was choking him. Something inside him burned with a heat as hot as hells flames.

"I know it is because of them,They don't want me to have you back but I will. I will try to help with the pain best I can. Come here." Sebastian said as hugging Ciel, behind Ciel's back Sebastian had the knive in one hand. Blood stained the blade as Sebastian sliced his hand to get a cleaner cut than using his teeth. He brought his injured hand to his mouth filling it with his blood. He leaned out and looked at Ciel who was now staring blindly at his face.

"Sebastian, what is that on your mou-"

Ciel's words were cut off by Sebastian firmly planting his lips upon Ciel's. He was getting irritated that Ciel's mouth was not opening so he swiftly slipped his tounge inside his mouth to get the sweet metallic liquid inside. Once Ciel felt something being forced down his thoat he began to struggle. Sebastian held him down without ease, soon Ciel became calm. His eyes were closed as he fell into a trance. Sebastian released Ciel and layed him on the couch to rest, hoping that what he had done would help Ciel get to his memories and unlock the hold they had put on him.

"Rest now my little Ciel. For when you wake you will need your strength."

Authors Note: I know this chapter is a bit confusing, but to some it up ...Sebastian was doing a type of ceremony with his blood to awaken something in Ciel, thus his memories. Someone had locked Ciel's memories away, and the only way to get his true Ciel back was to try and force them memories up. Something desperate to do. (if i can think of a better way to write this chapter I will redo it and post it if not sorry stuck with this one.) Next chapter should explain things much better.