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"Road Trip!" Beast Boy yelled.

"We're just going to the pizza place," Raven said in her monotone, "It's not a trip."

"Who cares," Beast Boy said, "Cyborg said I could drive."

"I'm flying," Raven said and turned around.

"Ah, no," Cyborg said, "Green bean just got his permit so we're ALL riding with him behind the wheel."

Raven sighed, "If I die, kill Beast Boy," Raven said and got in the back seat.

"Hey!" Beast Boy said and got in the driver's seat, "I'm not that bad of a diver!"

Eight minutes Later

"See we made it to the pizza place," Beast Boy said.

Everyone was wide eyed and holding onto their seats, "How do you make a car fly?" Cyborg yelled.

"Don't know," Beast Boy said, "But it was awesome!"

"ANYONE but Beast Boy drives home!" Raven yelled.

Everyone nodded in fear, "Aw," Beast Boy said.

Everyone entered the pizza place and found a new waitress taking orders. They took their seat and the new waitress came up, "Welcome, my name is Sam," the waitress said, "May I take your order?"

"Veggie/meat," Beast Boy and Cyborg said in unison.

Sam looked at them as they argued. Suddenly, there was a crash, "No!" a voice said, "Samantha come get your daughter!"

Sam sighed, "Dani!" Sam yelled, "I'll be right back. Danielle! How many times must I tell you to stay…"

The Titans were wide eyed and even Cyborg and Beast Boy stopped fighting, "Robin," Starfire said, "Isn't that girl a little young for reproduction?"

"Yeah, she like 15," Cyborg said.

Sam came out with a girl about eight holding her hand. Sam came over, "Decided yet?" Sam asked, "Dani sit there."

Dani went over and sat down behind the Titans. Sam turned to them waiting for an answer, "Um, how old are you?" Robin asked.

Sam glared, "How old are you?" Sam countered.

"We're 16 or 17," Robin said, "But you look 15 and have a daughter…" Robin trailed off.

Dani tensed along with Sam, "I-It's complicated," Sam said, "It's not in any way you think. Dani is my daughter by DNA, but…I'm still a virgin."

The Titans did a double take, "What?" Raven said, "How is that even possible?"

"Like I said," Sam said, "It's complicated."

"If you don't mind me asking," Robin said, "Who's…Danielle was it…who's her dad?"

Dani and Sam tensed, "Um, you see," Sam sighed, "Can I just get your order?"

"You know we're the town heroes," Robin said, "We can help you."

Sam shook her head, "I didn't want my parents help and I don't want yours," Sam said.

"Why would you not want your parents help?" Starfire asked.

Sam closed her eyes, "If you must know, their dead."

The Titans went wide eyed, "What?"

"Can I please just get your order?" Sam said.

"Half meat, half veggie," Raven said.

Sam nodded, "Stay put Dani," Sam said and went to the kitchen.

Dani looked down not wanting to look at the Titans. Robin came up to her and Dani bit her lip, "I'm not going to hurt you," Robin said softly.

Dani started to cry. Robin gently picked Dani up and she cried into his shoulder. Sam came out, "Oh, Dani," Sam said and took her from Robin, "Shh," Sam said, "It's okay."

"Is she okay?" Cyborg asked.

Sam sighed, "H-Her dad always loved and cared for her, but then, something happened," Sam said, "Now anytime she sees or hears about fathers she breaks down."

Dani cried into her mother, "Can you tell us where you're staying?" Raven asked.

Sam looked at them and sighed, "Nowhere."

"What?" Starfire said looking ready to cry herself.

"Something happened," Sam said, "We have nothing left."

"When does your shift end?" Robin asked.

"When the store closes," Sam said.

Starfire came up to Sam, "Please," she said, "Please come stay with us. If not for yourself then for your young."

Sam looked at Starfire then at Dani who had stopped crying and was looking at the Titans, "I-I don't know," Sam said, "We'd cause you too much trouble."

Robin came up beside his girlfriend, "Sam, we're super heroes, it's what we do."

Sam closed her eyes and Dani squeezed Sam's uniform. Sam looked at Dani then at the Titans, "I-I guess," Sam said, "But I need you to do something for me."

"What?" Robin asked.

Sam took a deep breath, "It's about Dani," Sam said, "We'll show you when we get to your house."

Robin nodded, "Okay, we'll wait here until the shop closes."

Sam set Dani down, "Stay with the Titans Dani," Sam said and went into the kitchen.

Sam came back with the Titans pizza and went to the other tables. Robin and the other Titans played with Dani outside and made her laugh. Sam watched from the window and smiled, but then frowned, "Danny," Sam whispered, "Whatever Vlad did to you…"

Sam watched Robin as he showed Dani different stances, "Maybe…maybe they can help break you of the spell," Sam whispered, "I know you're still in there Danny or else you would've killed me and Dani too."

Sam sighed and went back to work. Dani tried to mimic Robin's stance, "That's pretty close," Robin said and went over to her, "Just spread your feet a little more," Robin said tapping Dani's foot moving it, "And your hands need to be here," Robin said putting her on her waist.

"This feels funny," Dani said.

Everyone, but Raven laughed, "Trust me," Robin said, "It come very handy in battle."

Dani smiled and dropped the stance, "Having fun?" Sam asked coming out with her purse.

"Mommy!" Dani said hugging her.

Sam smiled and grabbed Dani's hand, "So, are we going?" Sam asked.

Robin nodded, "Raven, Starfire, fly above us," Robin said.

Raven and Starfire nodded and flew above the T-car. Everyone got in and Cyborg drove them home. Once inside Dani went straight for the couch, "This is a big couch!" Dani said laughing.

Robin turned to Sam, "What was that you wanted to tell us about Dani?"

Dani stopped laughing instantly and looked at Sam. Sam sighed, "Go on Dani; show them."

Dani nodded and got off the couch and stood in front of the Titans. She let her blue ring appear around her waist and transformed into her ghost half. The Titans gasped and Raven's mouth dropped. Sam went beside Dani, "Dani is half ghost," Sam said, "S-So is her father, Danny Phantom."

Robin went eyed, "I've heard of him, is a villain or hero?"

"He's a hero all the way," Sam said, "His arch enemy, Vlad, is also half ghost. He wanted the perfect half ghost son, Danny. But Danny didn't want to because he loved his family and Vlad wanted his dad dead and to marry his mom."

"Ew," Beast Boy said, "That's just wrong."

Sam nodded, "Anyway, to get his perfect half ghost son Vlad resulted to cloning," Sam continued, "He got Danny's DNA, but it also had mine mixed with it, which created Dani here."

"So that's how that worked," Raven said.

Sam nodded, "About a month ago, Vlad, he," Sam quickly brushed a tear away, "He found a way to control Danny. Vlad made Danny destroy our hometown, but I know the real Danny's still in there because when Vlad told him to destroy us he couldn't. Danny almost gained full control when Vlad knocked him out and warned us that if we ever showed our faces again he'd make sure Danny would kill us."

"Whoa," Cyborg said, "That guy's a mix of Slade and the 'cop' from Tokyo."

"What I want you to do is," Sam said, "Help me train Dani. I can train her some, but not like Danny could. If Vlad found us I don't want Dani to be scared because of who he is and what his done. I want her to be ready to fight like Danny would."

Robin nodded, "We may be able to do that," Robin said, "Raven, can you scan Sam's mind and see if you can pick out Danny's technic?"

Raven nodded, "Do you mind?" (A/N No Pun Intended!) Raven asked.

Sam shook her head, "Go ahead," Sam said.

Raven put her hand to Sam's head and it began to glow purple. The Titans and Dani waited for Raven to finish. After a few minutes both Raven and Sam opened their eyes and Raven removed her hand, "Well?" Robin asked.

"All Danny did was protect those he cared about," Raven said.

"That was his obsession," Sam said, "Dani's is to be loved and protect those who show her real love."

"So if we can get her to protect she'll be on the right track," Cyborg said.

Sam shook her head, "Dani was betrayed by Vlad, someone she thought loved her, and now she's lost both sides of her family and Danny, the one person other than me who loved her most, is under Vlad's control," Sam said, "If you try and hurt anyone else she loves she may turn evil; like Danny did in an Alternate Future and no, you don't want to know about that future."

"Okay," Robin said, "So for now we'll train Dani the same way we do."

Sam nodded and Dani turned human, "Also," Sam said, "Dani should be getting ice powers. When that happens she'll have uncontrollable coldness and nothing will warm her up because the source is inside her; an ice core. When this happens, I want you to help me train her. Danny told me how he learned to control his power so we should be able to train her."

Raven came up and handed Dani a necklace, "Here," Raven said, "This is a magic necklace that when worn can let you feel how your dad is."

Dani smiled and hugged Raven. Raven tensed, but didn't have the heart to move, "Thank you," Dani said.

Dani let go of Raven and put the necklace around her neck, "Daddy," Dani said, "He misses us."

Sam smiled, "Looks like you connected to the real Danny," Sam said.

"Come on," Cyborg said, "I'll show you two to a room."

Sam grabbed Dani's hand, "Thank you again," Sam said, "And thank you Raven, this will give Dani much more hope."

Raven nodded and Dani and Sam left behind Cyborg, "That was really nice Raven," Beast Boy said.

"Don't push your luck," Raven said walking up the three stairs, "You're still not funny."

Raven left and Beast Boy smirked, "Keep saying that," Beast Boy said, "But I've heard your laugh once and I won't stop until it's consistent."

Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy left for bed.

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