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Raven's Point of View

It's been a week and we haven't been able to do anything because we would easily get captured. And to make things worse Vlad tortures Gar every single day on live television, well, him or that double back stabbing blonde haired traitor, Terra. I always run out of the room before it starts and Nicole and Starfire run after me…or float in Star's case. Nicole and Star always stay with me until I wind up crying myself to sleep at night.

That's been the routine ever since we got here. After I wake up the next morning, which is very early, I read a book from the bookshelf from the Ghost Zone that Dora had brought until Nicole comes and gets me for breakfast. As I sat on my bed reading a book on all the ghosts in the Ghost Zone that Danny knew about I couldn't help but think that there had to be something I could do to save Gar, but what can…I… I sat up in shock when I got to a certain ghost in the book, "Clockwork…" I whispered, "Danny said he wouldn't mess with the time stream unless something like Dan happened…would this count?"

I heard my door open. I looked up and saw Nicole, "Where's Danny?" I asked, "Or Dani or Sam?"

"Um, I think Dani's talking with Argent and Danny and Sam are in the dining room," Nicole said, "Why?"

"I think I know how to fix all this," I said and jumped off the bed with the book and my finger holding Clockwork's page.

"Huh?" Nicole said confused as I ran by her.

I found Dani talking with Argent in the main room, "Dani," I said when I reached her.

Dani turned to me confused, "Raven?" she asked, "What's wrong?"

I showed her the page in my book, "Clockwork?" she asked me then went wide eyed, "Clockwork!" she exclaimed, "Raven, you're a genius!"

I nodded, "Am I missing something here?" Argent asked.

"Clockwork is the Master of Time," Dani said, "If we can find him then maybe he can fix all this."

"But wait," Argent said, "Vlad took all possible ghosts that could stop him prisoner. Would that include Clockwork?"

"Clockwork would've seen it coming right?" I asked.

"Then why didn't he stop it?" Danny asked suddenly in the conversation.

"Unless…" Dani said, "Something went wrong in the time stream…then Clockwork wouldn't have known."

"But what?" Sam asked, "Were we not supposed to go to Tinamil?"

I shook my head, "No, remember, Marie said that us going to Tinamil was foretold long before we were born and us coming back," I said, "So something had to have happened before we got back."

"What did happened while we were gone Dani?" Sam asked her daughter.

"You mean how Vlad and Terra took over the world?" she asked.

"Sure," Danny said, "We need any information."

"Well, first Vlad and Terra disappeared for a year after attacking us shortly after you guys left," Dani said, "Robin alerted all the Titans around the world to be on the lookout for them and I even told the Ghost Zone, well our allies anyway. When Vlad and Terra returned…Vlad knew magic and Terra was willingly working for him.

"Slowly at first Vlad and Terra took over the states of the U.S. then started to pick up speed after he took control of U.S. The Titans stationed in the U.S. were the first to be captured and put in the mines. I managed to get away from Vlad and Terra just by sheer luck and start the rebellion with what was left of Titans and our allies in the Ghost Zone and even some ghosts out of alliance.

"I was captured when Vlad used some sort of magic on me. I was knocked unconscious and the next thing I knew I had Starfire and Robin tending to me in their home in the mines."

"I then took control of what little of the rebellion we had," Argent said, "However Vlad learned magic is what gave him the advantage."

"So maybe that's it," Danny said, "Vlad wasn't supposed to know magic."

"But Marie said that this was part of the legend," Roxanne said.

"Roxanne has a point," Nicole said, "Mom would never lie to us…maybe dad, but not mom."

We were all quiet, "Maybe…" I said, "Maybe Marie just wanted you guys to help us. She only told you this was part of the legend so you'd come with us because you would want to return to your brother right Mariana?"

Mariana was quiet, "But, why lie?" Dylan said, "We all saw what happened here. If you asked us to I'm sure we would've come anyway."

"Maybe she didn't know," Trevor tried.

"Or," Danny said, "She's like Clockwork and knows something we don't."

"But she told Gar to protect Nicole…not the other way around," I argued, "If she knew Gar would be captured wouldn't she tell Nicole to protect Gar?"

"Okay, freeze," Dani said, "I may be the leader here, but I'm still 11 and I can't follow any of this."

"Yeah, my head hurts," Trevor agreed, "This is a big brain teaser…"

Brain teaser… I was quiet in thought, "Rachel?" Roxanne said, "Rachel, are you okay?"

I didn't answer I was deep in thought. Why would Clockwork let this happen? That's the one question that I want answered. What if…something happened to Clockwork, no that can't be it. Something in my gut and in the back of my head kept repeating 'Brain Teaser'. I took the book from Dani and read the page again.

Clockwork is the Master of Time. Lives in a Clock Tower guarding the time stream and Dan Phantom. Is a very good ally to the King and Queen.

He lives in a tower in the middle of the Ghost Zone…wouldn't he get bored? Wait an Azarath second…bored. I looked at Danny, "Does Clockwork ever get bored floating in his tower all day?"

Danny blinked, "Uh…I don't know," he said, "Why?"

I slammed the book closed, "I think your little ghost friend is messing with us," I said.

"Very good Raven," a voice said and everything around us started to disappear except for me, Danny, Sam, and Gar… "Gar!" I yelled and hugged him.

"Oof," he said, "Raven? What in the world?"

Clockwork appeared in front of us, "Clockwork?" Sam said.

"Very good Raven you figured it out," he said.

"You were messing with us!" Danny yelled arms flying.

"Hey, even the Master of Time get bored Daniel," Clockwork argued.

Danny pinched his nose in irritation, "So has it really been three years or was that part of the joke?" he asked trying to stay calm.

"No," Clockwork laughed, "It's only been a month."

"So the whole second meeting with my mom was you?" Gar asked.

Clockwork nodded, "Clockwork!" Danny and Sam yelled.

Clockwork shrugged, "If you weren't the guard of Dan you would be put in Walker's jail for a few thousand years," Danny said pinching his nose again.

"Your sister was in on it too Garfield," Clockwork said.

"What?" Gar asked.

"She's my apprentice," he said and Nicole appeared beside him, "I offered her the position after you and her saved Tinamil."

"Nicole!" Gar and I yelled.

Nicole chuckled, "If you weren't Gar's twin…" I threatened.

"Oh come on Raven," Nicole said, "It was fun."

"For you," I said holding Gar's arm like a teddy bear, "But not for me."

"Alright, time to send you four back and yes Garfield the Tinamil teens have been home this whole time," Clockwork said and a blue light surrounded us.

We arrived in the Common Room, "Mommy! Daddy!" eight year old Dani yelled and hugged Danny and Sam.

"Well, that was fast," Cyborg said, "You guys were only gone a month and what happened to your skin not so Green Bean?"

Gar blew hair out of his face, "Long story," he said, "A really long story."

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