for the "I Dare You" challenge over at The NextGen Fanatics

pairing: mollyscorpius

prompts: storm watch, fresh roses, cinnamon stick

disclaimer: i don't own harry potter


before the storm

"and, all is calm, before the storm"



They say before a tornado destroys your house, your work, your life, the wind just stops. Everything is calm, giving off this allusion things will be alright; giving off an allusion that you'll be alright. And as you take a breathe and sigh of relief, there's a sound like a train and the next thing you know, there's lots of wind and flying objects and things aren't fine. Things are far from fine.

That's how you feel, as you stand there on the porch of the Burrow, staring at the blonde boy before you. You feel like things are calm, too calm; as if there's a storm brewing in the distance; like at any given moment Grandma Molly is going to call the two of you in and let you know there's a storm watch.

But as you stand under the warm summer moon, you know this storm is metaphoric; the only people who can see this storm coming is you and him and her. But even though this storm isn't a real storm, that doesn't change anything, doesn't make this storm any less threatening or scary. You've still got a lot to lose here.

"Just..." you start, cursing your traitorous voice for breaking. "Just chose: me or her."

He stays silent and turns his head upwards, to stare at the sky. You can't help but guess he's search for a star, for something to make a wish on, something that'll tell him who he should choose, what he should do. You'd do the same.

The air around you smells of fresh roses and cinnamon sticks. It smells the way she always smells. All you want to do is turn and run away, but you're so tired of running away. It's time to fight for what you want; even if you're fighting your cousin for the guy she loves; the guy you both love.

"Scorpius," you call his name, the way you've called it a thousand times before, but things are different this time. You're voice is pleading, broken. Your eyes water as he turns around to look at you. You know he's made his mind up.

"Molly," his voice is soft and waves of pain crash down on you, holding you under, making it harder and harder to breathe. "Molly," he repeats, looking you in the eyes. A single tear falls down your left cheek. "It you, it's always been you. I don't know who I'm kidding here. I can't love her, not the way I love you. I could never love anyone the way I love you. I chose you."

You kiss him like you've never kissed anyone before. You wrap your arms around him and hold him, the way you never thought you'd be able to.

"Scorp, I-" Rose freezes at the door, pain written all over her pretty face as you pull away from him. "I-" she tries, and then, she turns and she runs. You can hear her sobs as she runs into the Burrow and up the stairs.

And just like that, the storm disappears, leaving destruction in it's wake. But it also leaves a rainbow; one full to the brim with hope for the future.