Okay, I was thinking about how Roxanne is never really impressed with Megamind's inventions. Or, at least, doesn't show it. Which I can sort of understand. They're evil. What kind of hostage would she be if she admitted to being impressed with evil things?

So. Megamind makes genius inventions that are so creative as to often be ridiculous. However, it must be said that they are all brilliant, even when they're flawed. Can she really be that unimpressed by all of it all the time? She gets front-row seats, surely she sees enough to appreciate the advanced technology, design, and workmanship. And the spikes. And yet, she's not impressed. Ever. I don't buy that. Surely she's just hiding it.

So, I decided to change that. This is a story about the first time she sees one of his non-evil inventions and is impressed. And what that leads to. Probably would lead to an AU. Set pre-movie. Just a one-shot, though.

Oh, thanks to pitbulllady for a post on LJ detailing some things about the hoverbike. I know nothing about motorcycles or classic cars myself.

"Hello? I'm awake! Take the bag off already!" she calls into the darkness while sitting with her hands tied behind her back.

"She's awake!" exclaims Megamind.

"That's what I said, Captain Obvious," she grumbles.

She hears his familiar footsteps approach, the sound muffled. Not a hard floor, then. Come to think of it, she can feel a breeze blowing across her bare arms. Outside then. This theory is confirmed when the bag is snatched off her head and piercing sunlight momentarily blinds her. She squeezes her eyes shut for a moment and, when she reopens them, it is to find a blue face inches from her own, studying her.

"Don't stare," she tells him, staring at him right back, "It's rude."

He blinks and backs away, still staring, "I'm the villain. I'm supposed to be rude." He has a smirk on his self-satisfied face. He's really pleased with himself over something. He starts over, getting back to the script, "We meet again, Miss Ritchi."

"Morning, Megamind. You look cheerful. Obviously nobody snuck up on you this morning and knocked you out WITH THE FORGET-ME STICK!"'

"Sorry, Miss Ritchi," came Minion's voice from behind a tarp-covered mound 20 feet to her right, "We were all out of spray."

"I don't even mind the kidnappings that much anymore," she admits, "But I can do without the brain damage."

"Why, Miss Ritchi, I'm the villain. I wouldn't expect you to come willingly because I just asked you nicely" explains Megamind, knowing that she wouldn't.

"Try it sometime and see," she answers, knowing he won't, "So, what evil toy are you playing with today? Robots? Lasers? Spikes? Robots with lasers and spikes?"

"No, Miss Ritchi. That would be far too predictable," he says, pleased that the giant robot with lasers and spikes that he'd been planning to use today hadn't been finished in time and he'd had to fall back on one of his back-up evil plots.

"What is it, then?"

"Patience, Miss Ritchi," he purrs, "You will see soon enough. I wouldn't want you to warn your boyfriend-in-tights about my trap before I've had a chance to spring it." He steps away for a moment to help Minion connect some plugs, remove tarps, and position some unidentifiable equipment. Roxanne can't tell what she's looking at, which isn't that uncommon. Some of his inventions are very obscure and she can't always tell what they do until he actually turns them on. Her eyes wander across the open field where her chair is sitting and she spots another piece of equipment she finds far more interesting.

"What's that?" she asks, running her eyes along the shiny black body of what looks sort of like a motorcycle.

Minion looks up and sees what she's looking at. "Oh, Miss Ritchi, that's just the boss's hoverbike," he answers before connecting another cable to what he's working on.

"It flies?" she asks, imagining what it would be like to ride that through the sky.

"Of course it flies," Megamind answers irritably as he tests a connection that doesn't seem to be working right. Well, what can you expect from salvaged parts? "I wouldn't call it a hover bike if it didn't hover."

"Can I look at it?" she asks.

"You are obviously already looking at it." he answers, searching for a spare cord.

"No, I mean, untie me. I want to look closer." She is straining toward it, working her wrists as if trying to wriggle out of her ropes.

He looks up, his cords forgotten. Why is she so interested in his transportation? He walks over to her, watching her. She isn't even looking at him. Instead, her eyes are darting around from one part of his hoverbike to another. "Why...?" he asks her, suspiciously.

"It's a motorcycle that flies. I want to see it," she explains, as if this were obvious.

"Is this another escape attempt? Because it won't work, Miss Ritchi."

"Yeah, I know. No one can hear me scream. Just untie me already," she looks up at him, finally, "I promise, I'll be good."

"You want me to untie you so you can look closer at my hoverbike?" he asks.

"For a genius, you're awfully slow today," she observes, "Come on. If I try to make a run for it I'm sure you'll send your brainbots after me," she makes one more attempt, smiling and looking up through her lashes straight in his eyes, "Please?"

Villain though he is, how can he resist that look? It's nearly as good as the ones Minion can produce. "Well, since you begged me," he relents. He swiftly unties her and she immediately approaches the hoverbike.

She walks around the bike, examining it closely and occasionally ducking down to see better. Megamind is following her warily. She reaches out to run her hands along the chrome handlebars and traces the lightning bolts on the sides. Clearly she likes it. "Harley Davidson frame," she observes, "Is that a Studebaker bullet nose?"

"Yes," he grins watching her practically stroking his bike.

"I bet she's fast," she breathes.

"You like it, Miss Ritchi?" he asks, confident that she does.

"She's beautiful," she finally looks back at him, teasing. "And it's not even evil. I didn't think you had it in you, Spaceman."

"It can be used for evil," he objects, defending his evilness.

She shakes her head sadly, "You can make stuff like this, and you waste your time making toys for Metro Man to smash," She runs a hand over the leather seat longingly and sighs. Then she turns back and begins to walk toward her chair. After all, she'd promised to be good.

Before she can go very far, he asks her, "Would you...like to take a ride?" She stops in her tracks and turns to him. There's a calculating look in his face. Off to one side, Minion gasps.

"Don't you have an evil plan to implement?" she asks.

He shrugs, as if it didn't matter to him, "If you're not interested, I can just tie you up again, Miss Ritchi."

She thinks about it, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. She knows this is probably a bad idea. But that bike is so pretty. When will she ever get the chance to ride it again? It'll probably be smashed soon, the way his things get destroyed. It would really be a shame to lose this opportunity. She looks at him and then back at the bike. Back and forth. Then she decides. A wicked grin lights her face as she saunters back to the villain's bike.

Megamind removes his cape and tosses it to the ground. Otherwise it will flap in her face while they ride. He mounts the bike and kick-starts it, twisting the throttle to race the engine. It's a satisfying, deep growling sound that Roxanne likes. It rises a few inches in the air and bobs in place as he shifts his position, sliding forward to make sure there's room for her behind him. He holds out his hand to help her on-board, wondering if she'll back out. She accepts his hand and climbs up with the confidence of a woman who's been on the back of a bike before. She hesitates only a second before wrapping her arms around him. She doesn't want to risk falling off. He sucks in his breath at the contact, enjoying the feel of her pressed against his back. With one last glance at Minion, watching from the ground, he guns it and streaks into the air, Roxanne clinging to him for dear life. They race all through the city and out into the surrounding country. Sometimes flying high in the air and sometimes along the ground with traffic. They swoop down to startle birds and swing around buildings at break-neck speeds, laughing into the wind.

An hour or two later, Megamind pulls his hoverbike up to Roxanne's balcony to drop her off. As he helps her down, she says, "Thanks, Megamind. That's the most fun I've had in a long time."

"Better than flying with Metro Mahn?" he asks. He says it as if he's teasing, but he really hopes it's true. He doesn't know why he cares, but hearing Roxanne admit he's better than his rival at something feels like it would be a victory. Something he's never really experienced before.

"Much better," she agrees, giving him his win. Then she makes that win even more impressive by impulsively giving him a peck on the cheek. His face blushes violet. She giggles. Some villain. "If you want to swing by and take me for a ride again sometime, I wouldn't object."

"You wouldn't? But... I'm the bad guy."

She shrugs, as if she doesn't care. "Well, if you don't want to..."

"No. I... I'd enjoy that, Miss Ritchi," he stutters, trying to regain his composure. This is going so much better than he'd dreamed of.

"Call me Roxanne, Megamind."

His heart skips a beat. "R-Roxannne," he breathes.

"Yes?" she looks at him expectantly.

He blinks and pulls himself together. Once composed, he asks suavely, "Are you doing anything Saturday night?"

"Not much," she answers, succeeding in not laughing at his act.

"I could pick you up at seven," he suggests.

"Sounds good. Try to stay out of prison, bad guy," she winks at him before turning and entering her apartment, closing the balcony doors behind her.

Outside, Megamind guns the engine and roars off into the sky, his heart dancing. Could this day get any better? Oh, yes, to brag. He slows his bike and speaks into his wrist, "Minion. Code: She kissed me."


So, yeah. Roxy's got a weakness for motorcycles.

Sorry, it's a little rushed. Just a quick little idea that came to me.