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"You're welcome." Goth boy said to me when the boys were gone. Me being the indignant girl I was huffed and said,

"You shouldn't have interfered Nicky I had it all under control!" yeah, 'yell at the boy who just saved your butt 'cause that's amazingly smart'. But hey don't blame me, I was still pretty freaked about what happened just ten seconds before. Goth kid whirled around and stomped toward me.

He might have been pissed about the nickname or maybe the denying him the proper respect for taking on the bad guys instead of letting them have me. Or maybe both. "You couldn't take them on if you tried." He spat. Now that hit a nerve.

"Why? Is it since I'm a little below average in size? Or maybe the fact I don't have huge muscles? Oh or here's one, the fact I don't keep a lighter in my pocket! Well sorry to disappoint but my mom barely lets me near a steak knife!" I was ranting now just letting all the fear dissolve into anger to fuel my speech.

"NO! Because you don't deal with people like that a lot! You have a family to take care of you! The only reason I saved you was because I knew if you died it would hurt your family so much! You don't know death! You probably have the happiest life ever with every single person you ever loved right next to you!" he bellowed. That did it. My eyes welled with tears and I shoved past him so he couldn't see them fall down my face. I ran to the bathroom and stayed there till the end of first period.

I looked in the mirror and smiled. I looked the same as before the little scene before. See I had those little break downs a LOT so I learned to bring mascara, eyeliner, and make up remover to school. That's why I didn't have many friends. It wasn't like I cried all the time or anything but either they thought I was to depressing or I thought they were to annoying, bossy, mean, disrespectful,… yeah I'm kind of picky in friends. Anyway I headed toward my next class which was all about how life might be hard but that doesn't mean you should do drugs and smoke and all that. It also taught about depression and suicide and stuff like that. I walked into the classroom and a pretty lady with dark brown hair and grey eyes just like Emma's. I smiled at her and she told me were my seat was. It was at the very back of the room next to a window. I sat down and dug my book out of my backpack. I started reading happily and heard someone sit next to me. I looked up and saw him. He smiled at me but I just crinkled my nose at him and turned around to face the front. I felt a tap on my shoulder but ignored it since I knew who it was.

"I'm sorry." He said very clearly but soft enough not to make a scene of it.

"No you're not you meant every word of what you said." I said simply.

"No I didn't I was just a little angry that they were here." I knew who he was talking about, "I didn't mean to offend you…"

Looking back on our little encounter in the trees before and saw just how much I had over reacted. I would have acted that way to if I had just seen what seemed to be my worst enemies picking on a poor defenseless person. "It's okay. I kind of over reacted." I mumbled back. I looked over at him and he grinned at me his big brown eyes twinkling happily. Then the bell rang and we faced our teacher.

"Hello class. My name is Ms. Rose. Today your assignment is to fill out as much of the sheets on your table." I looked down and saw a little packet that had questions like: my partners name is my partner is good at … "as an example Ms. Sixx here would ask Mr. Stoll as many questions as she can before ten minutes are up then Mr. Stoll will ask Ms. Sixx questions so on so forth till the end of class." I hadn't known Emma was in my class but I looked up and saw Emma's grey eyes fixed on the teacher. Emma was seated to one of twins who was fidgeting a lot and his eyes were darting all over the place. "Start"


"Layla Iero." He kept going on with questions till he got to,

"What are you good at?" I was stumped. I didn't really have talents that were considered good.

"Don't have any."

"Everybody has talents!" he argued.

"I don't have any good talents." I argued back

"Just what are you good at! Anything!"

"Ummm… well I'm good at reading… and pranks and-" I stopped myself before I said stealing. I was very good at that. Yeah not exactly the type of thing you want to put on a school assignment.

"What?" he asked his curiosity sparked.

"That was twenty minutes switch!" Ms. Rose called saving me from a long explanation.