As the party-goers settled their nerves with stiff Shirley Temples, Lucky Spencer and Dante Falconeri rushed into the Star.

"It's alright, detectives," Robert called to them.

"Stand down, men," Mac agreed.

"Dispatch said a call came in from here. A report of shots fired?" Dante said.

The commissioner and chief looked at each other quizzically.

"Um..., I dialed 911," Maxie admitted, flashing her cell phone.

"It was nothing," Robert assured his subordinates. "An overreaction."

"How'd you get here so fast, though, anyway?" Mac asked, impressed with the unusually speedy response time.

"Uh, we were on our way already," Lucky explained.

"Lookin' for a party, were ya?" Luke said. "You've come to the right place. What happened to that music, anyway? Call our band back, willya, Lavery?"

"Actually," Lucky said, turning to his father, "I was looking for you, Dad."

"Well, you found me. What's up?"

Lucky was silent for a long moment, and then said, "Mom called. From Paris. She said... She said...she needs you."

"Laura...?" Luke asked, his recent flippancy melting away. "What exactly did she say?"

"Nothing else," Lucky insisted worriedly. "That's it. Just, 'Tell your father I need him. Please.'"

Luke looked uncertainly at his son, then at Robert, then at Holly.

"Well, what are you waiting for, mate?" his best friend asked.

"Go to her," urged Holly.

"Tell Lulu I'll call you both when I get there," Luke told his son, before heading swiftly for the door.

"Dad!" Lucky called.

"Yeah, Cowboy?" Luke asked, turning back.

"What about Tracy?"

"Oh," Luke realized. "Spanky... Well, you know what they say: It's easier to apologize than to ask permission..."

"Dad," Lucky scolded, "she's your wife. I mean, I know she's not Mom, but..."

"You're right," Luke relented. "Thanks for tryin' to keep me honest, kid." He clapped a hand on his son's shoulder. "I know it's a helluva job. I'll swing by the Quartermaine mansion on my way to the airport. With any luck, Tracy isn't on her way here yet. You know how she likes to make an entrance..."

And with that, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer made his exit, with the other Port Charles residents looking after him.

Duke was the first to look away from the doorway through which Luke had disappeared. He shifted his gaze to Anna and then cupped her cheek in his hand and turned her face toward him. He kissed her, straightened up, and said, "Dance with me again."

Anna smiled at him, and he turned toward the stage and called, "Maestro..."

The band members slowly trickled in from where they'd hidden backstage and in a few moments started to play. The Laverys wrapped their arms around each other and began to sway in time with the music. They kissed again, danced cheek to cheek, and then Anna laid her head on Duke's shoulder.

"Shall we?" Robert asked Holly, jerking his head toward the dance floor.

"I thought you'd never ask."

"How 'bout us?" Patrick asked his wife.

"I think the baby and I will sit this one out," Robin grinned.

He pouted and then turned to his daughter. "Emma?"

"I'd love to, Daddy!"

"Would you like to dance?" Andrew shyly asked his date, hoping to salvage what had so far been a very strange evening.

"Sure," Maxie smiled, and the two took to the floor.

"So...," Andrew began tentatively. "I don't think I'm gonna get a Jaguar. But, you know, I've always thought I might like a motorcycle."

"Yeah?" Maxie grinned. "Yeah, I can see you on that kind of bike."

"Ducatis are cool."

"Definitely. You should talk to Jaso-" Maxie abruptly stopped speaking, remembering that Jason Morgan was unable to run a motorcycle shop from his cell in the state penitentiary.

"To who?"

"Never mind. So, will you give me a ride? When you get"

"I can do that."

"I'm sorry I'm late," Bobbie said, rushing in and greeting Mac at the bar. "I got held up at the hospital."

"No problem," Mac smiled, and kissed her. "I'm glad you're here now."

"Would you look at that...," Holly smiled, nudging her husband's arm as she watched her brother-in-law.

"Well, well, well...," Robert said. "Looks like Robin and Patrick aren't the only ones who picked up a little souvenir in Scotland..."

"Ladies and gentlemen," intoned the bandleader into a microphone, over the instrumental music that played on. "Thank you for being here tonight, for the grand reopening of The Haunted Star. We hope you're all enjoying yourselves. Right now, we'd like to ask you to welcome some very special guests, singing a very special song. Enjoy..."

The house lights dimmed...

"Open up your eyes,
Tell me what you see,"

crooned a tall form that emerged from the stage curtains and sauntered in darkness to the edge of the stage to front the band.

"Is there a place for me
Inside of you?
Can we both forgive?
Try to just forget-
Forget the past
And let the day begin?"

Anna lifted her cheek from Duke's shoulder and looked toward the stage.

"What is it?" he asked her.

"I don't know. Something seems...familiar, somehow. A bit like déjà vu, but not?"

A spotlight came up on the singer as he serenaded,
"I'm going back again.
I'll take it to the end.
Remember where we've been
And where we have to go.
Take a look around,
Look at what we've found.
I know that we can be
What we want to be.
I'm going back again
Every other day.
I think of what to say.
But the words-
The words are just a part of it."

Maxie Jones's big blue eyes filled with tears as she swayed in Andrew's arms. "Dad," she said quietly, staring at the stage.

"Frisco," Anna said in surprise.

"Well I'll be...," Robert whispered into Holly's hair. "It's like old home day around here, isn't it, luv."

"I run into the walls
And then I see it all
And I dance alone
As I think of you."

Felicia Jones joined her husband onstage to reprise the chorus as a duet:
"I'm going back again.
I'll take it to the end.
Remember where we've been
And where we have to go.
Take a look around
Look at what we've found.
I know that we can be
What we want to be.
I'm going back again."

Maxie had stopped dancing with her date and had walked as if in a trance to stand beneath the stage and look up at her parents. Her estranged father got down on one knee and sang to her:
"I see the story in your eyes
And we can never say goodbye.
I wanna show you, show me-
Come on, and show me.
Take a look around,
Look at what we've found.
I know that we can be
What we want to be."

All the other pairings had stopped dancing. Patrick and Emma had returned to Robin, who sat at the bar with Mac and Bobbie.

"I'm going back again."

Robert and Holly had drifted back to their son, Ethan.

"I'm going back again."

Andrew, forgotten by Maxie, had been approached by his parents, Duke and Anna.

"I'm going back again."

"Back Home Again," Jack Wagner, Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Copyright 1987 Quest Records

Fade to black and cue the opening bars of the original General Hospital theme, "Autumn Breeze."

And that's all she wrote, folks.