It was just after nine in the morning when Cynthia Winchester made her way down the long winding stair case. Once again Dean never came to bed. It was work, work, work with him. I guess that's what she gets for marrying a man that was the owner for five car dealerships and ten garages. Dean Winchester had made quite the name for himself. He was what everyone woman wanted. Tall, handsome, sexy as hell, and rich. He had it all and more but she was the only one that could have him and she wanted him now.

"Good morning Miss Cynthia. May I get you a cup of coffee?" Jeffery the butler asked.

"No thank you. I can get some later. Where is Dean?"

"His office ma'am."

"Thank you." She smiled.

She walked through the living room and toward his office. When she looked him she saw that he was the phone and she couldn't resist. She was drawn to the sound of his voice, just like a cat and just as predisposed to purr as she was. He was sitting in his chair, staring sightlessly at the computer monitor as he talked.

'Good, not work related for once.' She thought as she walked into the room and over to him. She longed to touch him. She moved behind him and she ran her fingers over his bare shoulders and down his chest. In response his fingers clasp her wrist and squeezing firmly, lift her hand away. His other hand gestures impatiently, signaling 'leave me alone'.

She was miffed by his response. She pulled her hands away and move around the chair to straddle his legs, trapping them between her own. Dean gave her a very intense almost glare and continued his conversation, his eyes flashing warnings at her…..which she ignored of course.

She got up and sat on the edge of his desk and prop up one of her legs by placing her foot on the arm of his chair. He shot her an angry look but his eyes are caught by the sight of her slowly easing the skirt of her sundress up her thigh. She ran her fingers along her smooth-shaven legs, up over her knee and then down along the underside of her thigh. Her fingers brush the crotch of her panties and she shivered and moaned. Her nipples were suddenly hard and she could feel a surge of moisture both inside her and around her clit.

Dean leaned back in his chair a bit, easing his hips forward, drawing her eyes to the bulge growing there. 'Good. About damn time' she thought.

Cynthia was tempted to drop to her knees and pull him out but her had pushed her away once and she doesn't want it to happen again so she rested her right hand behind her and leaned back on the desk, supporting myself. She ran a finger along her panties, massaging her clit through the cloth barrier trying to push her finger inside her. Very soon her panties were soaked. She brought her hand up and slid her fingers under the cloth teasing the soft shaved skin of her pussy.

She watched as he swallowed hard and closed his eyes then opened them again as if he was afraid to miss something. Cynthia pressed a finger and gave her clit a good flick which in turn made her gasp. She slipped her hand farther down, running her fingers between her lips, reveling in the wetness. She slipped a finger into her hole, just an inch or two and slipped it out, repeating until her hips wanted to lift off the desk.

She could hear his voice changing as he continued to talk but his eyes were fastened upon her, upon the cloth-covered part of her body where all the action was taking place. She decided to have pity on him. He was just so damn cute. She stood up from the edge of the desk and pulled her dress over her head. She pitched it over his shoulder to land in a heap a few feet away. She turned around and balanced against the desk, stepping out of her panties. They are soaking wet and as they slide down her thighs they leave a trail of wetness. She stepped out of them and left them laying at her feet, thinking about what to do next.

Bending over she rested her elbows on the desktop and her chin in her hands. She spread her legs wide apart making sure he had a good view. She began to touch herself. The fingers of her left hand torment her clit, pinching and rolling it and until her hips buck and then slip down into her, hooking against her bone, making her squirm. A few minutes passed and she knew she was close to cumming.

She could still hear his voice but she couldn't make out the words because her own pleasure was buzzing too loudly in her ears. "Dean…Dean." She said in a whisper as she came on her hand. His tone changed more and she could tell that her are ending the conversation. She could hear him moving in his chair but she was too wrapped up in the pleasure that she was giving herself to notice more than that.

Suddenly she felt his hands around her wrist and he pushed her wrist upwards into the small of her back. With his other hand her push her down onto the desk until her breasts were pressed against it. Before she knew it he was guiding himself into her pussy. "Oh fuck!" she moaned as he shoved into her hard, forcing a cry out of her that is echoed by a long, low moan from him.

Her hipbones were slammed punishingly into the desktop again and again until pleasure started over-riding the pain. She stood on tiptoe and reach her free hand under her to touch her clit. She grinded it punishingly, pushing herself toward orgasm with each pass of her fingers. Dean continued to pound into her until she came crying out her pleasure, her back arched and her face red.

"I told you I was busy." He said as he never slowed his pace. He just thrusted harder and harder into her her.

"Oh God!" she screamed.

"This what you want?" he asked and pulled on her hair.

"Yes! Oh Yes!"

"Now you got it!" Dean said as he pounded away.

A few more thrust later and they both came screaming each others names in pure bliss.

Dean easer out of her and turned her around to face him, "Don't ever pull something like that again."

"Whatever you want." She smiled at him. Their marriage wasn't perfect but they had needs and it not for her those needs would never be fulfilled.

Cynthia got dressed and walked out of the office closing the door behind her. She could already hear him back on the phone again. It was going to be another lonely day for her. What happened to him? They were once so in love. He worshiped her. He would have loved for her to do something like she just did. they would have spent the day in each others arms but now she got nothing. Now he handed her a credit card just to keep her away from him. Their marriage was falling apart and he didn't even care. It broke her heart. Money was his new love now and there was nothing she could do. She just had to figure out of she could live this way or not.

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