What in Flipping Hell is Voss

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Alex's Pov

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Time Skip

We all took our seats.

"Hey, Lenny remember we used to come here after we got wasted" Marcus said

"Shhhhh" Was all Lenny said in reply

"What's wasted?" Donna asked

Lenny thought for a moment " Wasted is when, uh it's when, You have a hankering for ice-cream" he finally said

" I wanna get wasted" Andre said

"I wanna totally get wasted" Charlie added

"I wanna get wasted every single day of my life" Donna said too.

"I wanna get chocolate wasted" Becky said

"No, you don't need to get wasted, its okay" Roxanne said to Becky trying to quiet her down. Lenny smiled at this.

"Okay I'll take care of this 20 burgers and 20 fries now that'll just be for me, what are you guys having" Eric asked making us all laugh. "No that'll be for everybody, you can put it on the card." Eric said to the waitress.

"Oh you don't have to do that" Lenny said us all agreeing.

"I'm not having any hamburgers. I'll have some meatloaf, some calzones but put the marinara sauce on the side, with corn either on the cob or whatever you got" Mama Ronzoni said. "What you gonna eat an electric chair?" Marcus interrupted. "What?" Mama Ronzoni asked. "Uh he's just kidding 'Henry the 8th'" Lenny told her.

Making the other older guys laugh.

"She's eating for 2, her and Toe Bo Cop" Kurt said making them laugh even more.

"But, Mama they do have bunion rings if you want some" Lenny added, us all laughing by now. "That was good, Lenny" Deanne said.

"How about some drinks" the waitress interrupted.

"Hey I said I'm paying so take it easy with that" Eric said trying to spend the least amount of money possible "I'm kidding" he said.

" Ok, so I'm gonna have a coke and I know Donna is gonna want a sprite" Eric said and added "And uh Bean is good with milk". "I want cookies" Bean said.

"ooh cookies and milf" Marcus said

"oh it is. Thank you very much" Sally said to him.

"Ok take it easy" he said to Marcus before turning to Sally "Tuck it away Sweetie", She nodded.

" And I'll take a flat water. Voss" Greg said. "What?" the waitress replied confused,

"You know Voss, I'll take Fiji if you don't have Voss" Greg sort of explained.

" You know what anything you got is good" Lenny said.

"Yeah, we have out of the faucet" the waitress said.

"Like from a hose?" Greg asked a disgusted look on his face.

I rolled my eyes, and I know my friends enough to know that Kris and Rikki were rolling there's too.

"Tap water" the waitress said to him.

"What country is that from?" Keithie asked making me have to stifle a laugh.

"Oh my god, just get the water. We're done talking about water. Just get the tap water" Lenny said grumbling. Most likely embarrassed.

"I'll get the Voss from the back…." Rita said, only to be interrupted by Lenny " No just sit down. Study, for your test".

Kurt then said something to Rita in Chinese which she replied back.

"I'm sorry what now?" Deanne asked utterly confused.

"He says they have the best burgers in town here" Rita explained "Really, Since when did you learn to speak Chinese?" Deanne asked Kurt.

"Oh, its just a little something I picked up watching a Chinese cooking show" Kurt answered. "That's great… Maybe you should focus a little less on the talking and a little more on the cooking" She said putting her hands on his shoulder. Mama Ronzoni laughed, but Kurt seemed a little taken aback by her words.

"You got told" Mama Ronzoni said to him "Well, you got toe" he spat back. Everyone was laughing once again.

"Mommy can I have some of her milk?" Bean asked Sally pointing to Roxanne who looked shocked.

After that I had taken up a conversation with Charlie who was in front of me.

"Rematch I dare ya" said a voice over the loud speaker. We all whipped around to see Lenny talking to some guy

Rikki's Pov

All of us kids had finished eating and were currently playing games. Andre, Greg, Kris and I were all playing Foosball. It has to be the only time I've seen Kris get along with Greg.

We were currently kicking the boys asses. They stink at this.

"That's it we forfeit" Andre said. Yes, they finally quit.

I laughed and turned to the adults they were calling us all over.

"Let's go" I said to them, but they didn't. I looked at Kris who nodded.

Kris grabbed Greg by the ear while I grabbed Andre's hand and we started pulling them. I almost missed the slight blush appear on his face.

It was at least 5:00 in the morning when I heard barking "Shut that thing up!" Kris and Alex yelled in unison. After 5 more minutes of it barking I said "That's it!". I started to get up but Alex pulled me back down "Rayne!" I whined using her fake name just in case others were awake.

"Lamonsoff it's 5 o'clock! Can I kill the dog now!" we heard Marcus yell from downstairs. "Thinking about it" we heard Eric yell back.

3 hours later

We walked downstairs fully dressed.


"What the hell is that smell?" Alex asked.

"Breakfast" Rob answered. "No way am I eating that" Kris said pointing to the food.

"No Bacon!" I screeched. "Brooke, stop it!" Alex shout as I started searching the kitchen. "Yeah, we'll find you some!" Kris said. "Oh, Lenny just took some that I stashed" Gloria said. "Yay!" I yelled and hugged Gloria, then ran out the door.

Lenny sat there cooking bacon on the moth shocker thing. "Gimme, Gimme" I said holding out my hands.

"Please just give her some" Alex said panting from chasing me around. "You not liking Rob's food?" Lenny asked I shook my head quickly "Nope, Nope, Nope" I said. He finally gave me some and I ran off again. The girls chasing me.

I ran over to the other kids and froze in place when I saw Greg.

"Whoa, Jiminy Cricket" I said and Alex and Kris turned they're heads so not to laugh in his face. "I was dressed to go to Milan remember?" he said. "Yeah, Italy not fricken Moby Dick the musical" I answered back, laughing slightly.

"You need to change" Charlie said and called Andre over.

"Andre, can you get him some real clothes" I said and he nodded and said "Yeah sure".

They walked away. Once they were out of earshot I burst out laughing.

1 hour later

The older dudes just got back and Rob's daughters just got here and they are awesome. Lex, Kris, Jasmine, Amber, and I just clicked even though we are way younger. The others don't know yet though. I wanna see their reactions. Right now Jasmine is pulling up. They probably don't believe she was Rob's. "Hey Dad" She said. "Me" they all said at once pointing to themselves.

Rob came straight up while the rest just stared wide eyed, and open mouthed.

"What, how do you get that from that" Kurt said.

"95% of that has got to be from the mom and I am loving all" Eric replied

"Is this your car?" Rob asked Jasmine after he hugged her.

"My um, my old man lent me this turd because he doesn't care if I break down in the middle of nowhere and get eaten by a bear or something" she replied gesturing to it.

"Your old man?" Rob asked. "Yeah my boyfriend. 47 years old. You know, I wish I liked guys my own age, but I'm just chasing the dad that ran out on me" she said and Rob looked solemn and regretful.

She opened the hood of the car. Smoke came up blowing her shirt up a little.

Us girls saw Andre and Greg in Rob's car watching too. Greg still in his Jiminy Cricket clothes. The older men other then Rob were watching like perverts as Jasmine tried to fix her car which only I knew Marcus took the spark plugs out of.

Rob was introducing Jasmine and Gloria now.

"Jasmine this is Gloria, Gloria this is Jasmine" Rob said as Gloria hugged Jasmine, who hugged back.

Now Gloria was at the car " Here Hunny let me take a look" she said. "oh you've blown a gasket" Gloria said removing something from the car. Which in return blew more smoke lifting Gloria's clothes. The men turned around, us girls laughed out loud.

"Serves those perverts right" Kris said still laughing.