I hope you enjoy this story as it is the other winner of the poll that I posted. This story will be set during the Battle City Tournament and the Prisoner of Azkaban. There be 5ds elements to this story so no flames please. Sorry if it seems disjointed I'll try to work on making the other chapters flow smoothly.

Chapter 1

'Why did I have get dragged into this?' thought Harry as he packed for a trip to Japan. His uncle had told him that he had to go on a business trip, and Dudley was going to participate in the Battle City Tournament held by Seto Kaiba and hopefully he could duel too but he doubted it since he was going to be with them the entire time. His uncle had to bring the family to make himself look good but unfortunately from them, they had to bring harry along as well because all the people that could look after him were gone for the time of the trip.

"Boy, you ready yet!" yelled his uncle

"Yes" shouted Harry back

"Then get down here now" yelled his uncle even louder then before.

This trip was going to be hell for him if he was stuck with them throughout the entire trip. It was going to a long trip for him. The plane was leaving for japan at five and the flight would take about eleven hours to reach Japan so the flight was not going to be fun for him. The flight was too long and too boring for him that he fell asleep about an two hours in to the flight and didn't wake up until the flight landed.

'Now I can do one of two things, stay with the Dursleys for the trip or get the hell out of here.' thought Harry 'I'm going with option two but how do I get out of here unnoticed by the Dursley's then again if they see me leaving without them will they complain? Get real Harry, they be happy to see you gone so just get going'

First he casted a translation spell so he could understand Japanese then he got up and left the Dursley's to do what ever they wanted to do while he would go to see if he could compete in the tournament, because unknown to the Dursley's, he had built a dragon theme deck to use and knew how duel so he could stand a chance in the tournament. (A/N, he's using my deck pretty much with a few cards that I don't have) Now all he need now was find a registration place so he could enter the tournament. Then he found one after asking around. It turned out that he was able to compete in the tournament and was happy.

'Now I can't wait to face Dudley but I'll wait' thought Harry

Harry decided to walk around until he found a duel to watch, it didn't take him long as he saw the monsters of a duel going on. He saw kid with spiky hair and a weird looking guy dueling and it looked like the spiky hair kid was about to win the duel as he declared an attack to destroy his opponent's monsters.

"Great job Yugi" shouted the blond hair kid next to the spiky kid.

"Thanks Joey" said the spiky hair kid before his opponent started to spaz out claiming to take the spiky kids item around his neck and how he was going to rule the world for a minute before passing out.

'That was weird' thought Harry before walking over to the pair, he would prefer to travel with someone than by himself and these two looked like a pair of good people to travel with.

"Nice duel" said Harry

"Thanks" said the kid

"I'm Harry Potter" said Harry expecting the normal reaction to his name but when he didn't react Harry knew that this kid didn't know him

"Nice to meet you, I'm Yugi Moto and this is Joey Wheeler." said the kid gesturing to himself and the other kid

"Nice to meet you" said Joey

"Same here" said harry "Um...mind if I travel with you guys, I mean I have no one to travel around with and I'm not from here"

"Really? You speak Japanese very well" said Joey

"Years of practicing" lied Harry

"Sure you can hang with us, I see you have a duel disk, you competing too?"

"Yep, I have a dragon deck" said harry "I don't know if I'll make to the finals but I'm just glad that I'm competing"

"Yugi, we need to find the others" said Joey

"Oh right come on let's find the others" said Yugi

"Okay" said Harry walking with his new group of friends.

As they traveled, he almost tripped on a box that was randomly placed in the middle of the sidewalk, looking down at it before he opened and found a few new cards.(A/N, These cards will be revealed in time so there's no point in asking when will they show up) They were different then the cards he knew about but figured they could be useful. He looked around before placing them into his deck.

'These can come in handy' thought Harry

"Harry what's up" asked Yugi

"Sorry almost tripped" said Harry "Come on we need to find your friends"

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