An update finally. This chapter will be Harry vs Joey. I know that in the show loser go first but screw the rules, I am the author. Also the Yugi vs Marik is kicking my ass in terms of writing it, mainly because of who should win. Anyway I hope you will enjoy this new chapter. Like usual I do not own Harry Potter or Yugioh.

"Harry, who are the sleaze balls sneering at you?" asked Joey as they took their positions.

Harry turned to see the Malfoy's sneering at him. What were they doing there anyway? This was a muggle event, and they were the type to kill muggle for fun.

'I don't know what they are up to but I know it's not good'

"Let the begin" shouted Sirius

I summon Armed Dragon Level 3 in def mode and place one card face down and end my turn." said Harry starting off the duel.

"I summon Rocket Warrior in attack mode and I will have it attack your dragon" said Joey as his warrior flew at him and destroyed his dragon.

"Then I'll set this bad boy for later"

'At least I know its a trap because of that' thought Harry 'But I still have to be careful'

"I summon Luster Dragon in attack mode" said Harry "Now my dragon attack his Rocket Warrior"

Joey: 3600

Harry: 4000

"But this is going to be close" said Tristan

"Yes but don't forget that Harry has those new dragons and a God card on his side" said Duke

'Which means all it takes it three cards to get Obelisk out and who knows how many for those synchro monsters he has.' thought Kaiba

"I summon Panther Warrior in attack mode"

'Though it can't attack this turn, my dragon can't destroy it.' thought Harry 'Which means I need a stronger monster out this turn'

"My turn" said Harry drawing his next card, 'Not what I needed but I will do'

"I summon Masked Dragon in def mode and switch my luster Dragon to defense mode with one facedown and end my turn" said Harry. He could see the Malfoys still sneering in their seats.

'Well I would love to see what they would do in this situation.' thought Harry

"I sacrifice my Panther Warrior to summon Jinzo"

'Crap!' thought Harry 'With Jinzo out on the field my traps are useless'

"So Jinzo get rid of Harry's trap cards, then attack his masked Dragon"

"You activated it's effect so now I can special summon a dragon type with 1500 points or less, and I choose Dragon Dwelling in a Cave in defense mode."

"You turn pal" said Joey

"I summon Blackland Fire Dragon in def mode place one card face down and end my turn"

"Jinzo attack his Blackland Fire Dragon, your move"

' I need to get a stronger monster out, but at the moment all I can do is defend.' thought Harry drawing his next card. 'This will work'

"I sacrifice Dragon Dwelling in a Cave to summon Luster Dragon 2"

"Now their monsters are at a stalemate" said Tristan

"Luster Dragon 2 attack his Panther Warrior" shouted Harry

Joey: 3200

Harry: 4000

'Now all I need is to take out Jinzo and I'll be good' thought Harry "Your move Joey"

" I summon Baby Dragon in attack mode"

"What is Joey up to?" asked Trostan

'I really doubt Wheeler got aplan and playing out of stupidity' thought Kaiba

'I know what's he's up to but it is not going to work' thought Harry

"Luster Dragon 2 will attack your baby dragon"

"I activate Skull Dice, your dragon is about to lose attack points." said Joey as the dice began to roll, landing on 2. "So your dragon loses half it's attack, then I play Graceful Dice meaning Baby gets a power boast."

"Don' bet on it, I play my facedown Shrink so your monster loses half of that boast"

"But both monster have the same points. so both will be destroyed." said Mai as both monsters disappeared.

"But now Harry has no monster on his field."

"I end my turn" said Harry

"Jinzo, attack his life points directly" said Joey.

Harry: 1600

Joey: 3200

"You last turn harry" said Joey

"This isn't over til the fat lady sings" said Harry before closing his eyes and drawing his next card.

'Deck don't fail me now' thought Harry as he opened his eyes and saw the card he drew.

"I play Pot of Greed which allows me to draw two more cards" said Harry drawing Monster Reborn and Dark Tinker.

"I activate Monster Reborn to bring back my Luster dragon 2 to the field. Then I summon Dark Tinker to the field in attack mode, but don't worry neither monster with be here for long" said Harry


"What does he mean?"

"That means he's going to sacrifice them to summon a stronger monster" said Mai

"He's going to Synchro summon" said Serenity

"I tune my two monster together, in order to synchro summon, Red Dragon Archfiend" said Harry as his Dragon took the field. Everyone looked between him and Serenity, how did she know that he was going to do that?

"That monster is stronger than Jinzo" said Duke

'That monster could give my Blue-Eyes a run for it's money' thought Kaiba

"Yep, Red Dragon Archfiend attack Jinzo" said Harry

Joey: 2600

Harry: 1600

"I place two cards face down and end my turn" said Harry before glancing over towards the Malfoy's who looked scared shitless 'At least this scares them...that's good.'

"I set a monster in defense mode and place a card face down and end my turn"

"I summon Komori Dragon in def mode and end my turn"

'What is he up to?' thought Sirius 'He could have used that monster to destroy Joey's defense and finished him off with that super dragon'

"I summon Gearfried The Iron Knight, attack his dragon then I end my turn"

Joey: 2600

Harry: 1300

"You played right into my hand, I first summon Marauding Captain in defense mode, due his ability I can special summon to the field, I play Kuriboh. Then I activate Swords of Revealing Light"

"Nice one Harry" said Sirius

"Now my dragon will attack your Iron Knight" said Harry

Joey: 1400

Harry: 1300

"I summon swordsman of Landstar in defense mode and place a card facedown and end my turn"

"It's time to end this duel" said Harry drawing, when he saw the card his eyes widen. He had drawn his God card.

'I'll use this next turn'

"I summon Mana Drago in attack mode, attack his Swordsman. I end my turn"

"I summon Time Wizard, Time roulette go"

'If this works, my monsters are in trouble' thought Harry but luck was not on his favor this turn.

"All right it worked"

"Oh bugger" said Harry but smiled "Even if my monster has been weaken you only have one monster and it is still stronger than yours"

"Man, I end my turn"

"I sacrifice my marauding Captain, Mana Drago and koerboh to summon Obelisk the Tormentor" said Harry as the God Card appeared on his field almost everyone trembled at the sight of it. Harry was sure that the Malfoys just shitted themselves just seeing it.

"Obelisk will finish you off"


Harry: 1300

"The winner of the duel is Harry Potter" said Roland.

'You're going down Marik' thought Harry

'Soon Obelisk will be mine' thought Marik

That is it for this chapter,I hoped you enjoyed it. (Spoilers) before anyone asks why Yugi is not mention in this chapter the is a reason for that. I decided to upload this chapter, the Marik vs Yugi duel was suppose to be first and yugi lost but since that one is taking too long and people are getting restless I thought I'd update this duel since I was done with it. I hope to update again soon but I am not making any promises-redgriffin22