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Harry smiled as they landed on the island, now on to the finals. Harry wondered who he was going to duel against. He just hoped it wasn't Marik right off the bat otherwise that could be a problem. Then again whoever he dueled against was going to be a problem.

"Ready Harry?" asked Joey walking up beside him.

"Yep" said Harry before catching a quick glance at Marik 'You're going down'

The entered the tower which was actually smaller then it looker. Harry looked over to Sirius who pointed at the door. Harry entered it and was lifted up with Joey, Yugi and Marik along with him. He glanced down at the group below, and saw Serenity smiling at him and Joey while Kaiba was glaring.

'He thinks it should be him not me' thought Harry with a smirk

"The duel is a four way battle royal between duelists, to see who goes first, choose a monster from your deck and whoever has the highest goes for and so on"

'So basically we have to pick one and hope for the best'

"Also the monster you pick cannot be used in in the duel"

'Not good, now I have to pick a monster that will get a me a good start in the duel but I can't use. I guess this one could work'

Harry picked BlackLand Fire Dragon which placed him in second at going in the duel. Marik had first with Yugi in third and Joey in last. Harry smiled knowing that going second meant he could attack Marik soon then later and could end up dueling one of the others.

"You can do it" shouted Tea and Serenity from the sideline as the duel got started.

'Well here we go' thought Harry

Marik started off the duel by playing Newdoria in def mode and ending his turn. Harry thought that was an interesting move, but this was Marik so he had it out for a reason. Harry summoned Masked Dragon in def mode and placed one card face down.

'Knowing him, he'll walk right into my trap prefect.'

"I Summon Big Shield Garnda in def" said Yugi

"I place a card face down and end my turn" said Joey

'Does he want Marik to attack him?' thought Harry

"I summon Lord Poison in attack mode and I'll have Newdoria attack you directly Joey"

"Oh no" said Yugi

"Masked Dragon intercept the attack" yelled Harry as his dragon appeared in front of Joey to block the attack.

"What was point of him sacrificing his monster like that?" asked Tristan

"Well besides saving Joey, if I remember it does have a ability that will help him" said Mai

"Now I use my dragons effect to special summon the Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in def mode" said Harry

"Lord Poison finish what Newdoria started" said Marik

'Idiot' thought Harry "Dragon Dwelling in the Cave block this attack"


"That's twice he's saved Joey in one turn" said Tea

'Why is that kid so determined to save wheeler' thought Kaiba

"Not only that, that last attack costed Marik some life points" said Mai

Marik: 3500

Yugi, Harry and Joey: 4000

"I place a card face down and end my turn" said Marik glaring at Harry

"My turn, I summon Luster Dragon in attack mode" said Harry before looking at his hand quickly 'I need to get rid of that face down, its a trap'

"I play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your face down" said Harry

"No" said Marik as his Mirror Force was destroyed.

" luster dragon attack his Lord Poison, I then place one card face down"

"Why did he go for that one?" asked Serenity

"He knows something is up with the other one so he wants to stay away from it as long as he can, most likely either Yugi or Joey will destroy it" said Mai filling in Serenity when she asked questions.

'Be careful Yugi, I know it has some special ability Marik would like otherwise he wouldn't have it in his deck' thought Harry.

"I sacrifice my Big Shield Gardna to summon, Beast of Gilfor in attack mode and now my beast will attack your Newdoria."

"You activated my monsters effect. I can destroy one monster of my opponents and I choose Potter's Luster Dragon"

'Crap' thought Harry as his dragon was destroyed

"I may have lost my dragon but you're the one who lost life points" said Harry

Marik: 2500

Yugi, Harry and Joey: 4000

'If Joey can get a decently strong monster now, I can finish off Marik my next turn' thought Harry

"I summon Gearfried the Iron Knight" said Joey

'That will work' thought Harry with a smile.

"Gearfried, let's smoke this creep, attack" yelled Joey

"Alright they almost have Marik defeated" said Duke from where he was standing

"But remember this is just to determine who duels who, not to the win the tournament." said Mai.

"But that could be a problem since Yugi, Joey and Harry all are friends, they won't attack each other" said Tea looking up at Yugi.

"True but remember this duel will not affect their friendship"

"Please, this talk of friendship is making me sick" said Kaiba getting glares from the others but he could care less.

"I summon Dark Jeroid in attack mode"

"But that thing is weak" stated Joey

"Don't underestimate a monster like that Joey" warned Harry

"Potter's right because my monster can reduce that attack of a monster by eight hundred points and I choose your Gearfried"


'Not good.' thought Harry

"Now my monster attack"

"I activate my trap, Skull Dice and now using its effect I can lower monster attack depending on what number I get"

'That can help,...hopefully' thought Harry as the dice landed on a two which lower Dark Jeriod's attack points to six hundred which caused Marik's monster to destroy itself.

'I can finish Marik this turn, then its on to the others to find out who I will duel against.'

"My turn" said Harry drawing Armed Dragon Level 5. 'He'll work for later on'

"I sacrifice Dragon Dwelling in the Cave in order to summon Luster Dragon 2" said Harry "Luster Dragon 2 attack Marik and finish him off."


Harry, Yugi and Joey: 4000

Harry watched as Marik rose out of sight so they would not have to see him until the next one to lose was determined. He decided to place one final card face down and end his turn.

'So now begins the real duel' thought Harry looking over at Yugi

"I summon Gazelle King of the Mystical beasts in attack mode"

'What's Yugi up to?'

"Now Beast of Gilfor attack his Gearfried"

Yugi and Harry: 4000

Joey: 2800

"Gazelle, attack him directly"

"I activate Magic Cylinder" said Harry

"well played Harry" said Yugi

Yugi: 2500

Joey: 2800

Harry: 4000

"I summon Panther Warrior and end my turn"

"My turn, I summon Armed Dragon level three in attack mode and end my turn" said Harry

"I sacrifice my King of the Mystical beats in order to summon my dark Magician girl, and now my Beast of Gilfor will attack your Panther Warrior."

"I activate my card Graceful Dice, which will increase my Panther Warriors attack and its a three making it stronger then your Beast of Gilfor"

"Excellent move Joey" said Yugi


Joey: 2800

Harry: 4000

"Dark Magician Girl attack Harry Armed Dragon Level 3."


Joey: 2800

Harry: 3200

"I place a card face down and end my turn"

'He must have a lot of faith in that card'

"My turn, I summon to the field Flame Resonator the play change of Heart on your Dark Magician so I can tune them"

"Here we go again" said Tristan

"I synchro Summon the Stardust Dragon and with Flame Resonator's effect he gains three hundred extra points. Now Stardust Dragon attack Beast of Gilfor, Shooting Sonic."

"Very well played there Harry" said Yugi

Yugi: 1800

Joey: 2800

Harry 3200

"It's not over, you forgot about the other one. Luster Dragon attack Yugi directly"

"I activate Mirror Force"

"I use Stardust Dragon's effect that by sending it to the graveyard in order to destroy which means my attack goes through."

Yugi: 0

Joey: 2800

Harry: 3200

"The final duels have been determined, Marik will duel Yugi and Harry will duel Joey"

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