Here it is finally the last duel in the story, Hary vs Marik. This was a pain the ass to write. I hope that this is written good as it is harden to find a beta then I thought. I asked around but no one replied. Also sorry for not writing the Marik vs Yugi duel as I had no interest in it. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter and the next one.

"Scared Potter" sneered Marik licking the Millennium Rod as he and Harry took their spots in the final duel.

"You wish" said Harry

"Kick his butt Harry" shouted Tea.

'Potter doesn't stand a chance' sneered the Malfoys as they watched in the stands. Though they were still scared of the creatures Potter had.

"The Final duel between Harry Potter and Marik Ishtar begins now" said Roland.

"Any last words before the shadows shallow you" said Malik

"Let's Duel" shouted the two as they drew their opening hands.

"I'll start by summoning Masked Dragon in defense mode and placing a card face down and end my turn." said Harry

"I summon Vampiric Leech in attack mode" said Marik

"That monster caused trouble for Yugi" said Tristan

"My monster will attack you directly" said Marik

Harry: 3500

Marik: 4000

"Hang in there Harry" shouted Tea

'The peanut gallery is the last thing I need right now although I don't mind the encouragement from Serenity' thought Harry

"I place one card face down ending my turn"

'I need to launch an attack but with the type of cards he plays I need to be careful.' thought Harry as he drew.

"I summon to the field Luster Dragon in attack mode. I will have my dragon attack your leech"

Marik: 2600

Harry: 3500

"Yes, you got him Harry" said Joey

"Don't kid around, Marik probably just let him attack to lower his guard" said Mai

"Do shut up" said Tea

"Hey, whose the duelist of us two?" asked Mai after Tea didn't say anything said "I thought so"

"Mai does got a point, just because he's doing good now does not mean he's going to win. Look at what happened to Yugi" said tristian

"I summon Drillago in attack mode and it will attack your Masked Dragon. The attack comes with a nasty side effect"

Before Harry could ask what he meant, pain like he had never felt before rushed through him. After several deep breaths he managed to get himself to his feet.

"What was that?"

"Each time a monster is destroy the owner will suffer the pain and horror of his monsters." said Marik as he laughed.

"I'll use my dragon's effect to special summon Dragon Dwelling in the cave in def mode."

"I'll place a card face down and end my turn" said Marik with a sadistic grin

'I need to turn something now' thought Harry drawing 'Time to give her a try'

"I summon Flame Resonator in attack mode"

"Pathetic" sneered Marik

"You laugh now but now when I tune it with my dragon of the cave. I synchro summon Ancient Fairy Dragon in Attack mode"

"So what?"

"She gets 300 points from my other monsters effect not only that she lets me summon one level 4 or lower monster from my hand. I summon Lord of D. You lucky, I can't attack the turn I use this effect so I place one final card face down and end my turn"

'No now Potter has three monsters on the field, unless I take one out this turn he could summon Obelisk next turn'

'Judging by the look on his face, he thinks I plan summon my God card next turn. That would be the plan if I had him in my hand so instead I'll make him sweat a little' thought Harry

"I play Tribute Burial allowing me to bring one monster back from each of their graveyards and sacrifice them to summon a high-level monster. I choose my leech and your Masked Dragon in order to summon Helpoemer to the field. I attack your luster dragon then I end my turn"

Harry: 3400

Marik: 2600

"Harry you alright man?" shouted Joey after see Harry go down to one knee. Sirius was beside himself with concern about his godson.

"I'm fine" said Harry 'I need to end the duel soon, I don't know how much more of this I can take'

"I will attack your Helpoemer with Ancient Fairy Dragon"

Marik held his mouth as if he was going to puke then he begin laughing grotesquely, thanking him for that.

Marik: 2500

Harry: 3400

"Now my creature's effect activates, it goes to your graveyard and as long as it stays in there you will lose one card from your hand per turn" said Marik. Harry could only watch as a ghostly hand shot out of his graveyard and took one of his cards and sent it to the graveyard.

'This is not good' thought Harry

"I end my turn" said Harry

" I summon Juragedo in attack mode, I'll attack your Lord of D."

"I activate one of my face downs, negate attack. Sorry Marik but my monster is staying" said Harry with a smirk.

"My turn" said Harry drawing "I play the spell card Pot of Greed which lets me draw two more cards."

'I need to increase my defense to I can summon Obelisk when the time comes.'

"I'll switch her to defense mode then use her effect to special summon, Armed Dragon level 3 in defense mode. I end my turn"

"What's he doing, he needs to attack" said Tristan

"You don't understand dueling" said Mai

"I know enough" said Tristan

"Will all of you shut up and let them duel" said Tea

"I'll attack your monster" said Marik

"I activate Mirror Force" said Harry.

"Not bad now I play Card of Last Will which allows to draw five new cards"

'Not good, chances are one of those cards are one of the two God cards if not both' thought Harry looking at his deck. 'I have to end the duel before he gets one of them out, if I fail here the entire world pays the price.'

"I also activate Coffin Seller, which will inflict 300 points of damage to your life points every time one of your monsters is sent to the graveyard.

'Bloody hell, now if I want to summon Obelisk, I'll have to take 900 points of damage.'

"Your move Potter"

"Good" said Harry drawing the one card that could end the duel now. He knew the risks but he had to take it now.

"I sacrifice my Lord of D, Armed Dragon level 3 and Ancient Fairy Dragon to summon Obelisk the Tormentor"

"My trap activates meaning you lose 900 life points"

Harry: 2500

Marik: 2500

"I activate my trap card Hidden Soldier, I can summon any monster with 4 stars or less and I choose Plasma Eel. Now my monster attach yourself to his God card. Now every turn your monster loses five hundred attack points"

'If I don't end the duel soon that will be a problem' thought Harry

'There it is and soon he will be mine' thought Marik with a sadistic grin.

"Obelisk attack his monster"

Marik: 200

Harry: 2500

'Next turn I win' thought Harry

'Potter thinks it's all good for him, little does he know about the horrors I have in store for him' thought Marik

"I place a card facedown and end my turn" said Harry

'Not to say he is a cautious little brat. Still it won't end well for him.'

"Get ready to say goodbye to your God Card as I sacrifice two monsters to summon Lava Golem".

"What? But I only have one monster."

"My leech that is on your God Card counts"

Harry screamed in pain as his God card was sent to the graveyard and this new monster appeared. Now that he was gone, he needed a new plan. He had to synchro summon again within the next few turns to win for sure. But he had nothing in his hand that could help him now.

"I end my turn and now you take damage do to its effect"

Harry: 1500

Marik: 200

"Now Marik is one turn from winning" said Tristan

"Thank you for stating the obvious" said Mai

"Harry will win" said Serenity

"Honey, I know you have a crush on the kid but even you must admit that Marik will win" said Mai

"Make your last turn Potter"

"I play Swords of Revealing Light, so I am safe for three turn"

"Whatever makes you think happy thoughts" laughed Marik

"Then I play Card of Sanctity which lets us both draw until we have six cards in our hands" (Anime only effect)

"In the meantime I will play this card which destroys your swords"

"My turn is far from over even if I lost that card, first I play Offerings to the Doomed to get rid of Lava Golem. I have to skip my draw phase but that is a risk I am wiling to take. Mystical Space Typhoon on your I activate Monster reborn"

'No doubt his God card'

'If I had to guess he thinks I'm going to choose Obelisk, well he is in for a surprise.'

"I bring back Luster Dragon 2" said Harry

"When did he go to the graveyard?" shouted Marik

"You can thank your own monster for that" said Harry with a smirk. "He was the first card that your monster took to the graveyard. Now I summon Dark Tinker, then I tune them together. I synchro summon Red Dragon Archfiend" shouted Harry

"So? Not that it will do you much good" said Marik

"First I'll use Dark Tinker's effect so I can see the top card of my deck, then I can decide to either keep it on top or move it the bottom" said Harry drawing the card. "I'm keeping it on top."

I'll end the duel here and now. Attack!" shouted Harry

"You fool, feel the power of my trap Nightmare Wheel" said Marik

"I end my turn" said Harry

"Now my traps second effect activates, you take five hundred points of damage"

Harry: 1000

Marik: 200

"I'll do nothing but end my turn"

"What is he up to?" asked Joey from the sideline

"He wants Harry to suffer as much as he can. I mean he is two turns from winning with his trap" said Mai

"Don't give up Harry" shouted Serenity

'I can't lose but at this point, I'm not sure if there is anything in my deck including the future cards that can save me. I've tried... Yugi, everyone but in the end I failed' thought Harry going down on his knees.

Suddenly his vision was blurred by a flash of light. It felt like he was floating on air, it actually felt nice. He opened his eyes to see a new card appear in front of him, that card he realized was the key to ending the duel.

"First I activate Red Medicine to increase my life points by five hundred. I summon Red-Eyes Black Chick in defense mode then I play the spell card Double summon" said Harry getting back to his feet. "I summon Flamvell Guard then tune them together to synchro summon Formula Synchron"

"That will do you nothing"

"We'll find out in a few, I end my turn" said Harry .

"Just one more turn Potter. As for now I summon Revival Jam" said Marik

"I summon Mana Drago in attack then I end turn"

"My trap does it's damage"

Harry: 1500

Marik: 200

"Time to end this"

"You're right this duel will end within the next turn but it will not be me losing. I will not let you win and destroy everything I care about. For now I use Formula Snychron's effect to tune it and Mana Drago with Red Dragon Archfiend now" said Harry

"What?!" shouted Marik, Potter was summoning on his turn?

"Behold as the stars high above in the sky, and the fire deep down below in the earth collide in a cosmic explosion to Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon!" shouted Harry as the card appeared in his hand before he placed it on the desk. Along with the image of a giant dragon appeared behind him other than his new monster.

"It appears I underestimated you. But it is time to end the duel for sure. I play Monster Reborn to summon the very beast that will destroy you. Great beast of the sky, please hear my cry. Transform thyself from orb of light and bring me victory in this fight. Envelop the desert with your glow and cast your rage upon my foe. Unlock your powers from deep within so that together we may win. Appear in this Shadow Game as I call out your name, Winged Dragon of Ra!"

'Oh bugger' thought Harry as the third God Monster appeared.

" First I pay all but 1 of my life points to increase its attack. Then I sacrifice the monsters to further its strength now my beast destroy potter's dragon"

"Trap activate Threatening Roar, Ra won't be attack this turn or ever attack"

"I end my turn, now make your last turn count" growled Marik

"Ra is maybe powerful but my monster will be stronger due to it's effect"


"For each tuner in my graveyard Red Nova Dragon gains 500 attack points"

"Doesn't he have like five of them in there?" asked Duke

"That means Harry's dragon is going to get one hell of a power boost" said Joey

"Finish him off Harry" shouted Serenity

"This can't be" shouted Marik

"I now play shrink so Ra loses half its attack. Red Nova Dragon attack and destroy the Winged Dragon of RA. BURNING SOUL!" shouted Harry declaring his final attack. The attack hit destroying Marik's dragon ending the duel.

"I...lost...the...duel?" said Marik

Harry: 1500

Marik: 0

"The winner of the Battle City Tournament is Harry Potter" shouted Roland.

That is it, the final duel I hope you liked it. Sorry about the life point confusion I may have caused. Originally I had Marik's trap in play until the end of the duel but that changed so that changed how the life points played out in the end. Anyway one more chapter then the story is over. I will work on a sequel but that will not be for a while.-redgriffin22