I never really felt anything strong for any one girl. The fact that I was actually getting clammy was something that was baffling his mind. In front of me stood a very tired Nudge, her eyes half closed she wore a baggy t-shirt with short plaid shorts, her hair was in a large bun on top of her head, though many stray strands fell out.

"Gazzy? Is that you?" she muttered opening her eyes a bit larger, she was sitting onto of the counter, her slender legs crossed as she held a plate of cake.

"Uh…y-yeah, sorry just coming down for something to drink," I said shuffling towards the fridge. Get a grip, she is apart of the flock there is no reason why you should be having feelings stronger then friendship towards her!

It was no secret that Nudge had turned into an absolute breath taking woman, at the age of nineteen she was everything and more a man would ever want.

I reached into the cold fridge grabbing the cartoon of milk, I tipped it back taking a long swig.

"Great minds think alike I suppose," she said dropping he fork onto the plate "I had the weirdest dream, and you were there!" my cheeks were puffed full of milk as I gulped the remaining liquid in my mouth looking up at her.

"Oh? What Happened?" I nervously watched her as she placed her plate down on the counter.

"Well…you see we were in a forest all alone, I couldn't find the flock anywhere!" she began. I put the milk away, closing the door and leaning on the side listening closely to her story.

"And then you turned to me...and you said 'I'll have to defeat him, I need to save you Nudge'" she said her eyes looking past me into her dream. "And you looked at me for what seemed forever and you disappeared…" she said in a ghostly tone.

Her eyes were slowly falling into sadness, I pushing off the fridge walking over. I rubbed my hand along my pants before placing it lightly on her knee. She jumped her eyes swarming back into reality and towards me.

"Hey, I'm here," I softly said. She shock her head he large chocolate eyes looking down at me

"Sorry," she muttered I grimaced, my heart escalating to the speed of hummingbird wings. Her hand dropped to mine, laying it on top of mine. My eyes watched both out hands an innocent action heating my whole body to boiling. Her finger slowly grazing my hand, did she even realize what s he was putting me threw?

"That's alright" I swallowed unable to move my hand, I looked back up to see her eyes with a calculating sparkle.

It was out of the question that she cared for me any more then a friend. I was only sixteen, she had watched ever awkward and hormonal stage that I have had and still am in. Though she hadn't moved her hand, and was it just me or was she inching forward?

With a movement so quick she pulled away her hand moving behind her back as she arched her spine. I slowly removed my hand frowning, I knew it wasn't happening.

Nudge let out a loud sigh looking the ceiling before returning her gaze to mine, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes wide. I starred back my eyes trying to solve the puzzle that was Nudge.

"What's wrong?" I asked after half a minute, she looked down at me rubbing the back of her neck.

"Gazzy…" she muttered, this had to be the first time I had ever seen Nudge out of words, and it was strange and slightly eerie. I leaned forward, reaching forward and placing my hand on her shoulder. Her eyes softening, seeming as if I showed all my secrets.

"Nudge?" I whispered, watching in confusion as she leaned her head forward, her face inches from mine.

"Do you really have no idea?" she mumbled tenderly,

"No," I confessed. She moved a little closer he warm breath swarming around me,

"You have no idea how incredible that feels?" she asked again motioning to my hand. My eyes looked to my hand, and then back to her "how you make me feel, all those years?" my brain was turning in circles as I tried to process her words correctly. Nudge chuckled at my confused face, her hand reaching forward and brushing some light blonde hair from my eyes.

What was she doing, what did she mean, all those years? My brain was stretching and contacting trying to understand her.

"You really don't know," she said her lips turning into a 'o', I slowly shook my head. "Angel always said you never saw the obvious," she bit her bottom lip looking down at my lips. Every nerve in my body was screaming, ever cell ignited, and every hair standing on end.

The tension too much to bear, I didn't even think when I crushed my lips onto hers. I suspected for her to recall in disguise to push me away, to never want to see me again. Then the unexpected happened she kissed me back, with the same amount of emotion that was in my kiss.

My arms fell to her legs. They were even softer then before as she quickly wrapped them around my waist. I couldn't get enough, of her sweet lips, as I kept going in for more. Hell I didn't know when it would end and I certainly wanted to capture every moment of it.

I leaned backwards carrying her with me as her legs supported her. I backed tot eh fridge were I fell back hitting the door with a lode bang! I didn't pay attention though as Nudge kissed with a new type of heat, her fingers curled in my hair.

It felt like I was trapped in a beautiful bliss, where I never wanted to leave. This was until I felt a sudden brightness in my eye lids and opened them, Nudge pulled away from the kiss as were both looked over dumb founded to see a tired Max.

The second Max saw the position we were in her eyes grew to saucers and her mouth opened a jar. Nudge slowly slide down until her feet were firmly on the tile floor, both of us starring at Max.

"What the…" Max began her eyes whipping between us.

"h-hey Max" I stuttered my hands still wrapped around Nudge's waist. Nudge suddenly burst out laughing, I looked at her for a second as if she was crazy but then, without reasoning I started to laugh as well. We probably sounded nuts, but I didn't care.

Max looked at both of us like we were insane, and on her defence we probably were. I let out a deep sigh looking back at Nudge, her grin larger then I had seen it for awhile. Her eyes returned my loving stare, as Max awkwardly shuffled to the side.

"Sorry" Nudge chuckled, looking back at Max

"I leave for a week and this happens," she grumbled

"Do you not approve?" I asked amused

"It's not that, I just don't want you two eating each others faces in the middle of the night!" she finished grabbing a cookie from a jar.

"We are both old enough to make our own decisions Max" I said, finding Nudge's hand and weaving my fingers into hers.

"Yes, well I am going to sleep, and suggest you two go to sleep soon as well!" she looked at us both with an accusing glance.

I looked back to Nudge to see her face blushed,

"I want to be with you," I blurted out I mentally kicked myself but looked into her eyes again "I mean I don't want this to be a one night make out thing"

"I don't either" she said her arms moving behind my neck

"Doesn't mean we have to stop make out session?" I said, a small cocky grin starting to creep on my face

"Defiantly not," she said before returning her lips to mine, returning to my Nudge heaven.\

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