Nudge was coming home today...she was actually coming home! God I missed her, had there ever been a longer month then this one? I sat outside on the porch with Iggy and Ella as I stared off into the desert hoping to see an image in the sky.

"Starring wont make her get here any quicker man," Iggy muttered, his arm slung around Ella's shoulder.

Easy for him to say he had his girlfriend with him, mine was away. She was not in my arms. "You really just need to calm down, or get the pole out of your ass." Blunt. But that's who Iggy was.

Maybe I was freaking out too much it wasn't like she would be in any danger, she was perfectly safe but still. In our half a year of dating she had never been away from me for this long.

When she told me she wanted to find her mother I had decided right away that I would company her. The fact that she wanted to go alone was something of a surprise to all of us.

Ever since world war three had finished she had told us of he want to go find her mother. She never acted on it though, taking a long few years to think of what she would say. Why hadn't she wanted to me to go with was one of my main questions that spiraled around in my mind. Did she not love me? I mean she hadn't said it, but I had only assumed…

I heard the front door open and saw a familiar blonde head of hair.

"Hey Angel," I said as she sat down next to me,

"How long have you been out here?" she asked

"Probably since the break of dawn," Iggy said. Angel let out light laughter rubbing my back lovingly

"You know she is going to come home, there is no need to wait with wide eyes."

"That's easy for you guys to say..." I mumbled, they weren't missing on one of the most beautiful…sexiest…women on this earth.

"Gazzy, just think tonight-"

She stopped as I felt a buzz to my side and saw Angel quickly flip her phone out. At fifteen years old Angel made it clear to all of us that she would be making her own decisions and support herself…well that was farley easy after the great sum of money we got from most ever worlds government in gratitude after the war.

She opened her phone placing it to her ear

"Hey you," I rose and eyebrow now looking over to my little sister, he voice sounded so…strange.

"No, I'm not doing anything tonight." She picked a strand of hair twirling it now, she looked like a cartoon.

"I heard the movie starring that actor what's his name, blonde curly hair big nose…." She paused laughing "yeah, that defiantly him, that movie looks good what do you think?" Another pause she smiled before nodding

"Yea, sure…I'll see you then." She hung up the phone before looking back up at us,

"Now what was I saying…" her eyes went blank,

I hadn't had to deal with any boys yet and was suddenly feeling the pulse of worry run threw out my veins. This is how it began.

"Who was that, a boy?" I asked my eyes darting to hers,

"Relax it's just a movie, Gaz-"

"That didn't sound like 'nothing' who is he?" I paused as she opened her mouth I spoke again "I mean you looked smitten you were practically blushing!"

I felt myself begging to freak out, I knew it was irrational. Angel out of all of us could tell a good person from a bad one since should could literally hear it in their minds. But wasn't she still too young? Angel wasn't the small innocent girl this was true. She grew up twice as fast as anyone normal and faster then anyone in the flock as she had to her corrupted minds and people's who wanted her for that.

I looked at her expecting the worst, the boy was probably twice her age and someone convinced her to go out with him... I would beat him to a pulp. He was probably someone who wished to take advantage of Angel, I would never allow that.

"Oh god, stop with all that mocho crap Gazzy!" she shouted jumping up glaring down at me, after hearing my thoughts. I fell silent as the word left her lips. It was so wrong to hear her say that, her voice was soft and delegate, no harsh word should ever come out of her.

I watch with wide eyes as she fumed down at me

"I will see who ever I want! When ever I want," she paused looking over and Iggy then back "I understand who this person is, and it's the opposite of bad." She looked down crossing her arms. I felt my stomach lurch as I watch my little sister stand there the porch now completely silent.

"I'm sorry Angel…I" I stopped unable to think of anything.

"Who even said it was a d-date." Angel said, I watched as she looked behind herself towards the seeming endless desert.

"Who is he?" I asked quietly

"Nice, friendly, kind." She said softly

"Do you like him?"

"I don't know," she paused picking at her nail "I just confused…I'm not sure I know… who I-"she stopped as she spotted a dark figure in the air "Nudge."

I looked pass her my eyes growing large as my heart speed up.

"I have to go wash up," She whispered, I watched her with sadness; I had been such a jerk.

"Angel…I'm so sor-"

"I know go greet you girlfriend." She said before pulling the door open.

I began to turn around when I felt a small hand on my shoulder

"I'll go to her," Ella's voice said "go to Nudge." I nodded silently before turning around.

Running off the porch I pulled away my hoodie before leaping into the sky spreading my large brown wings speeding into the deep glassy sky.

It didn't take long to get to her maybe 30 seconds, but it felt like hours, as details came into view I felt my breath stop. God she was beautiful.

"Gazzy!" I heard her shout out as I reached her, when I was in arms reach I grabbed her pressing my lips to hers, without hesitation. So many nights were spent alone, all those sad phone calls, the empty house. It didn't matter anymore though she was back my Nudge was back.

We hovered in air as I slanted my head to deepen the kiss. Pouring all my emotion into that one kiss making sure she knew exactly how I felt.

Once we pulled away I looked into her deep brown eyes.

"I missed you Nudge." I whispered pushing way a cruelly loose black hair from her face.

"I missed you too." And just like that, Nudge was back.

Once we had reached the house (which took awhile) we entered the living room were the whole Flock and Gang were sitting, and let me tell you there were a lot, of us. I was almost impressed on how we all managed to fit.

"Nudge!" There was a collective shout from the family. As people swarmed around her hugging and such, though most of us now lived in separate homes we still lived along the same block in what seemed to be a deserted desert.

"Hey guys!" Nudge said excited, Angel walked up with a now gleaming smiling hugging Nudge tightly

"Hey Angel, I missed you"

"I missed you too!" once Nudge pulled away she held onto Angel's shoulders

"How are you doing?" he tone was serious and worried. I puzzled over this I watched her exchange with Angel, was I missing something here?

"I'll…talk to you about it later" Angel said looking around nervously. With a nod from Nudge Angel returned to the opposite side of the room.

Once every person had the chance to hug her we all sat again. All of the kitchen chairs were pulled into the living room as we talked about Nudges journey. She had taken a plane to Ottawa, Canada the day she left, finding out exactly where her mother lived.

"…when she opened that door, I couldn't help it I broke down, I must have looked crazy" Nudge said continuing her story. "Every insecurity felt like it was flooding back into my mind…she took me into her house and made some tea, asking what was wrong, she hadn't realized until I looked into her eyes. She must have seen the stories on us and realized, because she knew that second." I rubbed my hand along Nudges spine keeping her calm

"We talked for hours, it was difficult but I had to do it," she finished the very short explanation

"That wasn't very descriptive." Fang grunted

"It's hard for me to explain, and hard to talk about." She confessed

"We understand Nudge," I mumbled bending over to kiss her head, I could help it, I had to touch her, hold her making sure consonantly she was there.

"I'm really tired guys; do you think I could have a rain check?"

"That's fine," Max said, Nudge got up with a sigh walking up the stairs, I ran after her hoping up the stairs. Once I reached the top I wrapped my arms around her waist tilting my head to the side and kissing her ear lobe.

"Can I join you?" I muttered

"Of course,"

I walked into her room falling onto her bed as she quickly undressed and put on a button up flannel shirt and tight, black spandex. She lay down to the side of my curling into my side.

I let out a deep sigh wish for nothing more then this, to just lie with the woman I loved.

It was awhile later when I thought back to the exchange with Angel.

"Nudge can ask you something/"

"Hmm? Of course Gazzy," she mumbled tired.

'What's wrong with Angel?" I said now thinking it would be okay to discuss as Angel would have probably left for her movie now.

Nudge rubbed her hand over to my chest before pushing so that she could look down at me. She had a quizzical look on her face as she studied my own gaze.

"What do you mean?"

"You asked her how she was. And she said she tell you later…what did she mean?"

"You don't know?"

"Do you think I would ask if I knew?" I said now a bit annoyed, did everyone know?

"It's not my place to tell you Gazzy, if she wants to talk about it with you she will."

"Is it about the guy?"

"What guy?" She asked now confused

"She is going to the movies with a guy tonight. I think she really likes him,"

"Well that's new information to me…" Nudge said laying back down I placed my arm around her bringing her closer to my side. "How is her friend?"

Nudge had been referring to the girl who had seemed like Angels other half these couple of years…Paige, she had been adopted into our family quite quickly. She had a great sense of humor and could easily keep up with us all. Plus she also had her own special power, she was able to absorb near people powers and use it against them, a devil that one.

"She's fine; they are practically glued to the hip I swear." I mumbled into Nudges hair.

"Hmm, interesting…" Nudge muttered her voice drowned with sleepiness.

"What is?" I asked, unfortunately I was only met with a silence "Nudge?" I asked again looking down to find Nudge silently snoring. I grinned, she was so peaceful in her sleep so astoundingly beautiful, but I suppose she was always.

"Goodnight my love," I whispered lightly kissing her head "Sweet dreams"

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