MissTuffcy: Here is the sequel guys! This kinda adapts to the Inuyasha storyline. With my own little twist.

Summary: Sequel to My Brother's Keeper: Not everything is as it seems. Sesshomaru learns this the hard way. His son and him coop with the betrayal of their 'wall' and fend themselves against the evils that have revealed themselves.

Warning: Yaoi, Mpreg, oc, incest, slight ooc characters.





Amato was the perfect name indeed. That is what Sesshomaru had been thinking for quite a long time. Ever since the little dog demon had been birthed. Amato was more like Sesshomaru in more ways than one. The pup looked a lot like him. He had a rounded, almost heart shaped face, large golden eyes, long white hair that had a hint of silver and lavendar, and the same stripes. His stripes, however, were red. Instead of a crescent moon on the pup's forehead, there was a single mark that looked to be a rain drop. It had a rounded end and thin tail that lead up to his hairline. The pup didn't care for anyone's company but Sesshomaru's. Amato stuck to Sesshomaru like glue, but that was to be expected. A young pup stuck to their mother until they were old enough to fend for themselves.

Amato was special, though. Sesshomaru could tell. He was blessed with being a born Alpha, so Sesshomaru didn't worry about anyone trying to take advantage of them. Yeah. Their wall had been gone for some time. He didn't really know when or where Inuyasha went from time to time, but he didn't care as long as the older kept coming back. "Amato." Sesshomaru mumbled. But after one night, Inuyasha never came back. He'd been missing for 50 years. Missing 50 years of their pup's life. And for what, he did not know. The pup perked up and stared at Sesshomaru. That was another thing. Amato was responsive right away just like Inuyasha used to be. Sesshomaru only hoped that Amato would continue to be a well behaved, well mannered, respectable demon. Amato stood from where he was currently laying in the grass resting after a hard day of training to walk over to his mother. Amato was now nearing his 60th birthday.

"Yes mother?" Amato asked with a small smile. That smile was only reserved for him. Amato was just like him in so many ways. "Mother! Would it be alright if we were to get out of the castle for awhile?" Sesshomaru studied his son for awhile. Amato was wearing armor that included a spiked pauldron that covered his left shoulder attached to the upper section of his cuirass. His Kimono was mostly white with a blue dots and flower crest at the collar and sleeves and his obi was ocean blue. He wore Sashinuki Hakama - pants that gathered at the ankles producing a ballooning effect. His footwear consisted of flat pointed ankle-high boots. He had a sword strapped to his side. Sesshomaru looked at his own attire which was almost similar to Amato's, minus the armor for now. He was wearing a kimono with the Sashinuki Hakama, but his kimono had red honeycombs and flower crest at the collar and sleeves and his obi was yellow.

"That would be fine..." Sesshomaru murmured. Sesshomaru eyed the sword Amato had put away. He dismissed it and followed his son as the inuyoukai bounded away.


Amato and Sesshomaru quietly walked side by side. Amato glanced at Sesshomaru ever so often but his gaze was filled with concern and sadness. Like it always had been since Inuyasha's disappearance. "Mother?" Sesshomaru looked at Amato, seemingly startled at his sudden voice. "There is a hotspring up ahead. Want to head up there?" Sesshomaru smiled small and nodded silently. Amato nodded.

Sometime later, Amato and Sesshomaru were walking deeper into the fields. They were far in and deep in the western lands. This walk seemed to do wonders for Sesshomaru's mood. The two were still silent but the silence wasn't thick and consuming. It was actually quite comfortable. Amato and Sesshomaru tensed as they felt a familiar aura nearby. They both shared a look before they both took off in the direction of the aura. Amato was much faster than Sesshomaru but he hung back a bit to keep an eye on his mother. He refused to let any harm come to his only parent. Amato cursed when he tripped over a vine and tumbled to the ground, losing sight of Sesshomaru. When Sesshomaru burst through the bushes, he was greeted with the sight of a familiar fire rat robe. The only problem was, the wearer of that fire rat robe was hugging a human and had their faces pressed together. He was amongst a monk, what appeared to be a demon huntress, a small fox kit, and a small neko. "Inuyasha..." Sesshomaru whispered brokenly. Inuyasha pulled away from the human and his eyes widened when he spotted the trembling dog demon.

"Sesshomaru!" Amato chose that moment to burst through the bushes, still kicking his foot with the stubborn vine was stalk to.

"Dammit!" Amato growled. He looked up to smile at Inuyasha but he looked at the human in his father's arms and his eyes widened slightly. Amato jumped when his mother suddenly flashed from his side. He turned to see that Sesshomaru had run off through the bushes again. Amato turned and stared at Inuyasha. "What is this?"


"No! Don't you dare utter my name!" Amato hissed. "This Amato wishes to know what the hell is going on here! Answer me!" Amato growled. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

"You're not talking to me like that! You better not be!"

"This Amato does what he wants!" Amato growled. "Have you not the brains to notice what you have done?" Inuyasha stepped away from the human and bounded after Sesshomaru. "Where do you think you're going!" Amato shouted, chasing after Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha!" The humans and the fox demon had cried. They too ran after Inuyasha.

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