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Sara POV

Before I could open the door to Noelle Bruno's room the door swung open in my face. "Sara?" a girl with chocolate brown eyes and shoulder length hair stood in the doorway. A small smile appeared on my face and I nodded. Before I could say anything else her arms were around me and she was pulling me into a tight hug. "I have always wanted to meet you," she whispered as she squeezed me.

I laughed quietly. "So you have heard of me?" I asked, pulling away from her. "Are you kidding? Mom and Dad would never stop talking about you and your brother! I probably have all of their books memorized. There isn't any reason I shouldn't, I mean; I helped write four of them." She responded. "Oh, sorry. Am I rambling? Mom says I really have to stop doing that, but I usually just do it when I meet someone new. Come on; let me show you my room. You'll be sleeping there anyways." She said, opening the door to a room and pulling me in.

"This is a pretty room," I said quietly so that I would not wake up Alex. The walls were painted a light blue, and the top was painted a black color, and there were glow in the dark stars and chalk all over the black paint. She had trophies lined up on a bureau drawer, and drawings and paintings hung up all around the room. There was a small alcove with a desk, laptop computer, and a bookshelf filled with books.

"Thanks," Noelle replied, walking over to the bookshelf. "These are Mom and Dad's books. All seven of them." She said, looking up at me. "What are these trophies for?" I asked her, walking over to the drawer. "Oh, those old things? Those are from when I used to box. I don't do that anymore; I am more into basketball and gymnastics now." I nodded once. "When you say boxing, you do mean the sport or practice of fighting with the fists with padded gloves in a roped square ring according to prescribed rules, correct?" I confirmed.

She looked at me and stared for a moment, but then started to laugh. "I'm sorry. Mom and Dad always said that you guys talked like computers, but I never believed them." She lay down on her bed and started to laugh more. I blushed. "Sorry," I apologized. "I am trying to sound more human when I am on Earth, but it can get hard when everyone on my planet speaks a certain way and everyone here speaks another way." I explained to her, hoping that she would understand.

She nodded. "Sorry. You actually don't sound that bad. I would believe that you are human." She said with a smiled. I returned the favor, but she just sighed. "Sorry, I am doing all of the talking. Am I making you feel uncomfortable? I don't even have to talk; you could probably just read my mind, right?" She asked, flopping off of the side of her bed. I giggled. "That is true. But I have been trying not to read people's minds the way I used to, because they seem to find it rude." I made a face as I sat down on the bed next to her and she laughed in return.

"You are really trying to act more human, huh? Well, I guess reading minds could get annoying. You would hear things that you wouldn't want to hear at times." I nodded. "It is….refreshing how you understand. Most people on my planet do not understand, let alone a human." She sat up and grinned. "That's me!" She bounced up on the bed and almost hit her head on the wall. I tried not to giggled, but I knew that she understood. "It's alright, go ahead and laugh at Noelle, the biggest klutz in the universe." She grumbled, throwing herself back onto her bed. Soon I was laughing up to the point where I thought I couldn't breathe, and then she started laughing along with me.

When I could finally stop laughing, I looked up at the clock above Noelle's desk. "It is approximately three thirty in the morning." I said, turning to Noelle. "Shouldn't we be sleeping by now?"
Noelle gave me a look as if I were crazy. "Sleeping? No way! You are the first female friend that I have had in a lifetime. This is a sleepover, and girls don't sleep at sleepovers." She lectured me.

I watched as she walked over to her drawer and pulled something out. "So, do you know what a cootie catcher is?"

Samantha POV

I clutched at the cup of coffee in my hand as I sat in my seat on the plane-flight 210 to Las Vegas, Nevada. My mother finished packing away our carry-ons in the space above our seats and laughed at me. "You look like you are being sentenced to death." She pointed out. I glared at her; I was in no mood for her jokes right now. I hated planes. At any given moment they could crash or breakdown, and there went so many people's lives…

"You look so much like your father." My mother observed, looking at me as if she were in a dream-like state. I stopped the rant that was going on in my head. "Really?" I asked. She instantly snapped out of it, which had been beginning to annoy me lately. Why didn't I have a right to know anything about him? After all, he was my father.

"Never mind that," she said briskly. She sat down in the seat next to me. "Are you excited about our trip?" She asked me, trying to ovoid the subject. I sighed loudly. "I guess I would be, if it didn't involve me starting a new school." I moaned. "Did you know that when I was your age I used to move all over the place because of Grandpa's job? I never did have one real friend. Except for…" Her voice trailed off, and she looked away.

"Mom, you can tell me. I am old enough now; it isn't like I am a little kid." I said quietly, patting her back. She sighed. "Would you really want to hear about your father? I am not sure if a plane ride to the place I met him would be the right moment…" She looked around at the other passengers, who were doing anything but noticing us.

"Why don't you just ask me some questions? Okay, so you are sixteen-"
"Practically seventeen," I cut her off to point out. She sighed. "Fine, almost seventeen. But you only get to ask six questions, because you are still technically sixteen years old." She said sternly. I sighed, because that really seemed to be my thing today. "Take it or leave it," My mother pointed out. "Fine. Okay, how did you guys meet?"

She seemed like she had to think about it for a while, but I think that she was just doing it to throw me off. "He was visiting with some good friends of his family in Vegas, and that was where Gram, Grandpa and I had been living. They still live there, you know. The longest place that we ever stayed," She said with a sigh.

"Mom, you're rambling." I pointed out to her. I was about to say more, but the look that she gave me shut me up. "Next question."
I thought for a moment. "What did he look like?" I asked, starting to play with my hands. She looked up at me with thoughtful eyes. "You know," she started. "You look just like him." She said with a tentative smile. She looked as if she were going to tear up, so I gripped her hand. "Why don't I just save the rest of my questions for later?" I suggested. She nodded, while wiping her hands over her eyes. "I think that would be best."

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