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Chasing Elf Lord

One day it just hit him, right out of the blue. All of the teasing, touching, always making sure those eyes were on him and only him. The over-protectiveness, that almost gleeful feeling when dates failed, it all added to one thing.

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo was in love with Timothy no middle name McGee.

It was either that or he was turning into a stalker.

No, Tony was sure of it, he was in love with the Elf Lord, and he was okay with that…sort of. The question now was how to woo Probie? Better question, how do you woo a guy period, especially one named Tim?

Ziva suppressed an amused smile when Tony perked up at the sound of the elevator door opening, it remained her so much of a dog who had heard the dinner bell.


"Good morning McGee"

"Good morning Probie"

Tony waited for Tim to settle in before getting up and smoothing out his new designer clothes, before strolling over to the other's desk, his trademark grin in place.

"Soooo, how was your weekend McGee?" he asked.

"Fine" Tim answered.

"Any hot dates?"




"I mean, I spent my Saturday with a lovely blonde with the most amazing hands"

"That's nice, have you seen Gibbs?"

Tony pouted but shook his head, he hadn't seen the Boss, but he knew the man was around somewhere.

"He went down to see Abby" Ziva informed.

"Thanks Ziva" Tim said, and got up and headed to Abby's lab.

"If you are trying to make McGee jealous, it is not working" Ziva said when Tim was gone.

"What do you know?" Tony nearly snapped as he headed back to his desk, his plan failed, Probie didn't even notice his new clothes.

"I know that trying to get him jealous by discussing your usual antics or wearing your usual clothes is not working"

"Then what do you suggest oh great love guru"

"I've heard that being honest is best"

"Maybe I should take him to one of those conventions he's always talking about….is there even one in town?"

"You're not listening" Ziva sighed as she watched her teammate search the web. She then smirked amused, she never saw Tony like this -Jeanne not withholding-, but then again when it came to Tim, Tony always acted different.

"Ah! Damnit, it's in Florida!"

And she suppose it's for the best, made for good blackmailing material.

Well the convention plan was a fail but that wasn't going to stop him, nope already he was making back up plans!

Such as…no wait they always do that, maybe he could….no Probie hated that, Oh! They could see….no they do that at least every other weekend.

"We're practically dating and we're not even together!"

Tony tossed the paper he had been writing on, the balled up paper landing in the waste basket, along with the other mountain of failures. He laid back down on his sofa and stared up at his ceiling.

Maybe Ziva had a point, maybe he should just be honest and tell Tim how he felt.

But what if Tim is disgusted with him, and rejected him, or worse no longer wanted anything to do with him.

"Wouldn't be a DiNozzo of I didn't take risks"

Tony glanced at his clock, nearly ten, his Probie would still be up, playing with his online games or typing, now the even bigger question should he go over or call….

He should have called; it not only would have saved him gas but would have saved him the surprise.

"Uh, hi Boss, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing DiNozzo"

"Well I was in the neighborhood and thought since I was here and all I should drop by…"

Tony trailed off at the raised brow.

"Uh why are you here?"

Before Gibbs could or would answer Tim appeared at the door.

"Hey Tony what are you doing here?"

Tony looked at Tim, the courage he had built up had left when Gibbs had answered the door, and wasn't coming back even with Tim at the door.

"Uuuh…you know what I don't even know! You know me, I just wonder around, and now I'm going wonder back to my apartment, bye!"

Tony quickly got the hell out of dodge ,Tim and Gibbs curiously watched him go.

"That could have gone better" Tony thought, banging his against the steering wheel, "but what was the Boss doing at Probie's house?"

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