Warning: Sex, Slash.

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Chasing Elf Lord

Tim was kissing him…Tim was KISSING him!

He probably should do something…kissing back sounds like a good idea, a really good idea judging from the way Tim moaned, and his hands finally got to play in Probie's hair!

"Tony" Tim panted when they pulled away.


Why did they stop? Breathing probably had something to do with it.

"I like you too" Tim said with a shy smile, an action Tony found odd seeing as just moments again Probie had his tongue playing tag with his.

"Great" Tony said before he pounced, this time he took the lead, flipping them over so Tim was pinned to the car. Tim mewled and clung when the Senior agent latched onto his neck, licking and sucking, marking him. He gasped when Tony's clothed erection rubbed against his, and while enjoyed it he knew they couldn't continue on.

"Tony" Tim moaned.

"Busy" Tony said against his neck, while his hands worked they're in opening Tim's shirt, so they could feel skin, he glared when his hands were batted away.

"We could get caught" was Tim's answered, remaining the other that they were still in the parking lot.

"Good point, no one needs to see your ass but me" Tony said, biting on the curve of the smooth neck, smirking when Tim's knees nearly buckled and the Agent whimpered.

With one last kiss, Tony stepped back; he took a moment to take in his Probie's appearance, face flushed, breathing coming out in pants, pouty lips wet and red, clothes ruffled, on his neck was a dark mark which told anyone who saw that Tim was taken, Tim was his.

Tony shivered with possessiveness at the thought.


Tony blinked, Tim was now straighten his clothes and looking at him questioningly.

"Dinner at my place?" Tony blurted out.

Tim smile and nodded. Tony then watched Tim walk to his car with a heated gaze.

"At least we got the pizza inside" Tim thought as he was thrown onto bed, and his mouth ravished.

"Off" Tony growled against his mouth tugging on the other's clothes.

Tim barely had his shirt off when Tony latched onto his nipples, and quickly learned they were very sensitive as they were suckled.

"Tony" he gasp as he arched into the mouth, hands taking hold of hair and his legs spreading wider.

Tony suckled harder, his hips rolling into Tim's, growling at the pleasurable friction it caused, as well as the moan from Tim. He looked up when his hair was tugged.

"More" Tim demanded.

Tony grinned, letting the nipple go with a pop, rolling his hips again to get another moan before taking off his clothes, batting Tim's hands away when the other tried to help.

"No" Tony ordered, batting away Tim's hand again when the other tried to remove his own pants.

Tim blinked at him then laid still, and watched as Tony stripped, by passing the muscular chest ( he seen Tony shirtless billions of times, much to his enjoyment), and locked onto the long thick erection that stood proudly.

"Like what you see Probie?" Tony grinned.

Tim nodded and reached for it, pouting when his hands were batted away…again.

"Next time, promise" Tony reassured, giving a quick peck on the lips as he worked the other's pants and boxers off, Tim lifting his hips to help. Once the clothes were off, Tony lowered his head and wrapped his lips around the head of Tim's cock and sucked.

"God" Tim moaned, arching his back and hips which were forced back down.

"Tony will do" Tony teased before he resumed sucking, taking in the moans, and gasps, he played with the head for a bit then released it, gaining at the whine, ignoring it he went lower stopping to give the balls and thighs a quick nipped, his hands let go of Tim's hips and parted his ass, giving Tony a view of his red hole.

Tim jumped when a tongue circled him, moaning softly when his hole was sucked and his legs spread wider.

"Feels good?"

Tim nodded, and then gave a small surprised eep when something wet and differently not a tongue pushed into him.

"Shit!" he cursed, squirming uncomfortably slightly at the feel of the finger inside him.

"You're so tight and hot Probie" Tony purred, giving a feral grin when he brushed against the sensitive bundle of nerves and Tim's eyes rolled into the back of his head.

"Bet the Boss had a lot of fun with this tight ass" He said, before inserting another finger, the feeling of possessiveness from before coming back this time a bit darker at the thought.

"Wha—oh!" Tim mewled arching his back when the two fingers pressed against the bundle again.

Tony watched with possessive eyes as his Probie withered on his fingers, the thought that his Boss of all people saw his Probie like this made him growl and he pulled out his fingers.

He lubed up his cock, then grabbed Tim legs, threw them over his shoulder and partially bent the other in half. He lined the head of his cock in the barely stretched hole; he kissed Tim roughly as he shoved all the way in, gaining a muffled shriek from Tim. The shriek turning into whimpers, and gasps as Tony pounded into the arching body, his thrust hard, deep, and claiming.

"Did the Boss fuck hard like this Tim?" Tony growled, hot panting breath caress red abused lips, "make you moan for him?"

"Tony" Tim panted, eyes rolling into the back of his head when Agent's head stabbed at his prostate, his nails digging into the others back.

"Say it again, say my name again, let everyone know you're mine Tim and no one else!" Tony latched onto Tim's neck, biting onto the mark he made earlier.

Tim chanted Tony's name as the other pounded into him, growling "mine, mine, mine, mine" into his neck, the room echoed with Tim's moans, skin slapping against skin, and the headboard banging against the wall with their activity, their bodies slick with sweat.

"T-Tony I'm going to—" Tim moaned loudly as he came, Tony cursed when the hot walls around his cock tighten, which seem to trigger said cock to cum, filling his Probie, before he collapsed, Tim grunting at the sudden weight.

For a few moments there was nothing but heavy panting, and happy after-glow, Tony then slipped out of Tim, gaining a slight moan, he moved around until he was spooning his Probie holding him tight, warm chest pressed against back.

"So" Tim said, "want to tell me what that was that about?"

"I thought we went through that in the garage, remember? You pounced on me and I pounced on you"

"Not that, I mean the me and Boss having sex thing"

The tone in Tim's voice told Tony that once again had let his imagination get a hold of him, and that he may have missed something.

"All those late night visit" Tony then said instead of answering.

"You've been watching me?"

Tony nodded, getting a sheepish grin when Tim stared at him, said Agent just gave an annoyed sigh before speaking.

"There's nothing going between me and Boss"


"The only reason why he was coming over so much was because the Director forced him to learn the basic of computers"

Tony blinked.

"So those late night visits—?"

"We're me teaching him with my personal computer"

Tony let out a sigh of relief, a weight off his shoulders and a peace of mind (He also vaguely remember Gibbs storming out the Director's office which was a normal thing so didn't pay much attention to it), he wasn't sure what he would have done if he had to fight for Tim, because he would fight for his Probie.

"There was no sex at all" Tim continued on, drawing him away from his thoughts.

Tony took in the blush on his lover's cheeks, curious as to why until it clicked.

"Damn it!" he cursed, "did I hurt you?"

Tony cursed his lack of control, as he pulled back and checked for injures, even with all his teasing, the Senior Agent knew that Tim was a virgin in that department.

"No" Tim reassured as he turned over, giving Tony a kiss, "it felt really good"

"You sure?" Tony asked worriedly.

Tim nodded then cuddled up to him, Tony let out a relieved breathe, then frowned when another thought occurred to him.

"Since when do you call Sacks by his first name?"

Tim chuckled, "Don't tell anyone, but I kind of hooked him and Jimmy up"


"….Jimmy's gay?"


"And he's with Sacks?"



Tim chuckled before he shifted, pushing Tony onto his back and straddling him, Tony's cock started to harden again.

"Round two?"

Tony grinned, Tim lined Tony's cock with his hole and pushed down, Tony watched his Probie squirm for a moment then lift up and back down, the younger man moaned.

Oh this was going to fun.

After two more rounds, Tony laid in bed, arms wrapped his sleeping lover's waist, chin rested on top of soft hair. He listened to the soft breathing and smiled, he finally had his Tim, the man he loved.

Life was good.


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