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Warnings: Slash! Sabretooth and Logan being in the same room with each other.

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"It's almost time Kurt!"

"I know Kitty"

"I'm like so nervous, how's my hair"

"It's fine"

"You're just saying that"

"Ja, ow!"

Kurt rubbed his throbbing shoulder, his face drawn into a pout.

"Vhat vas that for?" he asked.

"For being a jerk" Kitty said.

"Both of you quiet, it's almost time" Rogue said.

On cue the music played, and the doors opened.

"This is it! I'm going to graduate!"

"Congratulations Kurt!"

Kurt accepted the hugs from Oruro and Jean. He gave a mock-glare when Scott ruffled his hair.

The young mutant looked around the crowds of grads and their families, he still couldn't believe it, he had graduated from High School!

Nearly two years ago he didn't think he would even be able to go to school. After the attack and revealing of mutants it's been one avalanche after another.

Kurt was just grateful for Logan and his friends, especially Logan. Kurt couldn't even count the times he went to Logan's room because he felt lonely without his lover, who he hadn't heard from since the day he left.

"Vonder vere Victor is now" the Elf thought with a sad smile.

"Ya thinkin bout the Old Man again"

Kurt turned to look around to see Logan standing there with a playful smirk on his face.

"Alvays" Kurt answered.

Logan shook his head, before wrapping an arm around the Elf's shoulder.

"Well could you let your mind be clear of him tonight, you have a party to get to" he said.

Kurt laughed as Bobby singed off key, he had long since put down his cup, he learned long ago not to drink the punch.

He looked around, everyone was having a good time, and he could just imagine his lover sulking somewhere in the corner or even glaring at Logan.

The thought of his lover made a sad sigh escape him.

With another sad sigh he jumped off the sofa's arm and made his way to the back door through the kitchen, giving Logan a reassuring smile when the older man gave him a questioning look.

Once outside Kurt took a deep breathe, taking in the night air.

He watched the young male sit down on the bench; a feral grin appeared on his face as he crept closer to his prey. His nose flared as he took his prey's scent, he licked his fangs as he imagined that flesh underneath him.

His body tensed and then he pounced knocking both of them onto the ground.

He rolled around with the younger male, keeping a tight grip on the body; he knew how slippery the other could be. Finally he had the body underneath them.

"Let me go!"

"And why would I do that? After I came all the way here just to see you" he said smirking down at the younger male.

The punches and kicks stopped and then silence.

Golden eyes looked wide-eyed up at him.


"Hey Brat, missed me?"

Victor then crushed his lips against soft blue ones.

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