It was a picture of a cabin, a single cabin.

The jet was in the air moments later.

"Vhen Victor kidnapped me, he took me to the cabin" Kurt explained as they flew to the destination, "it was where he was born and spent some of his childhood"

"Some?" Rogue asked.

"He…ran away from home".

Everyone glanced at each other hearing the poorly disguised half-truth, but didn't ask any more on the subject. Sometime later they landed, the wheels not even touching the ground when Kurt ported out of his seat.


"Damn it, Elf!"

The cabin still had the holes in the walls and roof from when they had been kidnapped by Trask and his men, the furniture which either had been broken or turned over was now cleaned up or set back right.

"Victor?" Kurt said softly, ears twitching as tried to pick up any kind of sound.

A soft creaking sound from the bedroom had Kurt porting up there in seconds.


Kurt stood there, shocked surprised and betrayal falling over him.

"Didn't expect you for another hour at least, ah well" Jacob smiled.

Kurt watched frozen as the man rolled out of the arms and the bed.

He was naked.

"He's brilliant by the way" the man grinned, "I can see why you keep him"

Kurt's head slowly turned from Jacob to the other who hadn't move.


"Oh don't brother, he can't hear you…at least I don't think he can, never got to look into that part"

"V-Vhat did you do to him?" Kurt demanded.

"Just a little mind control, gotta say it wasn't easy...have you seen my pants? Ah! There they are"

Kurt found that he couldn't move as the other man dressed, mind control? This…This thing was controlling his lover!?

"Now then" Jacob said once he was dressed, "let's begin"

Kurt shivered at the deep growl that rumbled behind him.

When he got his hands the Elf he was tanning that furry butt.

"There it is!" said Kitty when the cabin came into view.

"Hold it" Wolverine said coming to a stop.

"But Kur—"

Wolverine shushed Jean as he focused on the sounds of the inside the house, at first he heard nothing and wondered if it was possible that they had beat Kurt here, a quick sniff said otherwise.

"I'm not waiting anymore" Scott said and began moving towards the house.

A loud roar had them all jumping and they watch in horrible when Kurt came crashing out the house via the front door.


Kurt groaned as he slowly got to his feet, swaying for a moment before he was steady again, he blinked when he was suddenly surrounded by his teammates.

"Took you long enough" the Nightcrawler said, yelping when he got a smack upside the head by Logan.

"You run off like that again, and you'll be doing Danger Room sessions for a month" Logan growled.

"Sorry" Kurt said, with a sheepish.

"Aw, isn't that sweet"

As one the X-Men turned back to the house, there were gasps at the sight of Jacob, who smiled pleasantly at them.

"Wonderful to see you all again" he said, "I was wondering if darling Kurt had brought you along, guess this answer my question"

Behind the man Victor stood eyes clouded with rage, his left claw had blood on it, Logan stared at the blood before looking at Kurt and found three deep slashes on his leg.

"What did you do to Victor" Logan then growled to Jacob.

Jacob grinned.

Behind him Victor roared and attacked.

Sabretooth has always been one of their strongest opponents; they quickly learned that it was best not to pull any punches when it came to the feral mutant, but now he was an ally, one of their own, an X-Men (though Victor would probably cringe at the thought of being an X-Men) . More than that, Sabretooth was his lover.

They didn't want to hurt him.

"This isn't working" Scott said after he and Kurt dug Wolverine from underneath the rumble of the now destroyed house.

"Ya think?!" Wolverine snapped.

Kurt watched as Jean, Kitty and Rogue tried to subdue Sabretooth; he winced when Rogue was kicked in the gut and sent flying into Jean, knocking them both out.

"Where is that bastard Jacob?" growled Logan.

Both Kurt and Scott looked around, and sure enough Jacob was nowhere to be seen.

"We can't worry about that now" Scott said.

"He's vight" Kurt said, eyes locking back on his lover.

"We need a plan"

Kurt nodded, hissing at a sudden sting on his left arm, looking down he saw the three deep slashes he had gotten from Victor at the time by the pool, the bandages had come off and the stiches had reopened. Staring at the wound the young man had an idea. The idea wasn't a sure plan and most likely would end with him dying, but if all went well his Victor would no longer be in Jacob's control.

A roar drew the three's attention back to the fight, Sabretooth held an unconscious Kitty by the throat, grip tightening by the minute.


"I have an idea" Kurt said to the two, "whatever you do, don't interfere"


"Promise me"

Both men glanced at each other, then nodded.

Without another thought Kurt transported, landing on the larger mutant's shoulders, he wrapped his arms tightly around the thick neck and squeezed. Sabretooth snarled, he dropped the girl and reached for the furred mutant, Kurt grunted when he was grabbed and thrown off. Picking himself off the ground Kurt stood there his eyes locked with his enraged lover, with a snarl Sabretooth charged at the younger man.

"What the hell is he doing?!" Logan said, but didn't move.

Then it happened, Victor's claw hand struck Kurt deep in the stomach.


God it hurt!

Eyes still locked Victor's, Kurt felt his knees tremble as he choked up blood.

"V-Victor" Kurt croaked.

Enraged eyes stared at him, fangs snarled at him.

"V-Victor, p-please"

With shaking hands he reached up and touched his lover's face.

"It-it's m-me" Kurt whimpered, "y-your Kurt"

Eyes still on his lover's Kurt watched those beautiful amber eyes that he love, watched as slowly the cloud of rage lifted.

"Kurt wha—?"


Victor stared at his lover, confused as to why he was here, it took him a moment to realize that he could smell blood, Kurt's blood. Kurt's blood on his claws.


As though burnt by fire Sabretooth pulled his claws back, instinctively catching his falling lover and cradling him in his arms.


"I-It's o-okay" Kurt reassured, "it-it's o-okay"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Victor whimpered.

Kurt smiled.

"K-Kurt, p-please"

Kurt closed his eyes.

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