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Over a week had passed since Darcy's impromptu sick day for Jane.

The day had been good for her in more ways than just getting her over a hang-over; as flighty as Darcy was, it was in that respect the had a certain maturity about her. She was great at being distracted, and distracting.

Jane had spent the whole day wearing her comfiest jeans and oversized sweater (she didn't tell Darcy that underneath she was wearing Donald Blake's-inherited-by-Thor-T-shirt underneath.)

The pair of them had a nice day, playing old Nintendo games, eating mini pizzas and listening to some of Darcy's more interesting music recommendations.

Now Jane was sitting at her desk, feeling more relaxed than she had in weeks. Darcy had put it best: "It sucks he's gone, dude, but what is stressing yourself out going to do? You've gotta keep movin' on and getting shit done! Look forward to work in the morning, even if it's frustrating and long... At least it's eight hours closer to Wonderboy."

Eight hours at a time... It seemed much more manageable than speculating on how long it could possibly take to get Thor back.

She woke up that morning and promised herself there would be no more tears, no more desperate saddness, and only fierce determination: Darcy recommended she fill her schedule as much as possible so she didn't have time to sit on the roof at night, drink Jaeger, and become more depressed.

"Busy schedule it is." Jane said to herself, picking up her phone and punching in Agent Coulson's number. She had a plan. Said plan did not entail sitting behind a computer running simulations for hours on end.

"Coulson here."

"Ahhh hey! It's Jane. How are you?"

There was a slightly crackly silence on the other end of the line before Coulson said, "Fine thanks, Jane. Are you feeling better? Darcy said you were feeling ill yesterday."

"I feel great." Jane said, eager to get the formalities out of the way; she had a plan and she was too excited about it to spend time dawdling. "Hey! I was thinking we should go and grab a drink tonight. I've come up with a new theory and I'd like you to be the first to see it."

"I think that'd be an area best suited to Agent Fury. Here, I'll transfer you through to him."

"No! Wait!" Jane cried, but it was too late. The buttons had been pushed, and Fury's phone was already ringing.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip, waiting for the inevitible bark indicating prescence on the line.

"Coulson! Where the hell did my other leather jacket go? If I find out you took it again, so help me I will-"

"Actually sir, it's Jane Foster..." She said in a small voice, however slightly amused she was at the idea of Coulson snaking parts of Nick Fury's wardrobe, she didn't let it show.

"Well so it is." Fury said. "Make any progress?"

"Umm I was sick yesterday. Agent Coulson transfered me to you so I could tell you I'll be back at it today."

"Hmph." Fury sniffed, "an email would have sufficed. If you see Coulson today tell him I'm busy. You try keeping a guy named "Captain America" out of every political tabloid in the country. Fake Twitter accounts everywhere!" The line went dead.

Glad that Nick Fury was too busy trying to keep Twitter from ruining Captain America to care about her whereabouts, and silently making a note to check out said fake accounts later, Jane hung up the phone and shrugged on a sweater. She didn't know where Darcy was… probably long-boarding around town, looking for a Slurpee from the 7-11.

She didn't need her where she was going. She hopped into the van and headed out towards the New Mexico desert, where S.H.I.E.L.D. had set up a temporary office of sorts: If Coulson wasn't going to talk to her over the phone she'd go track him down herself.

Feeling slightly maniacal for thinking in such a brazenly determined way, Jane just smiled and turned the radio on, humming as she drove: If you want it, if it would make you happy, if it would make you feel accomplished… make it happen. She grew up hearing that from her parents, and as she grew older she realized more and more that no one is just going to hand you your dreams in a precious basket. Nope. A girl has got to go out and make them happen herself, even if everybody thinks she's crazy.

She couldn't help but let her mind wander to Thor, and what he would think of her behavior. As different as they were; with their respective qualities being calculating-logical-Jane meets beat-it-into-submission-Thor. She liked to think he would be impressed by her recently found determination and utter refusal to let things slip through her fingers any further. This was her project, her research, her van, her equipment… damned if she wasn't going to use it the way she wanted to, when she wanted to, how she wanted to, and if she had to be a sneaky broad to make it all happen… well. Them's the breaks.

Still feeling positively unstoppable, Jane hopped out of the van at the base, dust swirling around her ankles. Nobody at the base paid her any mind; they'd all seen her before, and knew she was no threat. She went about her business just like they went about theirs, making her way through trailers and hallways, until she reached Coulson's office.

"Hellooo?" She said, knocking on the door, channeling her inner-and-most-adorably-annoying-Darcy. "Agent Coulson? It's Jane."

Coulson opened the door and looked at Jane with that same stoic look all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had; it was like Nick Fury was the only one allowed to show any kind of emotion.

"Jane? What are you doing here?"

"Well, I was telling you about a new idea I was having, and proposed drinks, but you transferred me to General Fury before I could finish. So I just decided to come here and talk to you instead." She smiled placidly at Coulson, gently brushing past him and taking a seat in the chair across from his desk.

"Jane, this isn't my department." Coulson said, turning to face her, but keeping the door open. "I have no power to approve anything you might come up with. My job is security."

"Well I had hoped to show it to you first so maybe you can give me some ideas on how to present it properly."

Coulson looked at her incredulously, one hand in the pocket of his jacket.

"You were sick yesterday, huh?"

"Yes. That's not the point. The point is I've been sitting on my ass running computer simulations of all my math, and what might happen if we were to try to open a worm hole in the middle of a desert, and honestly I'm getting bored of it! I need to progress, not just sit here and look at a virtual universe."

"I'm no astro-physicist, Jane." He said with the hint of a smile. "But I do know that the adverse affects of something going wrong with something of this scale would be very unpleasant blood to have on your hands. We know you want to see Thor again, and you're determined to get him back, but this is a big deal."

"But you know General Fury better than I do! And before I bring anything up with him, I need to be confident that what I have isn't just going to get thrown back in my face with a rejection stamped all over it because he thinks I just want to get it on with a big blonde viking! Months have gone by and I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I just had a great idea that I think will actually work, I just need you to hear me out." She plead her case convincingly. "So please, drinks tonight? There's a good band playing, I hear." She threw it in even though Coulson didn't really seem like the type to like roadhouse bars and beer-bands. "And come on… you've got to be aching for a cold beer after standing out in a desert wearing a suit and tie all day."

"We'll see, Ms. Foster." Coulson said, standing aside from the door and motioning for Jane to be on her way. "Now if you'll excuse me."

Jane didn't actually want to tell Coulson her new ground-breaking theory. Mostly because there wasn't one… she figured she'd just make it up as she went, do some doodles, say some big words, add "molecular" and "continuum" in there a few times and call it a day: Coulson's cell phone was what she was really after, not his approval. The only thing that was being kept out of her reach was a power source, and the only person who could provide that power source was kept as far away from her as possible. If she could just swipe Coulson's phone while he wasn't paying attention, and snag Tony Stark's cell phone number, she'd be sitting pretty: She already knew he wouldn't say no. Nothing mattered anymore, and the opportunity to do this, was actually more exhilarating than anything.

As she returned to her lab, her smile grew, along with the feeling inside her that told her she couldn't possibly go wrong with this plan.

"You'd be proud, babe." She said smiling at the clear blue sky, fingers crossed for an answer from Coulson as she drove down the highway.

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