AN: Written for a set of Alice in Wonderland prompts. Features several allusions to the story. Takes place between season 6 and 7 and is inside crazy!Spikes head.

Warning: There's a word in here that some may feel warrants and M rating, but it only appears once, so I'll just apologize now to anyone offended.

High and mighty bitch. You think you're the Queen of Hearts, passing judgments, but you're nothing more than the rabbit, running, always running; late for your life. Or, perhaps, you're Alice. Poor, poor Alice. Lost little girl drowning in her sea of tears. Drink me. Eat me. Branded across throat and cunt. Won't you, will you, will you won't you, come and join the dance? You always were too fucking curious. Curiosity kills you know. Kills as well as me. Me with the blood on my hands, the color of jam in tarts. Did I really think I could save you? A mad man with his many hats will never, ever be a knight. Knights protect the Queen, but you and I are neither, and pawns owe each other nothing.