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McCoy wrung his hands as he paced nervously. Too much coffee, coupled with the adrenaline surge of dealing with a half-delirious-but-still-punch-happy James T. Kirk, had left him somewhat edgy.

Kirk groaned and shifted as he woke up from the mild sedative.

"Now don't go trying to punch the lights out of your Doctor this time!" Bones hissed as his eyes finally opened.

"Sorry," He mumbled, "Wasn't aiming at you."

"I figured. That's why the Head Doctor on this floor is sporting a green-and-black eye. If I were you, I wouldn't let him give you any medications for a while."

"I don't take kindly to being knocked out when Spock is in trouble," Kirk snapped angrily.

"I didn't order that, Jim! You being stubborn and not sitting still did! Look, you just came out of a coma. Obviously, nobody here is crazy enough to believe you have any idea what is going on in your head, let alone someone else's. Except me."

Jim's expression softened, "So, you'll help me get out of here?"

"When you are medically able to, yes. But first your gonna have to deal with our charming host, he's on his way over."

Moments later Sarek walked in the room, "Kirk. We have much to discuss."

Bones shifted on the mass-transit shuttle. He tried not to dwell on the fact that he and Kirk had three seats empty around them, despite the fact that it was a cramped shuttle. Apparently none of the other passengers wished to sit in close proximity to the antsy human and his cranky companion. Not that he blamed them.

His thoughts shifted back to the recent conversation between Captain Kirk and Ambassador Sarek.

Apparently nobody could get a hold of Spock, but Amanda's Vehicle-Location Signal indicated that it had parked just outside Kirk's "Museum". They had tried hailing him, but the strange interference, from whatever was in that blasted desert, made it impossible.

"There is a Class 7 Sandstorm in the area," Sarek had said, "Which prevents us from further investigation. It is also, possibly, the reason for the communication interference."

"Listen," Kirk spoke slowly, trying to remain respectful, "I know it doesn't make sense. But I know Spock is in trouble. We have to get out there."

"I do not doubt your sincerity, Kirk, it is simply a matter of protocol. The Vulcan authorities will not launch a Missing Persons investigation until after 42 hours of non-contact."

"Spock doesn't have 42 hours!" Kirk shouted, "Surely you could use your Diplomatic influence to get the Authorities to help!"

"I have tried," Sarek said. His face was impassive, as usual, but something in his eyes indicated that he had done a lot more than just try, "I am afraid their authority outweighs mine."

Kirk sighed, "What will you do now?"

"Since I can not reach Spock's last known location, due to the storm, I intend to continue trying to persuade the Authorities to launch an investigation. This goes far beyond a missing person, as the evidence I showed you suggests. I shall be in a meeting with the Vulcan High Council in 1.2 hours."

Kirk nodded quietly. Bones had grimaced then. Any time Kirk got quiet it meant he was thinking… dangerously thinking.

"Kirk," Sarek barked, in a tone which indicated he had observed what Bones had, "You will not attempt to investigate without the authorities to back you up. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir." Kirk had said.

Bones had nearly choked at the parental tone coming from Sarek. He was more astonished at the quick, and almost pensive, response from Jim.

Sarek seemed satisfied with that and left quickly.

Exactly 30 minutes later the paperwork all came in, allowing James T. Kirk and accompanying Doctor to leave the Hospital. All the red tape had been hacked through. They didn't even have to sign anything. Bones shook his head, no need to guess who had worked that miracle.

Now the two sat on a mass-transit shuttle on their way to Sarek and Amanda's. Amanda would be waiting for them, no doubt. He just hoped she would be able to distract Kirk enough so that he would rest a bit before doing anything stupid.

As the shuttle came to a stop, Bones saw Sarek's newly repaired vehicle sat in front of the house. Good as new. He glanced over at Kirk and prayed Amanda would be good at keeping Jim occupied.

They were crazy. Every last one of them! Lady Amanda (bless her sweet heart) included!
Kirk and no more then set foot in the door before she came running up to him. She hugged him, kissed his cheek, and then… handed him the keys to Sarek's car. Just. Like. That.

Bones had about forgotten to use his "lady-in-the-room" vocabulary.

"The storm has died down to a Level 3. You can pilot in that, if you are careful," She said all that without even a "if you think you are physically able to handle that."

"Ma'am!" McCoy finally managed to spit out, "Your husband will kill us if we do anything to that car."

"You leave Sarek to me," she said with a stubborn expression (very much like the ones Spock got, actually)"That is my son out there."

Kirk said nothing. He just bound out the door and hopped in the vehicle. Bones had followed seconds after and was already strapped in before reality hit.

They were in Sarek's car… and Jim was piloting.

They were dead. Plain and simple. If Kirk didn't kill them piloting in a freak storm, Sarek would when they got back.

Bones swallowed as the engine hummed to life. He felt the vehicle lurch forward with a tremendous roar, then was plastered back as Kirk braked.

"What are you, a Starfleet Freshmen?"

"Brakes are touchy, so is the accelerator. I've got this."


Kirk did a few more "practice stops" before shooting down the road. McCoy closed his eyes as they merged with the heavy air traffic.

"I believe you told the Ambassador that you wouldn't do anything stupid until we had the authorities to back us up."

"Yes, and I will keep my word."

"Oh really! Well I don't exactly feel like we've got backup. We don't even have a phaser, Jim!"

"Trust me on this, Bones."

McCoy sighed, "Do you even know where you are going?"

"Of course! Bones, it's Vulcan. How lost can you get?"

"Very, especially if you keep going this way. This stretch turns to Vulcan-only in a couple miles. You'll need to veer off."

Kirk just smiled.

A sign passed, indicating that all Non-Vulcans needed to veer to the left. Kirk throttled forward, passing a cluster of cars on the Right then shot onto the Vulcan-Only Highway.

"Jim! Are you INSANE! Pull over! Right now! I mean it! You won't get away with it, there are cameras everywhere. The minute they see your ugly mug they'll send the cops… oh…. oh…. no…. oh Klingon crap."

"Smile for the Camera, Bones!" Kirk shouted as he leaned forward to be sure the monitors got a clear shot. He flashed the James T. Kirk grin and waved.

Amanda had the weather report on, keeping a close eye on the sandstorm just in case. She was just about to go outside to water her flowers, as a way to calm her nerves, when a broadcast interrupted the usual boring report.

High velocity chase on Vulcan-Only Air-Way 3237. Two Humans appear to be in the vehicle. Traffic is advised to stay off of the Air-Way until the dangerous pilot is apprehended.

Amanda changed the station until she found a live news feed of the chase. There it was; her husband's vehicle going at top speed down the air-way. There were 3 police vehicles in hot pursuit.

Sarek's shuttle soared over the top of another vehicle, and just barely missed clipping the top. She heard the garbled transmission of the lead law enforcement officer call for backup.

Amanda plopped on the couch and held her head. Sarek was not going to like that.

Kirk bit his lip as he sailed over yet another gaping Vulcan pilot. He glanced at his aft sensors, which were going off like mad. He had to keep a reasonable lead on the law enforcement, or else they would use a tractor beam on him.

His heart was racing from both apprehension and excitement. The adrenaline surged through his body as he stomped hard on the accelerator. A small part of him was thrilled. He had always wanted to try his hand at piloting the Vulcan-Only airway. Of course, he had never dreamed of taking it at these speeds.

Another law enforcement shuttled appeared overhead. He gunned forward out of its tractor beam range, narrowly avoiding a sign which indicated they were coming upon a junction. He took a deep breath, he had a plan. Now to see if it would work.

"Well," Bones said with a sigh, "We now have half of the Vulcan Police Force behind us. My life has flashed before my eyes 3 times. Are you happy now?"

"Yes," Jim said with a grin, "I think that is quite enough backup don't you?"

With that, he turned on his signal and flew in a wide arc towards the Pl'ah'tra desert.

"If we live through this," Bones whispered, "And Sarek doesn't kill you, I WILL!"

Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan stood before the Vulcan Council waiting patiently for his turn to speak. He had all the evidence correlated logically in his mind. He knew precisely which arguments to bring forward, and which to hold back for later debate. He calculated the arguments that were likely to arise against him, and carefully constructed his retorts. This was his expertise. He knew the debate, knew the issues, and knew the opponents. He was certain he would succeed. Words came easily to him.

"Ambassador Sarek?"

He rose. Fully prepared for this battle of Diplomacy, when his train of thought was cut short, "There has been an incident with your vehicle."

His eyebrow shot to his hairline as he was lead to the news monitor. There was his newly-repaired shuttle, being rocketed across the very desert where it had met its unfortunate accident before. It was being tailed by a long, and rather impressive, armada of the Vulcan Law Enforcement.

If he had not been in front of the entire Vulcan Council, he might have used one of the colorful metaphors his wife occasionally graced him with. At that precise moment, those were the only words coming to his mind.

Kirk wiped the sweat from his eyes and concentrated. The sandstorm made visibility low, and he was well aware what dangers were present in this desert. He had slowed, barely, but continued to hold a lead on his entourage.

He squinted. Just ahead was the Medical Facility… and Amanda's vehicle. He just hoped his plan would work.

"Ok Bones! Here's the tricky part. You and I gotta make a break inside that building before they have a chance to stun us, else the game is up."

"So much for relaxing and avoiding interstellar incidents."

"Ok ready? I'm about to make an emergency landing."

Bones closed his eyes and held on fast as the shuttle came to a screeching halt.

"NOW!" Kirk shouted. The two scrambled out and dashed for the inside of the Medical Facility like they were being chased Romulans.

Kirk slammed the door shut and charged forward blindly. The power was off. Everything was dark.

"Dr. Brandon? Spock?" He called out, "I am here with the police."

Bones tripped along behind him, "Never mind that they aren't exactly here to help us. Figures the blasted lights would be out."

"Come on," Kirk whispered. The two ducked into a pitch-black room just as the doors were thrown open by the Police Force. The sound of many footsteps was heard as the highly efficient Vulcan Officers invaded and searched one room at a time.

"At least they have flashlights, thank goodness," Kirk whispered.

"What, you in a hurry to get nabbed?"

Kirk crouched down and began to feel his way across the room. He bonked right into a chair. Seconds later Bones tripped over him with a terrific thud.

"Think they heard that?" Bones groaned.

"They're Vulcans."


Moments later there was a yell and clatter.

"What's that?" Bones whispered as they felt their way along the floor towards the sound.

"Sounds like we aren't the only fugitives in this building," Kirk whispered, "Time to make an entrance."

He felt for the door and threw it open. On the ground was a Vulcan wearing the Law Enforcement Uniform. He was being tackled by Selka.

Kirk charged forward and launched himself onto the pile. Bones hesitated for only a fraction of a second before joining the fray.

Two Vulcans, two Humans, and a lot of arms and fists. Moments later Selka was on the ground with the three pinning him down, just as the rest of the Officers charged in.

"WHERE IS HE?" Kirk shouted.

Selka looked through him with quiet arrogance. Kirk raised his fist, but was prevented from his signature interrogation technique by another officer. He jumped up, "I am Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. This man is responsible for the abduction of my First Officer Mr. Spock."

Instantly every communicator in the room went off. The clamor of Vulcan garble, Bones shouting, and Kirk lecturing drowned out the sound of the sand storm.

Finally the CO stepped forward, "That was the Vulcan High Council. We have been instructed to follow your orders, Captain."

Kirk grinned unabashedly, "Search the building. Spock may be here."

The Vulcans spoke amongst themselves briefly, then distributed their teams. Moments later the power flickered on.

McCoy began running tricorder scans, for lack of anything better to do. Kirk had sat down and started to massage his temples.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah," Jim said, "Trying to concentrate."

He tried to block out the noises and the bright light. He had to focus. Spock was alive… somewhere. He shook his head. For some reason all he could think about was… his eyes snapped open.

"Moon!" he shouted.

McCoy gave him the you've-officially-lost-it look.

"Moon, Bones! Moon! I keep trying to figure out where Spock is… but I can't concentrate because for some reason I keep seeing this image of a moon."

"Vulcan has no moon, Jim."

"Exactly! But the temple I saw before, does."

Spock struggled for the 15th time against the bonds that held him. They did not budge.

"It's no use," Dr. Brandon sighed, "For a peaceful society with low crime, you design some overkill hand cuffs."

Spock eyed the Doctor wearily. He was bound in a similar fashion 2 meters to his right. Spock had been the first to come around after their abduction. The Doctor remained unconscious for another 35 minutes before he woke up.

"Selka attacked me," the Doctor had said. (Spock had already assumed that), "I knew there was something wrong with that guy. I bet you anything he's been sabotaging my programming… he'd have the know-how anyway."

Spock had tuned out the Human's useless chatter, and concentrated. Jim was conscious. He felt a surge of excitement, not his own.

"There will be help coming," Spock said simply.

"Nice that you are so optimistic, but how will they know where we are? We sure don't."

"This room is composed of the same metal as the abandoned temple located where Captain Kirk's shuttle exploded."

"The same one that caused the odd sensor interference?"


"The perfect holding cell then. They won't be able to scan for us."


Spock closed his eyes in deep meditation. The Doctor's voice interrupted, "What is this all about?"

Spock took a deep breath and then opened his eyes, "For several years, there have been numerous fatal accidents involving Humans in this particular desert. Most of them were shuttle related. The reasons were often listed as "Pilot error," which was why they went unnoticed before.

"I see. It was logical to conclude that Humans are accident prone."


"So if it's not our poor piloting skills, what was it?"

That is what we must try to ascertain from Selka.

"He doesn't strike me as being very helpful. Besides that, where is he?"

"It is logical to conclude he will return to the Medical Facility to cover up any signs of a struggle. It is also logical he will dispose of my Mother's vehicle, to make it appear like I was involved in an accident."

"And how does he get rid of me?"

"No doubt in a similar method."

"And when he is done covering up his tracks, what happens to us?"

Spock said nothing. He closed his eyes and concentrated once again.

The sandstorm had picked up again. Kirk took the lead as he piloted the small army he had accumulated towards the cliff.

"Hard to see in all this sand," He said to himself. The navigation system was not functioning. There was no way to tell if he was moving towards or away from the cliff face that had nearly killed him before.

McCoy squinted, "Any of this look familiar?"

"I was asleep for most of the ride, and the navigation chip had probably driven in circles before it made a kamikaze run."

Bones nodded then reached for the air conditioning. He turned the dial only to be greeted by Shut Up and Drive

"Ack, Vulcan dials make no sense" Bones grumbled, and turned the radio off.

"Wait a minute," Kirk said.

"What, you want to listen to Ancient Earth tunes at a time like this?"

"No, the radio! I had tried to listen to it, and when I did it turned to static."

Kirk reached forward and cranked up the volume. The music was coming in loud and clear. He adjusted his heading slightly, there was an instant crackle.


Spock jerked his head up at the sound of footsteps. A moment later another Vulcan entered the room. He looked first at Spock, then at Dr. Brandon, without expression.

"Why are we being held here?" Spock asked.

"You are a threat to us," the Vulcan said simply.

"We are a threat to whom exactly?"


"How are we a threat to Vulcan?"

"Humans have no right to be among our people. You threaten our cultural heritage, our emotional control, and our way of life."

Dr. Brandon made a scoff sound. Spock continued to concentrate on where he was, pushing the small hint of anger from his mind.

"You say Humans threaten our cultural heritage," he continued evenly, "and yet by your very statement you show that you reject the philosophy of Kol-Ut-Shan."

"IDIC works only when the variables make for a stronger culture. Humans are inferior, their blood is inferior, their minds are inferior, and their ideals are inferior. You contaminate us."

Spock felt that small spark of rage begin. He struggled to maintain control. He needed his logic now. He needed to concentrate on where he was; "It is illogical to assume that by selectively murdering Humans who come here, you can create a better way of life for Vulcan."

"There are many of us. Some day Vulcan will be rid of every last inferior species."

"I find no logic in your plan. Such an attempt would be futile, and disastrous."

The Vulcan stepped forward and held up a phaser, "You are half human. You are the greatest threat to our way of life."

Dr. Brandon began struggling against the bonds and shouting out. Spock could see no way out. He prepared himself for what was to come, when he heard a sound.

Moments later Captain James Kirk came charging into the room. The Vulcan jumped back in surprise, his phaser misfired and hit the wall inches from Spock's head. A rush of policeman filled the room moments later.

Jim ran forward to free Spock. It had been close… too close.

"You alright?"

"Affirmative, and you?"

Kirk nodded then grinned, "You don't want to know what I did to get here."

Spock raised an eyebrow in response, then turned to the apprehended Vulcan and spoke very quietly.

Kirk was the only one who heard the Vulcan phrase, and he knew what it meant:

Ma etek natyan teretuhr lau etek shetau weh-lo'uk do tum t'on (We have differences. May we, together, become greater than the sum of both of us)

"Well, I can't say that was the most relaxing shore leave I have ever been on," McCoy said as the three made their way to the transporter station, "But it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be."

"My mother requested that you two accompany on my next return to Vulcan."

Kirk smiled, "Of course your father might have something to say about that."

"He agreed with her statement, his only amendment being that we bring our own transportation."

Jim laughed, causing a few peculiar glances from the pedestrian traffic.

"I would just like to point out," Bones drawled, "That this whole thing would have been a lot easier had you not gone sight seeing at that "museum." Tell me honestly, Jim, why were you there?"

"Oh… you know me," Kirk grinned.

"I knew it! Was she blond or brunette?"

"Gentlemen don't discuss such things," Kirk smirked.

McCoy snorted just as the three entered the transporter station. Moments later they received the welcome hail from the Enterprise.

Sarek examined his vehicle minutely. Some minor paint damage caused by sand, but as Amanda pointed out, that could have been from anything. He straightened up, satisfied that it had not been taxed too much by Kirk's illogical, though effective, recruiting method.

He stepped inside. He would analyze the engine efficiency as he drove to the Airway Patrol Office. There were still a few loose ends to tie up there. He started his vehicle, listening closely for any abnormal sounds from the engine.


Sarek didn't jump- he adjusted his position by three inches. He slammed his hand on the radio dial to kill the deafening music.


Over the course of several weeks, Spock had received several communiqués from Vulcan. His mother mainly wanted to make sure "everything was ok." Sarek updated Spock on the ongoing investigation into the anti-human cult that the three had unwittingly uncovered. The authorities had at last persuaded Selka to confess to his involvement, and the other members of the cult were being sought out on charges of murder and sabotage.

Sarek had also sent the last of the paperwork regarding Kirk's high speed chase. Once again, the charges had been miraculously dropped. All that remained was the incriminating photo.

Spock studied the picture. McCoy had clenched teeth and had one hand over his face, a "facepalm" was the term generally used for that gesture. Next to him was a grinning and radiant Captain Kirk, waving. Spock filed the picture away on his computer. After all, such a photo could easily be misused if placed in the wrong hands. However, as it was an official police recorded document, it should be stored and not destroyed.

A moment later there was a chime, "McCoy to Spock."

"Spock here."

"You are up for your physical. Don't glare at me; I sure didn't put you on the check-up roster."

"On my way."

Spock had been preparing for this. He looked at his face in the mirror, one last time, to double check his "surprised" face. Then made his way to sickbay.

"What you doing here?" Bones asked as Kirk casually walked in the room a few seconds after Spock.

"Just wanted to make sure you guys are ok… you know... after everything."

"May I remind you; it was you who nearly got launched into a cliff, mauled by a cat, fell into a coma, and then (after barely recovering) drove faster than even Vulcans care to go? All of this while on shore leave! We're okay, it's you who has problems."

"Point taken," Kirk said then seated himself casually.

Spock approached the biobed. He hoped his deception would be less transparent than Captain Kirk's. He lay down and waited.

.078 seconds of calibration, and the computer adjusted perfectly.

"What the devil!" Bones exclaimed with his mouth wide open, "Spock your… your… your... NORMAL!"

Spock raised his eyebrow in surprise, just as he had practiced, then said, "Fascinating."

Kirk positively beamed in delight.

Bones was still staring at the monitor as if it had told him Spock was pregnant. "How did? Why isn't it? Is this thing broken?"

Kirk burst into laughter and started stumbling over himself to explain, "I wasn't seeing a nurse, I was seeing a specialist about this special equipment, and we made this program, and I wanted to surprise you two, and it is so cool because…"

Spock sat up off the bed, satisfied that Kirk was able to deliver his "surprise" to both of them. He made a mental note to remind Scotty not to mention that he had helped with the installation.

The End. Wow... I have to say I am relieved. I personally hate it when people post a fic. It gets going pretty good for 3 chapters then they kill it and say "I'm done, someone else can take it." I didn't want to do that, and I am glad this little story of mine has an ending. Hopefully you like it.

Footnotes: The Vulcan Language came from the Internet. Right or Wrong tense and participles can be taken up with a real Vulcan. If you meet one please send them my way ;)

The Songs referenced were "Shut up and Drive" by Rihanna. (Naughty song... totally not about a car XD I was listening to it while writing about Kirk's epic back-up recruiting campaign) and "Poker Face" by Lady Ga Ga (Totally not about a Vulcan... although it is funny to imagine one while listening to it)

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